Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 121 - The Right to Love

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Welcome to weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, a regular wiki editor with a team who loves Fairy Tail. Continuing from the last episode, the battle with Hades is done, and the Fairy Tail gang is relaxing.


While Zeref finishes Hades off; Meldy and Ultear have a moment together, Cana confesses to Gildartz about being his daughter. In the skies, Acnologia is coming for Tenrou Island.

The Right To Love
The Right To Love

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Beware of spoilers!


Gildartz going through his list of women
Gildartz going through his list of women
  • The scene with Meldy and Ultear is awesome yet familiar. Basically, Ultear just stabs herself to atone for her sins and destroying Meldy's hometown. Meldy save her life and tell her to live. This theme of living life to the fullest is strong in this anime series. Erza did it to Jellal during the Nirvana arc, and Natsu did it to Gray during the Galuna arc.
  • I loved Gildartz's scene with Cana. With her confession done, Gildartz trying to remember who is Cana's mother out of the horde of women he slept with. Who would have thought Gildartz was a player? The scene ends with heartwarming hug between Gildartz and Cana.


It doesn't seem too dire
It doesn't seem too dire
  • Makarov's scene is pretty random, and it didn't quite start off the episode. It belongs more in the last episode.
  • Censorship Issues: In my other wiki project, Beelzebub finally show blood in episode 59 without any discoloration (I like to compare my shows a lot). Fairy Tail did show blood with some discoloration. Ultear should have blood since she stabs herself in the abdomen. I couldn't take the scene seriously. I don't mind the censorship and lack of blood in both series. For grave moments, blood seems to add more to the tense and dramatic scenes.


Laxus teasing poor Lisanna
Laxus teasing poor Lisanna
  • Gildartz compares romance to fishing. I didn't understand the man's sense of thinking.
  • Laxus's teasing of Lisanna scene is quite funny. I don't remember him being playful to her in Lisanna and Natsu's flashback of Happy's birth.

Overall, this episode gets four out of five. It has some unforgettable moments and funny scenes. The scene with Ultear and Meldy is hard to take it seriously.

What's your favorite moment in this episode?


Thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank my teammates and everyone for their support.

Wiki Reports: I finished episode 121's wiki page last week or so, and Sreenivas is working on character pages like Natsu Dragneel and Igneel. Please see our team's wiki list and project blog. My teammates are Annabanana, Daniel Newton, Sreenivas, Wales, Buhssuht, Obscurefan, and Obsidian609.

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Wow! We have a lot of weekly reports this week. I updated and fix some dead links.

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