Is Natsu's relationship with Lucy going be like Haru and Elie's?

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I only watched Hiro Mashima's two works, Rave master and Fairy Tail. Read Fairy Tail up to volume 13 and for Rave master, I can't remember. I never finished Rave master because it was long and hard to find.

Now for the question at hand.

When I watched Rave Master, I had a feeling Haru and Elie are going to marry each other with lots of scenes.


  • Haru hugging Elie in the cave during the (Shuda?) arc where Haru obtains the rave to fight faster.
  • Haru having a conversation with his dad when the tower was collapsing. As Elie shoots the falling rocks, his dad tells Haru he likes Elie because she's beautiful and has large breasts.
  • The biggest and most emotional scene is where Haru and Elie fight Sieg Hart. Haru tells Elie why she should keep living, and Elie asks him what color was her underwear on the first day they met. Awkward huh?
  • The last fights in the anime had a big impact on Elie. Elie lost her "lip-ginity" to the Lucia. I hated that scene, but Haru got so angry that he whoops the Oracion Seis members except Sieg Hart.

After that, the anime ended. I had to read the manga. The end result is Haru marrying Elie. See pictures

Comparisons of Haru and Elie's relationship to Natsu and Lucy's.


  1. The first episode of both series has the main protagonist meet each other by fate.
  2. Elie and Lucy wear similar clothes
  3. Haru and Natsu have sidekicks, Plue and Happy, respectively.
  4. Elie and Lucy are "lucky." I mean Elie is lucky at gambling and Lucy is named after the signboard "Love and Lucky."
  5. Both Haru and Natsu are looking for their fathers
  6. Both pairs go on journeys

Fans of Fairy Tail and Rave master, you can add to this list. This is all I got.


This is where it gets very tricky.

  1. In Rave Master, Haru and Elie are pretty much alone longer than Natsu and Lucy. What I mean is that Natsu and Lucy are alone on the first episode and pass that point, the pair always had a person in their group. (IE: Episode 5, team Natsu is formed) For Haru and Elie, I can't remember, but I have a feeling it took a long time before the pair actually had Musica in their group.
  2. Haru and Elie have more intense moments together than Natsu and Lucy.

My answer is Natsu and Lucy will not end up with each other.

My reasons are that in Rave Master, there is only one girl in their group for the whole anime. I have to exclude the manga because I can't remember since Rave Master journeys to different worlds like One Piece. I think the next female companion was Julia, Dragon guy's girlfriend, who have no effect on Haru and Elie's relationship. For Haru, Musica was not a rival for Elie's love. It was an automatic marriage for Haru and Elie.

Also, Rave Master has a smaller character roster than Fairy Tail.

For Fairy Tail, there are two girls in their team: Erza and Lucy.

Erza Scarlet

Natsu knows Erza better and is a friend to Erza longer than Lucy. Also, there is Lisanna who Natsu cries for in episode 71 over her death. Natsu has never cried for Lucy, but he has cried for Erza. (see Erza's vision in the Tower of Heaven Arc) Plus, Natsu has more intense moments with Erza than Lucy.

Lucy Heartphilia

For Lucy, she has Loke and Loke is desperate for her. Happy and Bixlow likes spreading rumors. This means Lucy's attention is divided due to more competion like Natsu's situation. (Forget about Gray, Juvia got him) I don't know about Hibiki or other guys besides Loke.

Updates April 2, 2011

*Side note: In the fillers, Lucy has more connection to Natsu especially in episode 73: Rainbow of Sakura and episode 50.

See pictures

In ep. 71, Natsu cries for Lisanna.
In ep. 71, Natsu cries for Lisanna.

Natsu's relationship with Lucy is more comedy compared his relationship with Erza, closer.

Brief Reasons why Natsu and Lucy's relationship will not end up as Haru and Elie.

  1. More closer female friends for Natsu
  2. Natsu has never cried for Lucy (It doesn't mean that Natsu does not care for Lucy)
  3. Lucy has other male companions vying for her love.
  4. Compared to Haru and Elie's success: they had more alone and intense moments, no competition...

This is my argument. Please feel free to voice your opinions and critiques.


