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Will Wendy warn the Exceeds before it's too late? Has Erza Knightwalker defeated Erza Scarlet? Will the dreaded Dragon Chain Cannon actually fire? Will Gajeel finally get his own cat?! ...How come Natsu never burns his clothes? Find out the answers to all (okay, most) of these questions in this weeks episode!

Erza-on-Erza action. This is all I really want.
Erza-on-Erza action. This is all I really want.
"Get out! Get out! Get out!"
"Get out! Get out! Get out!"

Oh man, the episode opened with Erza vs. Erza, and for a second I thought we were finally getting the rest of the fight we really care about. But it only lasted half a minute and then the intro music kicked in. Damn it, stop teasing me!

I feel so bad for Wendy and Carla this week, after flying up to Extalia to warn the Exceeds of the attack from the Royal Army, how do they respond? Laughter. Laughter, followed by an onslaught of stone-throwing. If it was me trying to warn them I'd have half a mind to give up and leave. Nady (the cat with the weird arm-thrusting problem) is the only one who looks worried, very worried... and he should be. I have a feeling he knows all too well that their apparently all-powerful Queen is a great big fake.

Back on Lacrima Island Pantherlily tells Gajeel he joined the human Royal Army because he had forsaken his homeland. Gajeel likes his style, seeing him as an outcast much like himself. He's taken such a liking to him in fact that he wants to keep him! Gajeel has been after a cat of his own ever since he realised he's the only Dragon Slayer without one, Natsu has Happy and Wendy has Carla, and I can't help but think these two are a perfect match. I mean, just look how much they love to punch each other! Everyone knows that's just a sign of affection in the Fairy Tail Guild.

"Just a little more!" "Your boobs are huge!"
"Just a little more!" "Your boobs are huge!"

Natsu's such a gentleman, leaving Lucy wedged under a giant Octopus. Still, I guess that gave us the requisite boob-jiggling fan service for the episode. She might be better off stuck there anyway, since Erza Knightwalker appeared before Natsu and Gray. Were my suspicions from last week confirmed? Is this really Scarlet is disguise? ...Yep! Erza uses the disguise, pretending to have captured Natsu and Gray, so they can get to the Dragon Chain Cannon and fire it directly at the lacrima and save everyone. Knightwalker shows up once more though, ruining the plan, and King Faust uses the Dragon Chain Cannon to send the lacrima on it's collision course with Extalia!

Here's the part that annoys me though, presumably, after Scarlet first defeated Knightwalker, she took her clothes for the disguise. That's obvious right? But when Knightwalker reappears she's still wearing her outfit. So I checked with the manga, and as I thought, this was another needless act of censorship. So we're just supposed to believe Erza can copy other people's clothes now? Or happened to have the exact same outfit by chance? This was handled pretty poorly, they could have either covered Knightwalker up more than in the manga, or put her in her outfit from later on (shown in the intro). Which is another problem with this, why does she even need to bother changing her outfit at all now? I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't really a big deal, but it jumped right out at me.

Lucy shows up at the last minute with Coco on her Legion, and everyone jumps on to fly off and stop the lacrima. Knightwalker cuts her hair, presumably so Scarlet can no longer impersonate her, and commands the "Legion Squad" to pursue Natsu and co. Looks like we'll be seeing lots of these big bad Legions next week.

Episode Rating: 4/5

A little more Scarlet vs. Knightwalker and a little less plot hole-inducing censorship and this episode might have managed my first 5 out of 5. It was certainly exciting though, and it looks like this arc may be wrapping up before long. Besides more Erza fights, I think I'm most excited about Pantherlily becoming Gajeel's partner, provided that doesn't turn out as just wishful thinking on Gajeel's part. What do you think? Would they make a good duo?

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Good article. 
He's got to be Gajeel's cat right? He's too perfect not too be. I can't wait to see Natsu's reaction to Pantherlily (If he became Gajeel's cat), considering Pantherlily is the size of a human and carries a gigantic sword! Although he might have lost his sword now, but I think he will get it back somehow... 
 I agree, I was confused when Knightwalker (You've put Nightwalker...) appeared with the same clothes on, but I don't mind it that much. If it was quickly explained however, that would have been a lot more convenient. 
Also, " "I&squot;m gonna"  What happened here? 
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I was planning on going back to watching Fairy Tail weekly again (I usually let some go by and then watch them, not paying much attention to plot),, but your summaries have allowed me to postpone further. Another good one here. 
As the series continues I get more and more creeped out by the depictions of Lucy. I mean, if you're gonna draw her so promiscuously all the time at least make her grown. I think she's 17, was another year or 2 gonna hurt?
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If you guys want to see more anime/manga differences, please look at the wiki page for episode 89. Thanks Newten for another wonderful weekly Fairy Tail.

Gajeel's flashbacks (compared to ep. 89)
Gajeel's flashbacks (compared to ep. 89)

Like the Gajeel's quote. In the manga, Gajeel's flashbacks were a bit different from the anime. It's was more about the dragon slayers' cat. Looking forward to another round of Erza vs Erza. Why did Knightwalker cut her hair?! (I know why. It's shame) Now she's looks weird and not cool.



