Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 135 - Footprints of the Myth!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report. We're still in the filler arc as team Fairy Tail hunting down the 4 remaining keys. Let's go over this week's episode.

Under the desert sands, Natsu and his gang confront Dan Straight and Coco. While Natsu fights Dan, Lucy and her group search for the clock piece after Lucy helps Coco. Meanwhile, Gajeel's group arrives to the top of the mountain, and Erza's group finds a magical library where Erza finds a jiggly butt.



Dan's Dream Wedding with Lucy
Dan's Dream Wedding with Lucy
  • Dan Straight displays his love and creepy obsession over Lucy once Lucy shrunk. She looked awfully cute as Dan's strap.
  • Happy gets into trouble a lot as he steps on his friends like Natsu. Only this time, Happy is big.
  • Coco and Lucy: The scenes of Lucy helping Coco show how Lucy has a heart of gold. Lucy fans would love this episode.


  • Hit or Miss: Not much action in this episode as Dan and Natsu's fight is barely started. For this filler arc, the emphasis is more on fan service and humor.


Erza's wearing the jumpsuit?!
Erza's wearing the jumpsuit?!
  • They're back:The Big Bandits make a second appearance. I see Erza and Wendy wearing their black jump suits in the episode preview.
  • Dan Straight does not like to take off his armor even though Romeo filled his armor with stinky gas. How does Dan take a bath or go relieve himself?
  • Bad Luck Lucy: I thought it was Natsu who getting his team into traps, but it's more of Lucy's fault.

Overall, this episode is not that bad. It's funny enough that it won't bore you guys and gals.


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This still in filler? Man, if I was still watching, I might be mad. Anyway good review

Post by takashichea (16,517 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Thanks! It's the longest filler arc in Fairy Tail. Normally, filler episodes in Fairy Tail are generally good. However, this filler arc is not that great. There are some episodes that are boring. Some fans will drop the filler episodes and wait until Fairy Tail gets back to the manga's story line. Plus, the screenshots are strange. It's because the animation has watered down after the Tenrou Island arc ended.

I'm afraid for the next episode because the big butt bandits are back. We'll see for sure.

Post by Destinyheroknight (10,512 posts) See mini bio Level 21


Sorry, I was busy

Really, the big butt bandits are going to be on FT. Now I glad I stop watching FT, I couldn't stand them in RM

Did the anime ever did that Fairy Tail & Rave Master crossover? If they did, I would like to watch it

I wish all FT fans luck, hope you guys get a better filler arc

Post by takashichea (16,517 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Not yet. I hope they do a better job than what the manga did. Haru Glory and Elie's design in the crossover looks to similar to Fairy Tail. I just want Hiro Mashima to distinguish them and keep the original Rave Master art style. Plus, the manga chapter is too short and not satisfying enough.

The best fillers were the omakes: Rainbow Sakura, Changeling, Special Request, and Fated Meeting.

Don't worry about it. I haven't respond to you in the Summer Anime Anthology blog because I'm searching for new trailers that way I can update everyone and respond to you at the same time. There's four more or so. Still, BigHeart711 and I have nothing new to post besides the new Pokemon Black and White trailer.

Post by Destinyheroknight (10,512 posts) See mini bio Level 21


I was hoping that to, since I kind of like that chapter and hoping the anime would make a two episodes arc or something (like how they did with the omakes)

I did enjoy those episodes, that one thing I like about FT is it stand alone stories

No problem, I been busy to. I have been doing a lot of wiki editing

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