  • *Thanks to Jinbeifan1 for reminding me. Erza is like a big sister to Natsu while Lisanna is a childhood friend of Natsu. I forgot about that fact. 8:31 PM
  • Added Lisanna related info in the comments below.
  • 2-25-12 - Added spoiler blocks to Rave Master after an awesome comment was made by pukol.
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@takashichea: I think your close but I'd say if she does come to like him, it would be more her and lisanna neck to neck about it i doubt he would be with erza shes like a big sister to him
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@Jinbeifan1:  That's a nice way to summarize Erza's relationship with Natsu. "Big sister"
Lisanna is a close childhood friend to Natsu, but Lisanna has a crush on Natsu. I forgot to mention that on my post. 
It all depends on the future episodes whether if Lucy gets closer to Natsu. I say it's a 20% chance for Lucy to marry Natsu.
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I put the updates in spoilers.


 The Edolas arc and some episodes have been already revealed. See episode 79
Here is a stack of images from the episode. Please thank Anna for uploading them.
Hopefully I did not spoil you guys. I could not put the images in the spoiler for some reasons. You got to love how the color red is emphasized in the flashbacks.
For the argument: According to Levy and Cana in episode 77, Lucy is like Lisanna due to her personality which is why Natsu gets along with her well.
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As you can see by now, Erza's great love is revealed. And it is with Jellal.

I already had a hunch that Erza is in fact in love with Jellal and confirmed it with the newest released arc ( X791 ). I was compelled to register because you have made a good idea about Natsu and Lucy's relationship but that 20% chance is a bit too low in my opinion. Oh and i don't know what rave master is and I will probably won't watch it.

You should probably give Natsu x Lucy with 80% probability of ending up together because of their deep passion for each other (and by that passion I meant their believe in one another). In the phantom lord arc when Lucy jumped from the high tower she was kept in, the name she shouted was not Gray, Erza, master, Loki, mother or anyone else. It was Natsu's name. Now I know that cry for help wasn't for the one that Lucy loved but for the one she believed in. Natsu was the guy that got Lucy in with fairytail and immediately teamed up with Natsu because of her pity (compassion) for Natsu's sense of justice. Natsu being the assertive man that he is came to like Lucy and decided to be closer to her (and by closer i mean to be relaxed around doing things even in private time). That friendship they have and that incredible believe in each other and they always go out on a mission together and not to mention that ALMOST everytime that Lucy broke down and crying or she was disappointed with something, it was Natsu to the rescue. Now i emphasize almost because it's not everytime. Natsu enjoys fighting alongside Lucy and Lucy enjoys it to even though she like to have easier missions. That "great" friendship that they have, sooner or later that will lead to something and that "some thing" is going to be epic, well I wish it happens. Now now, I'm not saying that lucy is in love with natsu but they surely like each other, Happy knows it too. Oh and on a trivia i read, Lucy's type on a man is someone who's assertive. spot on if I could say.

Now let us go to Lisanna. Don't go counting out Lisanna just yet. If your an avid Natsu x Lucy fan then Lisanna is your biggest threat.

I only started watching fairytale about a month ago and i already started enjoying watching it but not until i saw Lucy and Natsu's subtle liking towards each other that i became obsessed with fairytail. Can you believe that it's because of those two that I am writing this right now. I was watching the Edolas arc and imagining how Natsu is going to tell Lucy that he likes her in the near near future. Now i came up with many scenarios, some of them were pretty much weird but when i finished the Edolas arc and the episode Lisanna came and Lisanna was revealed to be alive. That when all my imagined vision of Lucy and Natsu were all blurred.

Why is Lisanna back?

Why is she here?

It literally bugged me for one week finding a reason why Lisanna is back. I was trying to find a reason why they put Lisanna back other than the fact that it was a way to removed Natsu's second tragedy. I was watching again those episode where Lisanna was featured and then i saw the part where Lisanna ask Carla about the future "Who will i marry?" Lisanna ask. At first i didn't give it much importance, I thought that Lisanna asking that will blur the future for her, I thought it was just a nuisance or a way to tell everyone that Lisanna is not particularly going for Natsu. But then why is Lisanna back? Was it a way to strengthen up fairytail, or add a little more sexy to it? What if she's a preparation for something? Like an arc maybe. What if Lisanna holds a key for something? or a secret? or past? Who knows? She may just be some nuisance that make Natsu's tragedy go away. Then here comes the most interesting part. What if she is a preparation for a Natsu's love affair arc? What if one day Lisanna tells Natsu that she likes him. Remember the young Lisanna told Natsu that when they are all grown up that she would marry him. Maybe that thing she ask Carla about her future wasn't really meant to mislead us but what if it was a way to tell everyone that somthing is comming. Maybe Lisanna was waiting for a particular someone, Maybe she was looking for an answer. And that maybe could be Natsu. Oh well there is a lot of what if? and maybe? In here so it was only a theory. Don't go believing this. I only wanted to share all my thoughts to someone interested. Feel free to criticize me in anyway you want.

