Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 131 - The Fury of Legion

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Welcome to the Fairy Tail weekly report! We are still in filler mode for the Key of the Starry Sky arc.

It's Natsu versus Sugar Boy! Wendy and Lily versus Coco! Lucy versus Hughes! And Gildarts versus Byro! But are the members of Legion really after Lucy... or something else?

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Another familiar scene
Another familiar scene
  • We got some bit of action with Natsu and Lucy's battles.
  • Funny Scenes: Taurus still shows his perverted side, Natsu and Sugarboy are locking hands (similar to Gray's battle with Sugarboy), and Jason makes an odd appearance. Also, Sugarboy does the pelvic thrust and has lovely pet names for Natsu, Gray, and Happy. He calls Natsu, "Hot Boy."


Boring Battles
Boring Battles
  • Even though Gildartz and Byro had some action, Gildartz and Byro's battle has too much talk which made it boring. Byro seems to contradict himself a lot when he says he has no time to fight Gildartz. Then, he asks Gildartz to come at him.
  • At times, Jason can be annoying with over enthusiasm, "Cool."
  • Gray and Erza appear at the last second, but it did not bring anything new.

This episode is not that great because the fights are a bit dragged out and boring especially with Gildartz and Byro's battle. I don't think the creator will give a tag team battle with Erza and Gildartz due to the episode preview. I could be wrong.


It's pretty small. Sorry about that.


Thank you guys for reading the Fairy Tail weekly report. I'm sorry for the lack of images. It's a been a busy week. I'll update this blog.

Wiki Progress: I only time to finished episode 131 since I had a big day at Church today. My other companions are busy with other things.

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