Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 130 - Targeted Lucy

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail! It's Mother's Day as I post this blog early in the morning. Hope you guys and gals bought some flowers or gifts for your mothers. Make it a special day for her. Okay, let's get on with this report for this filler episode.


When the Earthland versions of Coco, Sugarboy, and Hughes come to the Fairy Tail guild and demands to hand over Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu and the Fairy Tail guild fight back the intruders instead of handing over their Nakama. Despite Fairy Tail guild's valiant efforts, the Fairy Tail guild got their butts kicked, and Lucy escapes with Michelle with Mary Hughes group in hot pursuit.

Will Lucy and the gang fend off Mary Hughes's group and Byro?


Beware of spoilers!


Natsu eats a flaming ball of fart
Natsu eats a flaming ball of fart
  • This episode is strange with how it breaks the seriousness with random humor. The best, random joke is how Romeo give Natsu, a fire ball with the taste of flatulence (fart ball).
  • Even though Fairy Tail had difficulty with Mary Hughes and Sugarboy, it's nice to see Kinana and Michelle making moves to protect Lucy.
  • I was expecting Laxus and his Raijinshuu to show at Fairy Tail guild's time of need, but they didn't come. In the next episode preview, Gildartz appears. It's awesome to see him getting some action.


Not another Lucy Rescue Arc!
Not another Lucy Rescue Arc!
  • Now, I see how the random humor can really ruined the flow of the episode. It definitely makes it less serious when Mary Hughes's group dish out major damage to Natsu's group.
  • Damsel in Distress: I'm hoping this arc will not turn into a Lucy rescue arc. They already did it with the Phantom arc.
  • Mary Hughes voice is a bit annoying. I think I missed the Edolas Hughes.


Elfman: I'm Lucy!
Elfman: I'm Lucy!
  • Most of the random humor fits in this category.
  • You got Michelle who thinks Sugarboy's green slime looks tasty while Elfman claims to be Lucy. He pretty much contradicts himself in being a man.
  • Pantherlily is devastated that Earthland Coco hates cats, and speaking of the Earthland counterparts, Sugarboy likes spicy things not sweet things, ironically.

Overall, this episode is great with the random humor, yet the seriousness can be watered down. I'm hoping this arc would not turn out to a Lucy rescue arc and that the next episode has some serious action.


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  • I created Mary Hughes, Sugarboy (Earthland), and Coco (Earthland)'s pages and added their general info, creation, and enemies. There's a glitch today that I can't add them to the episode or any new pages as associations. Found a new wiki editor, claudia854, working on Coco and Byro's pages.
  • Episode 130's wiki page is done and Lucy's whip: Fleuve d'etoiles is created.
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I was watching this with my little brother and when we got to the part where everyone was claiming to be Lucy, I said "I am Spartacus. I am Spartacus.I am Spartacus." He didn't get the joke :(

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Nice! I also watch Fairy Tail with family, my little sis and bro.

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