Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 129 - Raging Battle! Natsu vs Laxus!

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Welcome to Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, one of the wiki editors working with a team on the Fairy Tail franchise. Last week's episode introduced a new character named Michelle Lobster, and it is a good yet mellow episode. This week's episode promises a showdown between Natsu and Laxus.


"Natsu and Laxus are going to fight and the other members of Fairy Tail can't wait to see it... except for Erza and Gray, who are off on a mission to capture some bandits and their wizard bodyguards! Meanwhile, Lucy is still trying to figure out the meaning of the ancient characters on her father's memento."

By Crunchyroll

Will Lucy be able to crack the riddle and will Natsu prove himself against Laxus?


Beware of spoilers!


Gray: She looks so cute when she's sleeping
Gray: She looks so cute when she's sleeping
  • I loved watching Juvia's reactions as she spies on Gray and Erza on their mission. Things get hot and awkward for dear old Juvia when she sees them sleeping next to each other.
  • Pantherlily's quote about Gajeel makes my day as well. "I've lost respect for you, Gajeel!"


  • The title is misleading. It was not a real battle, and Natsu shows how weak he is despite his battle with Laxus during the Fighting Festival arc.
  • Sometimes, you want Laxus and Makarov to patch things up, but it doesn't happen in this episode.


Laxus: Freed, don't be so clingy
Laxus: Freed, don't be so clingy
  • When did Freed get so clingy to Laxus?
  • The Earthland counterparts for Coco, Hughes, and Sugarboy show up at the end of the episode.

Overall, this episode lies about the big battle, but it brings some attention towards Laxus and his relationship with Makarov. Also, Lucy, Michelle, and Levy find out that Jude's memento is a hand of a clock. I thought it was a key. Plus, Gajeel, Gray, and Juvia had some great hilarious scenes.

What did you guys thought about the object at first?


Please enjoy the episode's gallery.

Here's a reenactment of the battle between Natsu and Laxus.

Natsu: "Roar!"
Natsu: "Roar!"
Laxus: ....
Laxus: ....
Then, boom with one hit! What the hell?!
Then, boom with one hit! What the hell?!

I just felt the title makes everyone angry or disappointed. I expected more of a battle.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's report and please give them recognition for their hard work since they juggle school, work, and family.

Wiki Progress: I finished Episode 129 and created two new character pages: Jason the photographer and the Vanish brothers. Please check my team's wiki project blog and list.

Hottest Fairy Tail Thread: Is Natsu and Lucy's relationship going to be Like Haru and Elie?

This thread is amazing because it brings new people to the community, and I enjoy reading and responding to their comments.

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