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Vital Stats:

Title: Fairy Tail
Japanese Title:  フェアリーテイル
Studio: A1 Pictures x Satelight
Licensor: Crunchyroll
Director: Shinji Ishihara
Based On: Hiro Mashima's manga of the same name

The Story


The Review

Fairy Tail! One of the most anticipated series this fall, and in no small part because it's-- dun dun dunnnn --a big-name lengthy shounen show, with the potential to be on-par with One Piece, if not quite at the Bleach/Naruto level-- we'll see.  Many series are vying for the title, like D.Gray-Man and Soul Eater, but none has quite gotten there yet...
I will warn you right now that I always have difficulty with shounen series. Even the ones I like, like D.Gray-Man, I tend to fall off the wagon pretty quickly. So I will in no way promise that I will definitely continue Fairy Tail to its end-- but I really enjoyed it and plan to continue it.
With that out of the way, let's go into detail: I have two complaints of any significance, and both are to be expected of a show like this. First is that the animation quality is only decent; this is pretty typical for any shounen show of any length, which Fairy Tail is likely to be if it proves popular. I had some specific complaints, mostly that some of the special effects could have gone a bit further; towards the end of the episode Natsu shows off his fire-eating skills, but it looks a bit choppy...Natsu is eating, and then very suddenly he's done. That could have been clippiness due to the streaming (my parents' DSL is terrible), but I don't believe it was.
The other complaint is also dismissible, and that is that Aya Hirano sounds exactly like Aya Hirano. There are roles where she sounds pretty different-- her slightly younger-sounding but lackadaisical voice for Konata in Lucky Star, her decidedly more subtle turn in Nijuu Mensou no Musume, but this is very standard Aya. You will recognize her as Haruhi in particular. If this bothers you, you might find it hard to like Lucy. I didn't have much trouble with it, though it did briefly pull me out of the action.
Other than that, you've got what is so far a pretty solid adaptation of the manga. The voice acting is strong, animation decent, and the opening and ending themes are fun too (Shugo Chara! fans will probably particularely enjoy the ending). So what remains to be seen is how closely the anime adheres to its original, whether filler appears, etc. With 17 manga volumes to date, I'm hoping it'll be a while before we find out that last bit...

Ratings (of 5):

Story: ♥♥♥
Animation: ♥♥½
Characters: ♥♥♥½
OP/ED Themes: ♥♥♥

Overall: ♥♥♥

If, Then, But

If you like these shows, you might like Fairy Tail.
- One Piece (but fewer pirates and more magic)
- InuYasha (but more European-style)
- Slayers (but with less Lina)

Release Info:

Released: October 12th, 2009
Length: Ongoing; unknown
- English subtitles 
- Simulcast-- watch here (for paying Anime Members only-- but you can gt a free membership by entering our contest!)
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Kinda disappointing though , i expected more
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I look forward to getting a chance to watch this series. I enjoy the manga. Being DEL REY makes it really easy to support. It has a real One Piece vibe. I really look forward to when Erza comes into the mix. It's really going to pick up when she gets to meet the other guild members and goes on jobs.
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It was better than I expected (considering I don't like most shounen) but still average. It did make me want to watch the second episode so that's good.  
I agree 100% with the Aya Hirano thing, I kept thinking about haruhi all the time and it didn't really help me to get involved in the story like i wanted to. 
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 Lucy doesn't sound like Haruhi. She IS Haruhi. Fairy Tail is actually a new world created by Haruhi out of boredom. 
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I really enjoyed watching the show. I will admit Lucy's voice was a little grating at times. I think Happy the Cat and the sparkly, snobby Aquarius made the episode for me.
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