Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 124 - The Seven Year Gap

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Welcome to another weekly Fairy Tail report! It's another episode in the Fairy Tail time skip arc. This episode has a different mood than the last one. Let's get on it.


The Empty 7 Years
The Empty 7 Years

While the Fairy Tail gang find out what has happened with their guild members these past 7 years and Lamia Scale comes over for a visit, Lucy feels a void of emptiness that these long years have left. She gets a big surprise when her giant landlord kicked her out of her apartment for not paying the rent. It turns out everyone's savings have been ransacked to pay the rent for the guild. Lucy decides to pay a visit to her father with Natsu and Happy tagging along. The surprises don't stop there for dear little Lucy.


Beware of spoilers!


Juvia's Love Triangle
Juvia's Love Triangle
  • Looks like Lyon is intruding in Gray and Juvia's relationship. We got a strange love triangle going on. Juvia loves Gray who doesn't lover her back; Lyon immediately falls in love with Juvia who is so confused.
  • Natsu and Happy are good friends. When Lucy is down, those two cheer her up. I love the scene where Natsu and Happy yell at those ugly, snobby brats for talking ill of their fathers.
  • Lucy's character shines in this episode. She finally loved her father and cries it all out.


  • There's not much bad stuff. There are no answers provided about what Jura, Lyon, and Bisca tells Makarov, Gray, and Erza respectively. We'll find out those answers soon enough.


Wendy looks fine
Wendy looks fine
  • Erza gets so flustered when Alzack and Bisca told her about their marriage and their child, Asuka Connell. I feel bad for Erza who missed their wedding. I bet she wanted to be the best lady (or maid of honor).
  • Wendy is pretty self conscious about her breast size. She shouldn't worry. Some men out there don't care about size.

Overall, this episode is great and a good change to the constant action and drama. Good news, we got some filler episodes on the way.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's report. Please give thanks to my teammates who are working hard on the wiki pages. If you love a manga or an anime, don't be shy. Drop some comments, reviews, or a big wiki submission.

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