Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 116 - Power of Life

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, and I'm here to discuss Fairy Tail's episodes with you fans and my teammates. In this episode, Gray and Ultear continue their fights, and Ultear learns the truth behind her tragic life.

Teammates: Annabanana, Daniel_Newton, Wales, Obscurefan, and Obsididan609.


Ep. 116: Power of Life - "Seinaru Chikara" (生なる力)

Ultear and baby Ur
Ultear and baby Ur

Gray and Ultear continue their battle, and Ultear's origin story is revealed. After Ultear learns the truth, Fairy Tail guild members devise a plan to split up into two teams, an attack team to take down the enemy while a defending team to protect the injured.


Beware of Spoilers!


Ultear's Ice Make Rosen Krone
Ultear's Ice Make Rosen Krone
  • Another origin story is revealed, Ultear's past is full of sorrow and misunderstandings. Ur and Brain makes another appearance.
  • Gray and Ultear's battle is awesome and how it transitions from Ultear using Time Ark to using Ice Make is nice and smooth.
  • Gray gets the spotlight in this episode and has a new attribute to his Ice Make moves, blood.
  • Juvia's Funny Scene: How she just wake up so quickly upon hearing Gray's voice is pretty funny. Poor Meldy. She got chased by a crazy, love-sick ice woman.


There's not much bad stuff to report.


Strange Censorship
Strange Censorship
  • It's strange that Fairy Tail is finally showing blood or some of it. First, it is purple. They couldn't make it red, but the Gray's ice did turn red. Make up your mind with the censorships, Fairy Tail!
  • Ultear describes the ocean as being "inside" of her mother. (My memory may be foggy, so I check if she actually say this) That's how Ur send the truth to Ultear.
  • Virgo's Fan Service: Hiro Mashima is not shy by showing off his works in a naughty pose. Fairy Tail is full of fan service and action. Virgo seems to attract more love from the fans than Lucy. Look at the altercation of the Tower of Heaven's battle in anime and manga.

Rave Master References:

  • Hamrio Musica fights against Reina. Both are Silver Claimers.
  • Gray Fullbuster fights against Ultear (and Lyon). Both are Ice Make mages. The differences between Reina and Ultear is that Ultear has another magic, Time Ark, and Reina hunts Musica to avenge her father's death. Ultear doesn't seek vengeance against Gray.

Overall, this episode gets a five out of five. Gray and Ultear have a brilliant battle, and it's a nice change from Erza and Azuma's battle.


I thank you guys and gals for reading my team's report, and I thank my team for their support. They are busy with school and work, so wiki editing is out of the question. I must be insane to keep doing this with a full course load.

Wiki Work Progress: I mainly work on episodes. I finished ep. 116 and 117.

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