Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 136 - True Evil Revisited!

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, and I'm glad to be with you guys and gals as we cover the 9th episode of the Key of the Starry Sky arc.


When Dan and Natsu crash into the chapel, Happy and Michelle has a plan to use Lucy as a decoy. Meanwhile, Erza and the gang meet the Big Butt Bandits where Wendy and Erza dons the bandits' trademark black, spandex suits. What in god's name is wrong with this episode?! Will Natsu and Erza's company beat their enemies?



Charle's nightmare is cute
Charle's nightmare is cute
  • For the first time, Lucy's sex appeal actually works. I love how Happy cried at that moment even though Lucy used her seductive charms on the wrong men who have different taste.
  • Speaking of Happy, Charle's nightmare is hilarious. She just scream which is out of character, but I enjoyed so well. An army of big booty Wendy in tight, black spandex is chasing Charle is a great scene.
  • I can't talk about Erza's scene yet. It's pretty great.


  • I find the scene with the Big Butt Bandits and Erza's group confusing. I don't know why Erza fools around with them and asks them silly questions instead of kicking their butts. It's a pretty boring scene until Wonderful Gocche pulls out a sneaky attack on Erza.

WTF Moment

I copy this element from FoxxFireArt's reviews just to change things for a little bit.

Erza gets a Point Blank Ecstasy
Erza gets a Point Blank Ecstasy
  • When Wonderful Gocche jumps in front of Erza with his behind pointing at her and unleashes a Point Blank Ecstasy attack, I felt bad for her. Plus, I can't believe I laugh at such a nasty scene.

Overall, the episode is good, but the Big Butt Bandits scene might be a hit or miss with the fans. In the next episode, Pantherlily takes on Samuel who has a second form like him. I feel psyched for next week's episode.


Thank you everyone for reading this weekly report. Please support the franchise and the wiki editors who are working hard in the community.

Fairy Tail Team: This week, we were working on Daniel's initiative, adding Erza's armor object pages and other object pages. Obsidian609 was working on Jenny Realight's page and added creation, story arcs, and powers. Wales was working on Legend of Korra since last Saturday, the show had its season one finale. Check out our wiki list to see a glimpse of we have accomplished.

New Wiki Pages: Natsu's Scarf, Ricochet, Habaraki, Black Wing Armor, Normal Fight Robes, Giant's Armor, Lightning Empress Armor, Heavens Wheel Armor, Robe of Yuen, Adamintine Armor, Flame Empress Armor, Purgatory Armor, Flight Armor, Morning Star Armor, Armadura Fairy Armor, Sea King Armor, and Heart Kreuz Armor.

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Wow nice work. I actually stopped watching fairytail ever since the time jump and i visit this site from time to time. You guys are doing great.

PS - Did erza just got butt faced?

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Thanks Pukol! I think it will take about 6 more episodes or so before they return to the manga's current story. I wish they made a filler arc better because there's not much action despite some of the funny moments.

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