Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 147 - To the Infinity Castle

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Welcome everyone to the Weekly Fairy Tail report!

Lucy nee-san is mine!
Lucy nee-san is mine!

As Natsu and other Fairy Tail members race to save Lucy before she's sacrificed by the new Oracion Seis, Gildarts has a non-magic showdown with Byro. They also learn the secret of Cardinal Rapowant, that even he didn't know!

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Beware of spoilers!


Erza's smack talk to Cobra is simply marvelous
Erza's smack talk to Cobra is simply marvelous
  • The filler arc looks like it's coming to an end since we are coming to the final battles.
  • Gajeel gets some action, but Midnight easily defeats him. It leaves me wondering what is Midnight's powers.
  • Erza's scene where she imitates Cobra is awesome. I just love how she lay down the smack talk.


Sugarboy's performance is dismal without Gray over there
Sugarboy's performance is dismal without Gray over there
  • Interestingly, Gildartz's battle with Byro is the first one solved with just fists. Though, it didn't get much attention.
  • The episode is another set up for bigger battles. It is a sign of more stalling which is either good or bad for everyone.
  • Happy's Late Epiphany: Like Lucy, beating the Oracion Seis is no brainer when saving the day. The Fairy Tail has always solve their problems by beating their opponents.
  • Sugarboy, Gatman, and Mary Hughes' scenes are not needed. It ruins the flow of the episode since it did not provide anything important nor anything funny.


  • The Fairy Tail community makes some comments about Imitatia's obsession with Lucy and how Yuri-like it is. I'm starting to see it now.

All in all, the episode is decent to say the least. It's just another episode where it sets up the battles. The only thing good is that we're almost done with this long arc.


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Sorry about the rushed report with little images. It's getting hectic during the fall semester for most of us wiki editors who have school. I'm cool with sharing the weekly reports. The more people covering anime and manga, the better this community gets.

Wiki Progress: Daniel and I managed to finish Ep. 147 for now. Though, I rushed the wiki job, so it's not all that details. I check thru to fill in some gaps.

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Sorry, for the late comment (been a little busy)

I do like Imitatia's sword and shield, it look pretty cool. I thinking of watching the next episode to see it in action

Anyway, I'll try to comment on all your blogs in the future

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Same here and don't worry about it. Hopefully, we get some action because they're just stalling by setting up stuff.

Here's a GIF.

Her weapons are cool.

Source: This is from Fairy Tail Wikia that was done by Omega Natsu2 who is a friend of mine.

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