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So like last week, this week’s fairy tail chapter was really short, which is quite surprising because a lot happened, sort of. You could say that it was rushed through, I have heard the view, but I don’t think so. I like fairy tail because of it’s ability to quickly get to the point.

So basically, Gajeel kicked Rogue’s ass. Not really a surprise, though the art was really cool, with the the pair vanishing into shadows and streaking through out the hallway of columns at high speeds. I specifically enjoyed watching Gajeel drag Rogue out of his shadow and smashing him through a wall.

Then the dragon roar, shadow and iron, truly spectacular (if you are a fairy tail fan anyway), especially the way tore through the stadium ceiling and exploded into the sky where it was visible for miles.

So anyway Gajeel beats Rogue, cementing the fact that these sabre tooth dragon slayers are nothing more than talk. I might hope that Sting could make an epic comeback and probably even present Gajeel or even Natsu a challenge, but that is doubtful.

Speaking of Natsu, things don’t seem too good for him, because just when we thought we had heard the last of them, they have he audacity to make another appearance. I am talking about the Garou Knights, who I hoped wouldn’t be the so called anti magic unit that the soldiers had spoken of.Clearly Natsu is going to end

Speaking of Natsu, things seem to be taking a much more intriguing turn in his direction; we see Arcadios, the supposedly villainous knight donning white armor before heading out to meet the princess, who he is accusing of lying to him. Clearly everything Arcadios has revealed to our heroes thus far has originated from the princess. And everything Arcadios has revealed seems to be at odds with everyone else’s truths about what has happened and what will happen.

So clearly while we have all been so keen to focus the ‘evil’ spotlight upon Arcadios, he might be nothing more than a pawn in the princess’ schemes. After all he always seems to contradict himself, playing the hero at one point, before hinting to fiendish intentions later on.

Clearly things can only get better from here. Fairy tail has yet to weave a tale of suspense and intrigue the way it has with the daimatou enbu arc, and I am loving it. Finally we are moving away from the sometimes random excessively action oriented stories Hiro is prone to writing. And finally we see the mythology of fairy tail both expanding and tying itself back in. This is good stuff. And if anyone hasn’t began reading this series, they should get to it.

I can do little speculating over the shadow; clearly even Mavis, fairy tail’s firs master has no idea of what it is as she claims that she is sensing an energy foreign to her. I have read speculation that it could be something from the future, after all, after Rogue’s defeat and as the shadow escaped from him, it claimed that the Gajeel in front of it wasn’t the Gajeel it knew.

So clearly it has met Gajeel before, and I don’t know if Zeref and Gajeel have ever met. So we will have to wait and see. This was a 3/5rating for me, because of the Garou knight’s appearance.

This week I thought I would do a quick ran down of fairy tail’s first ever arc and what I thought of it.

The Macau Arc

THE PLOT: In this arc we first meet Lucy, the so called primary protagonist of fairy tail. She has just ran away from home and is looking for a guild to join when she comes across a crowd, and she hears whispers of the name salamander.

ON spotting him, she finds her self awestruck, her heart fluttering as she begins to approach him, only to collide with Natsu and his cat happy. Lucy is knocked out of her daze and decides to treat the pair to lunch to thank them.

Apparently the wizard, Bora, calling himself the salamander was using an illegal magic called charm to attract females to him, Natsu had broken the link when he knocked her down.

On his part Natsu had heard the name salamander, and assuming it to be his target Igneel, had rushed in head on, only to crash into Lucy, then realize that Bora wasn’t the one he was looking for. Lucy is knocked over when Natsu explains that the one he is searching for, Igneel, is a dragon, something Lucy clearly thinks is insane since a dragon couldn’t be in a small town like that.

Anyway, Natsu and Lucy go their separate ways after which Lucy expresses a wish to join the guild fairy tail that she had heard of so much. That is when she is charmed by Bora, promising to lead her to fairy tail.

It is only when they get to his ship and Bora attempts to drug her that Lucy realizes that Bora is a slave trader. He subdues her, throws her keys into the ocean and departs from the port.

He doesn’t get far before Natsu crashes the party, except that he is in no shape to fight, as he soon reveals that he gets sick from being on any moving vehicles. Natsu takes a beating and is thrown into the ocean. Lucy follows him, finds her keys (a ridiculous coincidence by the way) and summons Aquarius, a water celestial spirit which, after expressing anger at Lucy’s mistreatment of her key (allowing it to be thrown away), blasts everything, ship, Lucy and Natsu, onto shore.

