Is Natsu's relationship with Lucy going be like Haru and Elie's?

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It seems to me that Luny sorry Lucy (he actually did that) likes Natsu, but he both doesn't notice and doesn't like her back

I'm not up to date on the anime an iv'e never touched the manga though so I might not be accurate

Though about the fateful encounter earlier mentioned in the thread it was actually Wendy that she encountered fatefully.

I used to Nalu and still think it's got a good 65% chance but I still think Nali would make more sense cuz they have more history and he has actually shown signs of affection towards her.

I know this makes me sound like a teenage girl but I still think manga/anime like this (ex. Naruto Bleach Full Metal(not that there is much to be done about) and even Pokemon(I know i just crossed the line bringing pokemon in to this) should add in just a little more romance and almost as important get it to make sense.

I can't be like Oh these 2 people are really popular lets make em a couple!

P.S Nalu all the way!

Course I'm not up to date with Naruto or Bleach so correct me if I'm wrong.

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Have you seen the laest episodes or rather latest chapters of Fairy Tail? Natsu does cry for Lucy in the latest episode and at the end of this arc you will be in for a ride

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Hello, I'm new to this website and I will like to give my take on the whole Natsu x Lucy/Lisanna debate. This could get a bit long, so excuse me if I ramble on.

I started watching Fairy Tail about this time last year, so I came in with the assumption that Natsu x Lucy would most likely be the most likely pair from all the info, artwork, memes, the fact that they're the main characters, and just overall what friends who have watched and read the Fairy Tail anime/manga told me. Because I watched the anime before reading the manga (I have caught up to the recent chapters and episodes) I started siding with the Natsu x Lisanna pairing because of episode 20 with Happy's birth, and all the build up the Edolas arc and the couple episodes before (Guildarts Return) had about Natsu x Lisanna. Once she did return, like most of you know her character wasn't used and she was regulated to a background character because Mashima originally didn't plan on Lisanna making a comeback. As I progressed through the anime and began reading the manga I started leaning more and more towards the NaLu pair because it felt the most natural. What I mean by this is that while it feels forced at times, I got the better sense that both the characters fit each other well because of their traits.

With Lucy, you have a smart character that isn't considered strong (she herself knows this) and is one of the most normal people in her guild (as normal as a person can be in the FT). With Natsu, you have the loud mouth character who isn't very bright and is all about power. Because of these opposite personalities I think that the relationship works better really well. Lucy is the character who tries to be passive aggresive and will only fight if she feels she needs to (to defend herself or more importantly her guild) while Natsu quickly tries to solve everything by fighting and will jump into a situation without giving it a second thought. Both characters have the quality that the other lacks, and this in turn allows them both to fill the weaknesses the other possesses. Lucy is also known to not have confidence in herself, and Natsu is usually the one who has confidence in her abilities (heck, Natsu probably has more confidence in her than Lucy does of herself).

NaLu moments in Fairy Tail manga/anime (SPOILERS)


- Natsu obviously bringing Lucy to Fairy Tail

- Natsu and Lucy (and Happy) forming a team. Remember Natsu wasn't part of a team till Lucy joined.

- Natsu and Lucy rarely ever going on missions without each other.

- Natsu always wanting to hang out with Lucy on their days off from the guild (always breaking into her house and waiting for her to return).

- Happy said that Natsu was crying because he thought Lucy was leaving Fairy Tail.

- Natsu saving Lucy from the Phantom Prison (Lucy screams Natsu's name).

- Natsu not having a good time at the Hanami party because Lucy who was excited to see the famous Rainbow Sakura tree was sick (He digs out a Rainbow Sakura tree so Lucy could see it from outside her home)

- Natsu threatening to turn Hughes and the guards into ashes at Edolas if they hurt even a strand of hair on Lucy's head.