And i wanted to tell you something about that Natsu not crying for Lucy. Natsu really didn't cry a lot. The only episodes he cried was about those great tragedy. Erza's great tragedy is jellal and that thing with Lisanna is Natsu's second great tragedy. And, if your thinking about Lucy's father dying is a great tragedy, erhh you're wrong. That was fight that can be fought alone by Lucy so it does not count as a great tragedy.

I think Natsu and Lucy's friendship has come to a part where they are vulnerable to being a lover. They almost always need each other and almost every fight where Lucy is partnered to other is when she is partnered with girls or Natsu. I never really saw Lucy pairing with other man (excluding the girls). Maybe if my theory is correct and Lisanna decided to tell Natsu what she really felt. That's when Lucy will realize that she have a special something with Natsu as well. So it will be up to Natsu to decide which one he will choose.

If these theory arc is for real, then sorry one piece but my heart belong to fairytail now. It will be my number one....

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This is great feedback! I truly thank you. I'm please to meet another Fairy Tail fan. Despite the fact that we have a strong team of wiki editors dedicated to Fairy Tail and other animes, we don't have much of fan base here in this community. I'm blessed to worked with those wiki editors who are sincere and hard working.

Upon reading my argument over and yours, Hiro Mashima is a bit of softie in his Fairy Tail work than Rave Master. He chose to bring back Lisanna back. Since this blog is old and I forgot to update it with the Tenrou Island information, I agree that Lucy and Natsu's relationship has a higher chance of being a couple. I have to revise my argument a bit. At first, I thought Natsu and Lucy had a lower chance as the series progressed, Natsu and Lucy became closer.

Brief Events of Lucy and Natsu:

  • In episode 109, Natsu teaming up with Lucy to take down Kain. Happy is making Lucy get in uncomfortable situation with Natsu.
  • In episode 117, Lisanna tells Lucy to look after Natsu like a "trusted friend."

This is the interesting part. Lisanna is not jealous of Lucy's relationship with Natsu. I can't count out Lisanna who is more braver than Lucy in terms of romance.

It would be interesting if Lisanna holds a secret and if Natsu teams up with Lisanna.

Erza Scarlet's relationship

For Erza and Jellal, I haven't got far in the manga. In fact, I'm in pace with the anime and manga side by side. I got a bit spoiled, but I already suspected Erza and Jellal's relationship after the events in the Nirvana arc and the part where Erza and Jellal have this connection at the end of Azuma's battle with Erza. Don't worry about it. I'm not mad.

Episodes 114 and 68

(You may want to use the spoiler block just in case for Erza and Jellal. Plus, I need to block spoilers in Rave Master since you haven't read it. My bad.)

Rave Master

I was compelled to register because you have made a good idea about Natsu and Lucy's relationship but that 20% chance is a bit too low in my opinion. Oh and i don't know what rave master is and I will probably won't watch it.

It's more mature, dark, and violent version of Fairy Tail. It has a lot of tragedies, but it has romance just like Fairy Tail. Like you, I watched Fairy Tail for the romance/action mix, too. Thanks again for commenting.

I wrote a Beginner Guide to Rave Master. If you have time, please check out the guide to see if you want to watch Rave Master or read it. Also, Daniel and I have doing weekly reports for Fairy Tail anime. Please check those out.

Hope to see you around in this community.


Remember the young Lisanna told Natsu that when they are all grown up that she would marry him.

At first, Lisanna was pulling Natsu's leg. As she grows up, she might reconsider that. She, Happy, and Natsu are a tight knit yet dysfunctional family.

Like you said earlier, we'll see who win Natsu's heart, Lisanna or Lucy.

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Nice to know that you liked my feedback. To tell you the truth this is only the first time that i ever blog or go on a discussion with someone in a forum. I don't really know how to use those spoiler block or to use other options for blogging, so I'm sorry if i spoiled you a little. I assumed that you read all the new released manga, and thought that me giving that spoiler was okay.

