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Fairy Tail is an anime series in the Fairy Tail franchise
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Adamantine Armor

Armor belonging to Erza Scarlet.


A katana that belongs to Kagura Mikazuchi. She usually attacks with it while still sheathed.

Armadura Fairy Armor

According to Erza, this is her strongest armor.


Abbreviation of Big Freakin' Sword (and it's less polite wording). Insanely big and heavy swords which sometimes weigh more than the character himself/herself. Generally they're also magical.


A alcoholic beverage found on every continent on the planet.


Benizakura (Demon Blade Crimson Sakura) is one of Erza's magical swords.

Black Wing Armor

A Black Armor with Devil like wings that increases the destructive power in Erza's attacks.

Bunny Suit

The Bunny Suit is the fetish uniform worn for the concept of the Bunny Girl. Popular in cosplay themes.


A sugary baked desert that comes with frosting and typically some kind of topping. It is circular to make it easier to be cut into slices but can also be rectangular or square.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are known in Japan as Sakura. Popularized by Japanese culture. They are the centerpiece of Spring festivals.

Eclipse Gate

Eclipse Gate is a time portal which Future Lucy and Future Rogue used. The gate absorbs magic from any mage using a spell within its range.

Farewell Fairy Tail Armor

The Farewell Fairy Tail Armor (unofficial name) is worn by Erza Scarlet when she bid some of her childhood friends farewell.

Flame Empress Armor

One of Ezra Scarlet's many armors. This one is a flame resistant armor that makes fire-based attacks half as effective against her.

Fleuve d'├ętoiles

Fleuve d'├ętoiles is Lucy's new whip that extends and grabs things. The whip is given by Virgo.

Flight Armor

Erza's leopard print covered armor is used to increase Erza's speed and agility but at the cost for defense.

Gale-Force Reading Glasses

A common magic item in Fiore. It allows wearers to read a book up to 120x faster.

Gate Keys

The magical keys used by Celestial Wizards in the Fairy Tail series.

Giant's Armor

This armor allows Erza to throw things farther and higher.


Habaraki is a magical spear used by Dan Straight. It can change the size of objects and living things.

Heart Kreuz Armor

Erza Scarlet's basic armor, custom made for her by the Heart Kreuz clothing brand.

Heaven's Wheel Armor

A armor belonging to Erza Scarlet.

Jude's Memento

Jude's Memento is actually a clock's hand. It's one of the six keys needed to unlock an event in the Fairy Tail franchise.


A Katana is a kind of Japanese style of sword with a curved single-edged blade. Best known for speed, light weight, and cutting ability. Highly popular in many styles of manga and anime.

Lightning Empress Armor

Erza's armor grants her the element, lightning, for her attacks.

Morning Star Armor

This is one of Erza's various armors, and this one allows Erza to fire magical energy at her foes.

Musica Sword

A sword Pantherlily uses after coming to Earth Land, it can magically change size.

Nakagami Armor

Nakagami Armor is Erza's newest armor unveiled during the Grand Magic Games arc.

Natsu's Scarf

Natsu's most prized possession, a scale-pattered white scarf given to him by his adoptive father, Igneel.

Nirvana Walker

Nirvana is a type of magic but it is also the name of a giant walking abandoned village that houses this magic. The magic is capable of swapping alliances between good and evil, and the walking village it is on is able to take it to wherever it needs to be aimed.

Normal Fight Robes

Technically, this is not an armor, but one of the outfits that Erza requips.


Pigtails are a hair style in which (typically women) wear their hair parted down the middle with two ponytails coming off the back of their head. Pigtails are very prevalent in Anime/Manga

Purgatory Armor

A black armor belonging to Erza Scarlet which is considered one of her strongest.


Ricochet is a magical shield used by Dan Straight. As the name implies, it reflects attack back at enemies.

Robe of Yuen

This is one of Erza's various requip outfits.


Permanent marks left on the body after a deep cut or wound. Mostly given to characters with a history of violence.

School Uniform

The character is wearing school uniform. Most probably he/she's a student.

Sea Empress Armor

Sea Empress Armor is Erza's armor that nullifies water attacks.

Seduction Armor

A revealing "armor" owned by Erza Scarlet, referenced to by Erza herself, but never actually used.


Swimwear is clothing designed for participating in different manners of water based events and/or to be worn as light clothing in hot conditions, such as those at a beach.


Tentacles appear quite frequently in ecchi manga/anime series. They can be from monsters, animals, robots, magic, or demons. Seen as a stereotype of manga/anime.


Worn under everything else, underwear includes panties, breifs, bras and so on. Underwear is often seen as alluring or erotic, particularly women's lingerie.


A body part that is usually found on animals that fly (like birds and bats). It allows them to fly (obviously) and/or glide in the air. Mostly made out of scales, skin, or feathers.

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