Weekly Fairy Tail Ep. 140 - The Reborn Oracion Seis Appears!

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! Last week, Oracion Seis makes their debut after 7 years. Like the others, they look much better pre time skip.

Just when it looks Fairy Tail is about to have a climactic fight with Byro over the Infinity Clock, Oracion Seis returns, with upgraded powers and a desire to make the ominous clock their own!

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  • Lucy and Michelle are like sisters
    Lucy and Michelle are like sisters
    Despite that Fairy Tail got their butts kicked by the Oracion Seis twice upon their first meetings, the action is good. Angel had some cool magic, and I'm curious to see how she got those "angel" magic. I thought she would have different Gate Keys. Cobra improved as he counters his weakness. Erigor is not a pushover anymore. Midnight seems more feminine. Not to offend female fans.
  • Lucy and Michelle got some tender moments.
  • Some people hate Ichiya, but I find this interesting that Ichiya has a serious, excellent scene with Lucy. It didn't have a lot of friendship cliche. It had the right balance unlike Natsu's speech to Byro in the last episode.


  • Asuka already figured it out before Lucy did
    Asuka already figured it out before Lucy did
    This episode is not that bad. It didn't lag much. It can be hit or miss for fans who already hate this filler. I know it's a long arc, but I believe Fairy Tail will follow the manga faithfully. I just wish Hiro Mashima improves his story telling skills to give series a beautiful ending. Right now, Fairy Tail has surpassed Rave Master in anime and manga length.
  • Late Epiphany: Fans already know that collecting the pieces is bad news. Lucy is a bit slow.

Points of Interest

  • What are you hiding, Michelle?
    What are you hiding, Michelle?
    In addition to Ichiya's serious scene, Dan complements him by acting goofy as he tries to hit on Angel.
  • Michelle is hiding something. I suspect something amiss during Infinity Clock pieces hunt.

Overall, this episode is much better than the beginning episodes of this filler arc. I hope Lamia Scale and Fairy Tail team up to take down Oracion Seis. Maybe Jellal would appear. Who knows?


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You know, I just can't take Oracion Seis seriously with the 666 Tebby bear, Grim Reaper and Racer. (They are to silly in those outfits)

But I have good news, that I have started to read Fairy Tail again. Since I drop Bleach (reading it on SJ Alpha is enough for me and also I supporting it on there to) But I not going to watch the anime, since the DVD cost $41.24

Nice, review. Always like to read them

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Thanks! It'll take me a while for me to catch up in One Piece. I'm in the Alabasta arc where Luffy and the gang are escorting Vivi.


That's great you're reading Fairy Tail manga. I'm not even up to the manga's speed.

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So, how are you enjoy One Piece?

Yeah, but there was some moments that have me banging my head on the keyboard. But other then that, it been pretty good

Well, you are technically just an arc away. So you not that far apart

Post by takashichea (15,995 posts) See mini bio Level 25


It's awesome. I just read about the part where they explains the types of Devil Fruit users. I'm amazed at the creativity of the powers and the emotional drama behind the crew members. I find Nami's story, the saddest one. Each crew member had a dream that they kept fighting for. Sometimes, I see Luffy as Naruto.

I'm slowing down, and I'm at the part where Luffy and the gang are fighting Crocodile's Baroque Works guys. Mr. 2 is a strange fellow, and I can see why everyone likes Robin.

Post by Destinyheroknight (10,479 posts) See mini bio Level 21


Glad that you like it, Naruto and Luffy are pretty much based off of Goku. That why you see a little of them in each other. My favorite back story (out of the crew) is Chopper

I like Mr.2. He is so weird and awesome at the same time, there more Robin in the future for you

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