Unlike Lucy, Mashima's drawing of Elie is quite older looking than her original manga counterpart.
Unlike Lucy, Mashima's drawing of Elie is quite older looking than her original manga counterpart.

About Lucy, I mistake Cana for being older than Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and the others. Yet, Cana is the same age as Lucy. Lucy looks too young to have that kind of bust size (in my opinion) compared to Cana and Mirajane's looks.

Looking at his style for Rave Master (earlier work), Elie looks young like Lucy, and Julia looks more mature like Cana. Interestingly, Elie looks very young in the manga until in the later half of the series. Mashima's drawing of her and the other characters just got an upgrade on looks. Reasons are that artists tend to draw roughly on their first series. Not in Fairy Tail's case, the drawings in the manga and anime still look the same. I guess Hiro Mashima is still getting the hang of drawing women if the looks don't connect with the physical features like bust size.

In short, I think Lucy will stay the same like the rest of Fairy Tail characters.

*Sorry guys for going off tangent again!*

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Come on dan...

Fairy Tail isn't the 'thinking' anime. Pretty much everything makes no sense if you think about it.

I just watch it for punches and the kickass soundtrack lol.

Anyone else 'sense' the frustration from the animation team? If there weren't censorship, boobs would be bouncing around every other scene...

Still surprised that Lucy is not covered up in 4 layers under the bikini.

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Still way behind on all this but a nice article yet again. I think you'd enjoy some Erza-on-Erza action a little too much Newten. Glad you are keeping on top of pointing out sad changes to the anime from the manga.
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Glad to see Fairy Tale getting some love now.

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@bunnypoppop: Nah, I don't think we'll be seeing that sword again, but we'll see.

I guess I didn't look closely enough when I read over the article before submitting, maybe it's because it's spelled Nightwalker in the manga and I automatically typed it that way after reading it. As for that caption, it probably got messed up when my article was copy/pasted before it was posted onto the front page. Happens sometimes.

@lurkero: Yeah but my articles don't have the kick-ass soundtrack, haha.

As for Lucy, she could be 17 or 20 and I'm pretty sure she would be drawn the same, doesn't really bother me. Fairy Tail for the most part is pretty tame really, we've only seen a lot of Lucy lately because she's rocking that bikini outfit.

@takashichea: Yeah I noticed the flashbacks were different. I prefer what they used in the anime, it shows that Gajeel can sympathise with Pantherlily and understand him.

@chickdigger802: I think Fairy Tail's plot is pretty solid for the most part, there are certainly less plot holes in it that in Bleach. But hey if you just watch it for the punching and sweet music I can understand that, Fairy Tail offers plenty of that for sure.

@sotyfan16: We'd all love more Erza-on-Erza action, it's what everyone wants and you know it!

@Om1kron: I definitely thought Fair Tail needed some more love here, so I'm happy to cover it.

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There's nothing wrong with her bust size. Plenty of girls these days are well developed right after puberty. It's the fact that using what I consider a young woman, and not an adult, as a regular sex object gets to me.
I still remember the dress up contest the women of Fairy Tail had. I couldn't help but think that all the men in Fairy Tail are ogling this 17 year old. I know there are social differences between my culture and Japanese culture, but it's still disturbing. The audience for Fairy Tail is teenagers, but we all know the fanbase is not limited to that.
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haha, fairy tail is a pretty 'lean' shounen, with barely any exposition lol. I do hate how there is a new character with Gerald's face every arc or so though.

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S.O.W. Sense of Wonder by Idoling! ! ! The song that they were singing.
S.O.W. Sense of Wonder by Idoling! ! ! The song that they were singing.


Japanese female celebrities/ idols are way younger than American celebrities who are older in age but look younger. This is probably influenced Hiro Mashima's drawings because their culture values innocent and cuteness.


There's only two characters who looks like Gerald/ Jellal, but I know what you mean.

Edit: I just remember what I found three months ago on Youtube when I was looking at Fairy Tail opening theme songs.. This is the picture.

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@chickdigger802: Oh, Jellal. I couldn't figure out who the hell "Gerald" was. There were only three, and one of them was just a projection if I remember correctly. So really there's just Earthland Jellal and Edolas Jellal/Mystogan, just like everyone else.

@takashichea: I like all the different variations of Lucy's outfit in that video, the video itself though is waaay too cutesy.

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Good job, partner! I bet Anna would be love your Fairy Tail news coverage. I'm still working in her absence for new Fairy Tail episodes' plot summaries. Hopefully, she will come back. I am covering her in the new Beelzebub episode plot summaries as well (because I don't want her work to pile up). It's getting hectic in my schedule, but you can count on me. I got your back and hers.

the video itself though is waaay too cutesy.

I so agree.

Post by Daniel_Newton (3,323 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@takashichea: Thanks, yeah I hope she turns up, the more the merrier. Good job on all those episode pages taka.

By the way, I've uploaded the caps for episode 90, I'm working on the article now.

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