Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 149 - A Friend's Voice is Heard

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail! Last week's episode had a great battle for Gray, and the final battles are almost there. This week's episode concludes Erza's battle, Michelle/Imitatia's true identity, and starts up Natsu's battle with Midnight.

The battle to rescue Lucy from the Infinity Clock rages on, but it may be too late as Lucy becomes one with the clock! Plus, the climactic battle between Erza and Cobra!

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Romeo and Natsu's Heat of Friendship
Romeo and Natsu's Heat of Friendship
  • Big Surprises: Man, I love Fairy Tail when their surprises are awesome. I had doubts if Michelle ever care for Lucy, but she did love Lucy to the very end. At first, I thought Michelle was fake, but I dropped the idea when Michelle reveals herself as Imitatia. Now, she's a doll that Lucy forgot.
  • Michelle/Imitatia's Character: Some of you guys and gals may not like Michelle/Imitatia, but I love her character. She was a ditzy character who care for Lucy, and when she was Imitatia, she was cool and had this Yuri obsession with Lucy. She made arc interesting enough to keep me watching it.
  • Heat of Friendship: Usually, I hate cliche scenes where Natsu and the gang talk about this subject. Romeo's speech is one of the best in this arc. The others didn't have enough emotion. When I saw Natsu punch Midnight for stepping on Michelle, that scene felt great.


Erza's battle is short and stale
Erza's battle is short and stale
  • Erza's battle with Cobra:It was mostly talking and little action. Cobra keeps being obsessed with Cubelios (Kinana) while Erza keeps talking about friendship.
  • The episode feels like it stalled again since it takes the whole episode for Cobra and Imitatia to be defeated. Imitatia's battle with Natsu and Romeo is better than Cobra's battle with Erza.

Overall, this episode is decent but the battles are stale with too much talking. Though, Romeo's talk to Imitatia added more emotion to Imitatia's battle while all that pent up despair makes Imitatia's death scene makes most of us feel sad or pity.

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