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Welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report! Today was a hectic in Anime Vice and the other wikia communities. Yeah, things are bustling in Fairy Tail Wikia. Did you know they have a Fairy Tail Consensus where members talk about their age, country, and how long they have been working in the community? I wonder if Anime Vice would have that. I freaked out when one of the wiki editors, Glass Heart, is 13 years old. That's pretty young.

Sorry for being off tangent. Let go over this new episode.


Back to square one and after getting the butts kick by Dan Straight and Samuel, Lucy and her guild focus on piecing the clues from the book. They have to split up into five groups to find the 5 keys to prevent the chaos that the prophecy foretold. Being the only rational, smart girl, Lucy figured out the locations which are the ruins and the church.

Hooray for Love Triangle!
Hooray for Love Triangle!

Can Fairy Tail get to their destinations in time before Legion?



Happy mocking Romeo
Happy mocking Romeo
  • There are some funny moments that are the highlights of the story: Juvia's Love Triangle and her fantasy family with Gray.
  • Happy has some guts to call Romeo weak and saying that he is the strongest.
  • Bizarre: Lyon came out of nowhere. Is he stalking poor Juvia? I didn't understand it. Fairy Tail is pretty random now.
  • Gajeel is training under a waterfall while getting shocked by lightning.


You can see their smiles are bit blurry
You can see their smiles are bit blurry
  • This episode is sadly a bit boring. Not much action occurred or comedic moments either. Basically, Juvia's scenes are the best.
  • Too convenient: Lucy's group run into archaeologists who knew Jude and undo Dan's spell on Natsu.
  • Animation: I don't talk about much about animation since anime has different styles. For this episode, my screenshots that were 720P were pretty blurry even if the characters are standing still. The Tenrou Island arc's images look great, but so far, the filler arc has its images a bit watered down.

Overall, this episode is not as great as the last one, but it's better than episode 131 where it had action, but didn't go anywhere.


Please enjoy our image gallery.

Juvia and Gray's little girl
Juvia and Gray's little girl


Thank you guys for reading my teammates' weekly report.

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