Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 115 - Frozen Spirit

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Welcome to the Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, a regular college student and wiki editor of Anime Vice who is part of multiple wiki teams in this community. This week's episode, 115, is the end to a great battle between Erza and Azuma. It's also the start of a new battle between Gray and Ultear. Are you excited for this?!

I'm sorry for the late reports. School's a bit hectic, but I keep writing these reports and doing wiki work for the community.


Ep. 115 - Frozen Spirit

The Fairy Tail members finish their battles with Rustyrose and Bluenote while Erza learns the truth behind Jellal from Azuma. Finally, Gray and Ultear begin their battle.


Beware of Spoilers!


Erza sees the light in Jellal
Erza sees the light in Jellal
  • Erza gains closure from her past with the help of Azuma who told the truth behind Jellal. Erza and Jellal fans rejoice!
  • Both Gildartz and Freed & Bixlow's battles ended greatly.
  • Gray's character shine in this episode. I love how Gray just give Ultear a smacking. He fighting for his friends and keeping his vow to Natsu to live like the rest of guild members.


  • There isn't much bad stuff that I could think of.


Oh Juvia!
Oh Juvia!
  • Loveable Moments: When Gray tells Ultear about living for his friends, Juvia smiles unconsciously.
  • How Ultear treats Zeref is very contradicting. She just drops him on the ground compared to the earlier scenes where Ultear cuddles with Zeref by the tree. Not to mention her touching Zeref's head like a mother loving her child.

Overall, this episode gets a four out of five. Fairy Tail doesn't lose momentum from Erza's awesome battle. The action is picking up in the next episode. Stay tuned for Fairy Tail folks.

Stitched Caps of the Week

Fairy Tail Wikia has some awesome stitched caps. I loved the one where Gray holds Juvia. It's excellent and shows what the episode is about.



I thank you guys for reading my team's weekly report. I thank my teammates for working hard on the wiki pages despite we're in school mode. It's another semester after semester. I must be crazy with the multiple projects.

Wiki Progress: I did ep. 115 and 116's episode wiki pages. I didn't have time to do the Fairy Tail characters as I was scrambling to finish the other anime's episode's pages. Please see the Beelzebub's wiki list to see the full progress status on the wiki.

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