Weekly Fairy Tail Report: Ep. 152 and 153

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Welcome to the biweekly report for Fairy Tail! I'm sorry for the late report. It's strange now that this week I only have Fairy Tail for weekly reports. All of the summer anime series that I work on have ended. For the Fall 2012 anime, I'm doing a discussion style.


Ep. 152: And We Aim for the Top

When Natsu and some others from the "Tenrou group" visit apothecary hermit Poluchka to see if they can get some medicine to become stronger, Wendy senses something extremely familiar about the misanthropic old woman. Also, the next master of Fairy Tail is chosen (for real) and another important decision is made that could elevate the guild's dismal reputation!

Ep. 153: Song of the Stars

Fairy Tail's best is back, but to rock the Grand Magic Games, they've got to make up seven years worth of time in only 3 months! It's time for some seriously hard training! But before that, a little party in the Spirit World can't hurt, right?

By Crunchyroll


Beware of spoilers!



Wendy and Porlyusica's scene
Wendy and Porlyusica's scene
  • With fillers finally over, the plot moves on. We learn that Porlyusica is actually Grandine's Edolas counterpart. It's nice that they bring back some of the Edolas theme. Also, Wendy and Porlyusica's scene was the only good scene in the episode.
  • Max shows that he is tough, but Natsu overpowered him at the end. It was interesting to see a minor Fairy Tail member giving Natsu trouble.


  • We get to see the Celestial World for the first time, so fans can see their favorite Celestial Spirits socializing with Lucy's group.
  • Juvia's jealously, Taurus's perverted request, and other silly scenes still provides some entertainment.


The bath scene would have made Ep. 152 better
The bath scene would have made Ep. 152 better
  • Not much happened in episode 152. The only important part is Wendy receiving Grandine's spells from Porlyusica. The talk about the Grand Magic Games could have done in episode 151.
  • Episode 152 was slow and felt like a filler. Pretty much, it's a flashback episode with the most training I seen so far in the series and a celebration portion that didn't do much.
  • Missing Fan Service: For those who love it, the anime did not include the bath scene where Natsu and the boys peep on Lucy and the girls who are bathing.
  • Less party scenes would better. All these scenes are just pretty useless unless they are entertaining.

Overall, these episodes are decent, but they are just stalling the plot. Episode 150 and 151 could have been combined if they wanted to explain more about the Grand Magic Games and show Porlyusica and Wendy's scene. Instead, they broke it off and slow down the plot. For episode 152, it was mediocre.

I forgot about the episode preview. I'm stoked to see Jellal, Meredy, and Ultear.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. My teammates and I are all busy with school. We're scraping by to make ends meet. I'll try to get the Fairy Tail report up early along with the wiki work. Daniel Newton is formatting the episodes, and he recently added images for Ep. 153. I didn't have much images when I did this report.

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