Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 128 - Father's Memento

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Welcome everyone to the Fairy Tail weekly report! We have another filler episode, and this one is the start of the Key of the Starry Sky Arc (named by the Fairy Tail Wikia editors) as well as a new character. All right, let's go over this episode.


Episode 128: Father's Memento

As Lucy reads about a string of church bombings, she gets a visitor who tells everyone that she is Lucy's relative and brings her father's memento, a mysterious key-like object. Her name is Michelle Lobster, and she learns about Lucy and her guild as she works along with them.

Is there a connection between Michelle, the mysterious key-like object, and the church bombings?


Beware of spoilers!

Michelle, the new girl
Michelle, the new girl

Michelle Lobster is Lucy's relative who is very sensitive person who cries easily and has a big appetite. She is also very clumsy, and she has become a lovable character in Lucy's guild in no time.


Michelle learning the trade
Michelle learning the trade
  • Michelle Lobster brings some variety into the cast. There is no one like her. I find it cute that Plue is petting her.
  • Lucy's looks fail again. Remember last time, Duke Everlue calls her ugly. I find it funny that Lucy seduces the wrong people.
  • The episode preview promises some action, Laxus vs Natsu.


  • There's not much action. The bandits did not pose much of a challenge.
  • The humor spiked up during bandit's fight, but this episode's humor is a bit mellow.


Damn, Gray! I thought you like girls
Damn, Gray! I thought you like girls
  • Gray getting jumped by bandits is is the most hilarious part of the episode.
  • When Lucy's whip does not work, I got disappointed. I really wanted Lucy to kick butt, but Michelle helping her brings some joy.
  • I can't get serious with the madman at the beginning of the episode. He has a cat mask or something silly.

Overall, this episode is a bit mellow, but we got a new character who is very interesting. It can get boring since there's not much action. In the next episode, Fairy Tail will wow us with Laxus and Natsu duking it out.


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Thank everyone for reading my team's report. Please give some recognition to my team for doing an excellent job in the wiki projects.

Watching my work getting edited
Watching my work getting edited

Wiki Progress: I finished the Ep. 128's page and worked on Michelle Lobster's page in Anime Vice and Fairy Tail Wikia. For AV, I got all the way down to Story Arcs section. Check out our wiki project and list.

  • Daniel Newton created Earth Land and uploaded new transparent pngs. He proceeded to add the new location page to the episodes while helping me on the new episodes.
  • Dekken created Flare Corona

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I forgot to add my teammates' works yesterday.

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