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Fairy Tail is an manga series in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A Black dragon, fearsomely reputed as the Dragon of the Apocalypse, that travels around continents and even the world. It appeared on Tenrou Island to, according to Zeref, bring about the end of an era.

Alzack Connell

A immigrant from the West who joined the Fairy Tail guild. He has a crush on Bisca Mulan but is too shy to confess his love for her.


A Celestial Spirit Mage and member of the Oracion Seis Guild. She was responsible for killing Karen Lilica and stealing Aries' Gate Key.


A Celestial Spirit that is one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Her key is owned by Lucy Heartphilia. She is very powerful and does not get along well with Lucy to an extent that she would kill her.

Arania Web

Arania Web is a mage of the Mermaid Heel guild in the Fairy Tail franchise.


Arcadios is a knight in the Fairy Tail franchise.


A member of the Phantom Lord Guild specializing in wind magic. He is also a member of the group Element 4.


One of the 12 Zodiac Celestial Spirits who originally had a contract with Karen Lilica. But after her owner was killed, Aries was forced to make a contract with the Oracion Seis member Angel.

Asuka Connell

She is the daughter of Alzack and Bisca Connell in the Fairy Tail franchise.


A member of the Grimoire Heart guild and part of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. He also has the ability to merge with and detonate any object.


Bacchus is the S mage of the Quatros Cerberus guild in the Fairy Tail franchise.

Beth Vanderwood

Beth Vanderwood is a mage of the Mermaid Heel guild.

Bisca Mulan

A immigrant from the West that joined the Fairy Tail guild. She has a crush on Alzack Connell but is too shy to confess her love for him.


One of Laxus's bodyguards who help him to start the battle for Fairy Tail during the Harvest festival. He has the power to control souls and place them into objects.

Bluenote Stinger

The strongest mage of the Grimoire Heart Guild with the ability to manipulate gravity. He seeks to obtain one of the three powers of Fairy Tail, Fairy Glitter, which is sealed within Mavis Vermilion's grave for reasons yet to be explained.


The feminine guild master of the Blue Pegasus Guild. Bob is also long time friends with Makarov.


The leader of the Oracion Seis, Brain uses darkness type magic and has an even more sinister and powerful second personality in his mind whose codename is Zero.


A member of the dark guild, Eisenwald.

Cana Alberona

One of the highest ranking members of Fairy Tail, Cana is known for her magic cards and her heavy drinking.


A Celestial Spirit that is currently owned by Lucy Heartfilia, representing The Crab.


A member of the Grimoire Heart Guild and one of the 12 Zodiac celestial spirits who lived in the human world for 17 years. He was possessed by a human named Zoldeo.


A friend of Wendy Marvell and one of the Exceed from Edolas. She is also hinted at being the daughter of the queen of the Exceed.

Celestial Spirit King

The King of all the Celestial Spirits.

Chapati Rola

Chapati Rola is the emcee for the Grand Magic Games tournament in Fiore.

Cheria Blendy

Chelia Blendy is Sherry's younger cousin in the Fairy Tail franchise.


A Dragon Slayer mage who is a member of the Guild Oracion Seis.


A small yet very fast barefooted girl who serves as a messenger and is Assistant Chief of Staff in the Kingdom of Edolas.


Cobra's giant pet snake.


A member of the Council who infiltrated Fairy Tail to ruin it. He also has the ability to teleport and alter people's memory.


A member of Fairy Tail who is part of the group called Shadow Gear.

Duke Everlue

A greedy and corrupted man who has a weird taste in woman. He also has a contract with the Celestial Spirit Virgo.

Elfman Strauss

A member of the Fairy Tail guild and Mirajane's younger brother. Elfman has the ability to absorb the power of monsters he defeated into his arm.


Erigor was the former Guild Master of the Dark Guild, Eisenwald. He attained the nickname "Death God Erigor" through his guild only taking on assassination requests.

Erza Knightwalker

Erza Scarlet's dimensional counterpart from Edolas. Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Edolas Erza is sadistic, and cruel. She has also killed many of the Edolas Fairy Tail members earning her the title "Erza the Fairy Hunter".

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.

Eve Tilm

A mage from the Blue Pegasus Guild and part of The Trimens.


A Member of the Fairy Tail guild with the ability to turn anybody to stone who looks into her eyes. She later became a bodyguard for Laxus Dreyar and tried to kill the female members of Fairy Tail but failed. She is still a member of the guild.


The King of Edolas, the parallel world of Earthland, and the main anatagonist in the Edolas Arc who tried to obtain an infinite amount of magic for his kingdom.

Flare Corona

Flare Corona is a mage of the Raven Tail Guild.

Fried Justine

One of Laxus's bodyguards and a member of Fairy Tail. He has the ability to create enchantments that trap people inside and force them to obey specific rules.


A member of the Sabertooth Guild and an Exceed. He's also Rogue's partner.


A member of the assassins guild Trinity Raven. With odd owl like features he claims to be a fighter for justice and can swallow his opponents to replicate their powers.

Future Lucy Heartfilia

A version of Lucy who travels back in time to the Grand Magic Games.

Future Rogue Cheney

A version of Rogue from the future who travels back in time to the Grand Magic Games.

Gajeel Redfox

The Iron Dragon Slayer of the Phantom Lord Guild, he eventually joined Fairy Tail and has proven himself as a loyal member.


One of the 12 Golden Zodiac spirits who are two twin spirits. They have the ability to mimic any person completely and have made a contract with Lucy after Angel's (their previous owner) defeat.


The Guild Master of Sabertooth.

Gildarts Clive

Fairy Tail's strongest and highly respected S-class mage. He has a habit of accidentally destroying things with his Crash magic.


The guild master of the Quatro Cerberus Guild.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray is an ice mage in the Fairy Tail guild. He stays calm and collected most of the time and has a bad habit of unwittingly stripping in public.

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