On the other hand, the thing about Lisanna x Natsu x Lucy affair. I only given some of the reasons why i came up with my theory. There were more pointers that led me to believe that something like that will happen. I will tell it to you more after i review some of the earlier episodes that is out and maybe i will include more of my thorough thinking of Lisanna's place as it stands.

Oh yeah the thing about episode 79 where the red umbrella was emphasized, yeah i thought it was just made that way because of Lisanna's death but now that i think about it. Red also means love.

And that thing about Rave Master. I guess I'll think about it, maybe after my obsession with fairytail calms.

P.S. Fairytail is the only one that made me sign up for a forum. Not even One Piece made me do this.

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i really enjoyed reading this forum >w< it makes me go like "eeeeeeeekkkk. I hope Natsu likes Lucy" xD offense to lisannaxnatsu fans :3 hmmmm.... i think you both have seen episode 125... i dunno if it also happened in the manga..i'm not updated at the manga..anyways...

at the last part of episode 125., when lucy thinks that its a nice thing that someone will propose to him then Natsu appears and said something., then Lucy blushes., but then Natsu only said some nonsense xD don't you think that Lucy really likes Natsu now? even a bit? >w< natsu was about to go home but Lucy stopped her >:DD


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Gajeel: I'm not dancing with you because I like you
Gajeel: I'm not dancing with you because I like you

Thank you for commenting!

I love episode 125 for its shipping moments. Natsu is just too oblivious, and poor Lucy over think too much. Gajeel and Levy had the best moments. Gajeel was a tsundere a bit. It made me laugh so much.

Yeah, I'm not up to speed with the manga. I hope Pukol didn't spoil you. I need to contact a mod to hide his info in a spoiler box.


Episode 127 had some Natsu and Lucy moments according to fans.

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@sophie231: @takashichea: I'm a big Lucy x Natsu fan, but I think you guys may be forgetting that the last few episodes were filler, so the Lucy x Natsu moments weren't really canon, so they don't really count. I think it's just a little fan service for us.

It's nice to see new users here who like Fairy Tail, hope to see you here often!

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Having read all of the RAVE manga, and seen the anime, and read the Fairy Tail manga, I'd have to say that yes, Lucy's relationship with Natsu is very similar to Haru's relationship with Lucy, and I say this even with Lisanna back in the fray.

Why? its because Lisanna hasn't made an effort to rekindle her old relationship with Natsu, and Natsu hasn't shown any interest in doing so himself. Meanwhile in the manga Natsu's relationship with Lucy gets lampshaded as romantic over and over again, with there being entire chapters with the two of them basically flirting around with one another. Just like one extra chapter with them and Lucy gets her fortune read and it says that she will spend her day with destined match, and Lucy just so happens to meet a nice guy (who is romantically interested in her), but when Natsu comes around she dumps the guy and goes on a mission with Natsu, spending the whole day with him.

Not only that but Elie in fact did have competition for Haru, the anime just didn't make it far enough both characters had competition for each other. Haru had serious competition in three characters (almost to the point where you questioned if he would really end up with Elie), and Elie had it in two, however they still got together at the end of the series.

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Thank you for commenting. I have never read the Rave Master manga, but I should. I didn't know Haru and Elie had other lovers. Cool! I can't wait to see them in the manga.

I had a blog dedicated to the Fairy Tail love universe business.


Did you also check out this blog, too?


I never thought about that. All these fillers and Omake are just teasing the fans.

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@takashichea: yes! hahaha xD i signed up because of this forum :3 and i also liked about gajeel and levy on that episode! hahaha...i like tsunderes :33 LOL

: bummer *_*

reading at earthwormjim's comment....I WANNA READ THE MANGA NOW!!! it makes me wanna reeeeeeeeaaaaaad OTL xD

: that's so true! anyways.... i wanna know so bad about what chapter did lucy had her fortune read...>w< *A*

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Ok. Now i'm going to tell you a lot of Rave Master's Information. (Sorry for my bad english, but i'm italian) Here, in Italy, i have read Rave Master (whose real name is Rave The Groove Adventure), and i can deepen what you wrote on the main post.