- Natsu wanting to save Lucy when she was captured during the GMG (even letting Juvia fight in his place on Team Fairy Tail)

- Natsu and Lucy vs Kain

- Natsu comforting Lucy after her loss to Flare during the GMG, Eclair's death, and Lucy's father's death.

- Natsu keeping memories at his house (First day he met Lucy, Lucy's maid outfit, etc.)

- It is implied that Natsu died in the future protecting Lucy from the dragons (which is why Lucy cries when she sees present Natsu and his fights and the image of her future self crying looks like she's holding something [Natsu?])


- Lucy's fated day was meeting up with Natsu and Happy where Natsu reveals its the 1 year anniversary of her joining Fairy Tail (in anime it's seeing Wendy)

- Lucy believing Natsu was gonna confess his feelings to her (trying to deny it but looking like she would have accepted)

- Lucy's rescue from Phanton's Prison (look above)

- Lucy hugging Natsu tightly when falling from waterfall and during the fight with Hades.

- Lucy telling Natsu that it's best when they are together

- Lucy telling Natsu before his fight with Sting and Rouge that she has always believed in him since joining Fairy Tail while blushing (also whispering his name in her sleep)

- (SPOILER) Lucy hugs Natsu after the fight with Future Rouge (SPOILER)

- OVA 4 (Drunk Lucy's actions towards Natsu and her story during her bath with the other girls)

- Future Lucy feelings and reactions to Natsu (see above)

- Lucy's many blushing moments because of Natsu (too many to write)

Many other moments that I'm to lazy to go find lol

Having said all that, I don't think there's any real romantic relationship that has developed between them as of yet. With Lucy, you can see that she's starting to develop feelings for Natsu but doesn't know it yet while Natsu, well he's Natsu. While I doubt that Natsu doesn't know what a romantic relationship is or else he wouldn't have blushed when Lisanna used to tease him about getting married and being Happy's daddy while she was the mommy, romance isn't really in Natsu's mind right now. The focus for Natsu as well as Lucy is enjoying everyday they get to spend with their guild and their nakama, which is perfectly fine. I give it an almost 95% chance they end up together (yes it's a shounen, but Mashima is known for having romance in his manga) by the end of Fairy Tail, so I'm willing to be patient for it.

So sorry for my ramblings, just let me know what yo guys think of my analysis of NaLu :P

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Also, in episode idk (lol), when Lucy went to Alcalypha to save her father because rumors said that it's been attack, Happy said that Natsu cried at the thought that Lucy left the guild. In episode 77, when Gray painted Natsu's face, Lucy didn't laugh at all, but instead went on Natsu side and help him. I found this somewhat a Nalu moment. Also in Ep 77, when Levy and Cana told Lucy about Lisanna how Natsu and Lisanna close. Then Lucy said, "oh? Natsu used to be close friends with a girl, huh?" (Funimation sub) I think that Lucy in here is somewhat jealous. Hehe.. I think that Natsu knows what "Love" is romantically. I expect that romance will start when Natsu already found Igneel/or after Natsu, Igneel, and the rest of dragons finally clash for that Dragon King Festival or something. I think this is when Igneel will tease Natsu about love or something or else.. Actually, I want Wendy to be Natsu's little sister, and also Lucy become Natsu's gf.. Hehe..
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I think Natsu and Lucy relationship is like Haru and Shizuku from My Little Monster. The feeling that Natsu wants someone beside him.
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@pukol: That is the same reason I love Fairy Tail! I am so interested in how Lucy and Natsu will turn up. However, I believe that the Lisanna question was answered in the Grand magic Games Arc. During Mira's fight they have that ridiculous fashion show Natsu is approached by Lisanna in a wedding dress and is reminded that they once pretended to be married when they were little. However, Lucy runs into Natsu at that point and Lisanna leaves! This I believe is a metaphor for the reality that is Natsu and Lucy.

The couples as I see it are

Lucy and Natsu

Gajeel and Leevy

Juvia and Grey

Elfman and Evergreen

Aires and Loke

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