There Natsu wakes, unhurt and unleashes his dragon slayer magic, not only defeating Bora but destroying the port on a level that fairy tail wizards are prone to do. Bora is arrested but the pair must flee from the soldiers

Natsu is more than happy to lead Lucy to fairy tail where she taken aback by the diverse collection of people and the craziness of their attitudes and existence in the guild.

Immediately, Natsu and Gray (an ice wizard who likes to strip) get into a fight, but before long Makarov, the fairy tail master intervenes before magic usage gets involved.

Lucy gets her fairy tail brand at the back of her hand and tries to fit into the crazy group. Before long, Romeo, a young boy, runs in, complaining to Makarov that his father, Macao hasn’t returned from a job. Makarov speaks of Macao’s honor and some words he said before leaving about what he has to prove, concluding that as a fairy tail wizard, they must trust him.

Lucy however notices that Natsu is furious and immediately heads out to find Macao, whether his pride will accept the help or not. Gray explains that Natsu probably sees himself in Romeo, seeing as his father Igneel also just happened to disappear one day and he had been looking for him ever since; which is why he promises Romeo that he would bring the old man back, no matter what it took.

Lucy, being Lucy decides to follow him, but is quickly defeated by the cold of the mountain, so she summons Horologium, a clock spirit with a warm compartment.

Lucy soon runs afoul of a vulcan, a sort of abominable snow man, that attacks her. Natsu saves her and tries to defeat the vulcan, but he is sent flying and Lucy is kidnapped and taken further up the mountain.

Lucy eventually manages to draw a key and summon Taurus, a large bull spirit that engages the vulcan, but Natsu appears, mistakes Taurus for the vulcan and takes it down. By then it is too late as the vulcan catches him off guard and sends him flying off the edge. But just then happy activates his magic, saving him and carrying him back to the top.

Natsu unleashes his dragon slayer magic, and beats the vulcan to a pulp. Just before finishing things, however, a clue reveals to Natsu that the vulcan is Macao. Dazed, the vuclcan falls off the mountain, but he is saved by the combined efforts of Natsu, Lucy and a revived Taurus. Macao’s body is revived, but he is covered in wounds and Natsu has to burn them shut. Macao explains that he was assigned by a village to eliminate a vulcan but when he got there, he found 20 vulcans.

He managed to take out 19, but lost to the magic of the last; Lucy is both amazed and intimidated, wondering how she will be able to match the level of talent in the guild. He is grateful despite his pride, and the trio returns home to fairy tail to Romeo’s weeping arms.

At the end of the arc we get a shot of the magic council, They are discussing fairy tail, it’s destructive ways and whether the guild isn’t the biggest danger to Fiore, a danger that, if they continue down their path of excessive destruction, they will have to deal with.

Review: If you haven’t read fairy tail, that is the first arc for you and a surprisingly good place to start. And I will suggest reading it even if I outlined it. As far as first arcs go, this was really good. I began fairy tail just after completing a manhwa known as Veritas, which was phenomenal by the way. So my standards were quite high.

I stumbled upon fairy tail after days of searching through and trying out several dozen manga on Onemanga (formerly a manga website). Fairy tail captured my interest immediately, with this first arc. It was kind of heavy (with the business of slave trading) but with awesome action and interactions (Lucy with Natsu and happy, and Lucy with pissed off Aquarius). And I really enjoyed the display of dragon slayer magic, especially the visuals of a large dragon emerging behind Natsu as he unleashed his roar.

Then their was the quirkiness. For all her irritations, I have always enjoyed Lucy’s normalcy among fairy tail’s crazy cast. She acts as the line against which we contrast everyone else’s behavior. And in this arc, she did a good job of introducing us to the quirky characters of fairy tail, from Cana, the young girl that spend her days chugging down alcohol from a barrel, to Gray the Ice mage that strips every time he speaks, to the old man, Makarov, fairy tail’s master that is no less insane than the rest of them.

They are a fun bunch to read and watch interacting, and Lucy’s reactions to their individual idiosyncrasies is usually priceless.

The story hits the ground running. We are immediately introduced to the existence of dragons, Natsu’s past and its impact on his life as a mage. We see the closeness of the members of the guild in Natsu’s actions in heading out to save Macao on his own despite his master’s advice. And there is an acceptable balance between the comedy and more poignant moments of the chapters, with the comedic elements smoothly incorporated into the interactions. Basically this chapter is worth the read if you really want to get the hang of what airy tail really is.

I would rate it a modest 4.5/5 for a first arc.

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