Indeed Haru met Elie in the second volume of the manga (the anime is really different!). At first, Hiro Mashima thought to finish that manga at the 10th volume (near the King and Gale arc), and in fact we can see Haru-Elie relationship already complete...they were made for each other since the second volume. But when the manga became more famous, the editor and Hiro Mashima himself decided to continue Rave Master (with a clear relationship). If you had continued to read the manga, you would have seen a lot of new characters (even more Erza-Natsu-Gray-Lucy-Wendy from Fairy Tail) and also new girls and boys between the main relationship. But, as I say, the love between Haru and Elie was practically declared really early, and so the tension about the love between Haru and Elie hasn't been anymore. (I say tension referring about our mental trip about the two lovers :D )

This big error was also caused by the inexperience of the mangaka (because the love MUST be declared only at the end, and also the choice of the characteristics of Haru and Elie weren't so good)

But now, after 13 years past to draw mangas, he does a good job with Fairy Tail: if there's a love between Lucy and Natsu, it isn't declared yet, but we can see a lot of NaLu moments, week after week, and we can make HARD mental trips about them.

And about Lisanna, i think Mashima want only to make a Love Triangle, and see what Japanese readers think about it (AHAHAH, He want to know their preferences, i guess)

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First of all, welcome to Anime Vice! I hope enjoy your stay.

Thank you for your comment and insight on Hiro Mashima. Rave Master is his first "long" manga work, so his storytelling did not leave much suspense in Elie and Haru's relationship. So... Hiro Mashima has decided make the relationships more obscure to tease the fans a bit. I agree that with what you're saying. :) About Natsu and Lisanna, is he teasing us by not showing them hanging together after their reunion from Edolas? I'll try to read the manga since I'm a wiki editor for Rave Master Wikia and Anime Vice.

For me, in the Rave Master anime, you see their relationship blossoming around the Mystery of Elie arc where Haru fights Sieg Hart with all his must. He even made a promise to Elie. If you compare that to Natsu and Lucy, Hiro Mashima did not even have a promise scene unless I forgot something. Feel free to correct me.

Oh yeah, don't feel bad about your English. I'm a naturalized U.S. citizen who is 1.5 generation from Cambodia. I understand the difficulties in speaking and writing English.

@sophie231: @pukol:

Oops! I forgot to welcome you guys, too. Sorry guys, I got too excited and talked about the topic.

I hope you all stick around and talk about your favorite anime and manga. Feel free to ask the folks questions about wiki editing, blogging, or anything.


This thread is awesome!

I found this on Zero Chan. It's hilarious
I found this on Zero Chan. It's hilarious
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I think Lucy Really loves Natsu

and will be married to Natsu

In the Fairy tail Special Chapter:Day of The Fateful encounter

Lucy heard from Cana that she would have a fateful encounter, Lucy didnt Believed in it, but when she went to a library, he met a guy who is also a fellow novelist like Lucy.

After walking around the town, the guy asked lucy out on a date, Lucy accepted it (thats what i guess?).

On the next day Natsu and Happy invited Lucy to go out on a mission, Lucy Declined Natsu and Happy's Request, the two of them turned around with a depressing face. Lucy heard something from Mirajane that Natsu and Happy were looking forward on doing the mission with lucy, Lucy Pitied them. Then on the next day, Lucy Joined Natsu to their mission and turn down the invitation of the guy she just met. When she is in the train wih Natsu, She said to herself that ''My Fateful Encounter was Today After All''

Thats What make me Feel that the two of them will get married

And Sorry!!! im not good in english

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Welcome to Anime Vice! Thank you for your comment. That's an interesting point you made there. Lucy has those thoughts if Natsu likes her. However, Natsu the dummy is so oblivious, and we have a comedic relationship due to poor communications. For Lucy, she misunderstands Natsu and slaps him. Lucy Heartfilia reminds me of Aoi Kunieda (Beelzebub) who has feelings for Oga, and Oga does not seem interested in girls.

Thank you for bringing up that Omake story of Natsu and Lucy. Don't worry about your English skills. Your grammar is good. We're all good friends in Anime Vice. If someone mocks your English, I'll beat them up for you.

Just kidding! I just report them to Daniel Newton. He's our mod and a big fan of Fairy Tail.

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hey thanks for your kind words

Post by Beelze17 (10 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Have you noticed that the female partners of the main characters have the same looks?

Lucy From Fairy Tail

She also have a plue like Elie

Irie From Monster Hunter Orage

Touran From Monster Soul

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I haven't tried Monster Soul or Monster Hunter Orage. Yeah, Hiro Mashima does that a lot with his creations where he reuses things like Etherion and the attack styles between Gray Fullbuster and Hamrio Musica are very similar.

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