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Welcome to the new series of blogs called Family Time! I had this weekly idea of doing Moe Monday, Tsundere Tuesday, and such, but I scrapped the idea. I didn't watch a lot of anime to keep the writing mojo going. This family time theme I'm doing will put some love in this community. Family is more than blood. Some of you folks are watching with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and etc. They're family, too. I was inspired by Sam Weller who wrote articles about watching Madoka Magica with his girlfriend to do this blog.

A little background info:

Watching anime on Saturday mornings with my brothers and sister was a pastime back then. Now, with the age of the internet, my family and I are watching new shows on Youtube (mainly Funimation's) before settling down on Crunchyroll and HULU. I never thought myself as an anime fan, more like a casual watcher. During my Anime Vice years back in October 2010, I tried a lot of anime series, and the main one that my family and I have watching since 2010 was Fairy Tail. It has been almost three years, and when Hiro Mashima had told the fans that the anime is going to end on March 30, I was a bit sad. All good things come to an end sooner or later. I thought it would be a good time to start this thread on Fairy Tail and share some nostalgic feelings that my siblings had.

Before I talk about the fun times that my family had with Fairy Tail, here is a synopsis of the show for those who are new to this franchise:

Fairy Tail revolves around Natsu Dragneel, Happy, and Lucy Heartphilia who are members of a guild called Fairy Tail. The three go on missions seeking adventure and end up making a big mess of things. Fairy Tail is known for causing lots of havoc and getting into fights with those who seek to hurt their guild members.

Family Time!

*Don't worry, I didn't put any spoilers.

It started with the manga
It started with the manga

I got started on Fairy Tail when my little sister came home from the public library and checked out first volume. She mentioned that she picked it out because the cover reminded her of One Piece due to the drawings. I was surprised that the man who did Rave Master was behind Fairy Tail. After reading the first volume together, we were hooked on Fairy Tail with its humorous shenanigans and its lovable characters. For my little brother, he loved Happy so much especially the parts where Happy teased Lucy. My sis loves Freed because of his cool ability with Runes. When we're done reading all the volumes that the public library had on the shelves, my sister found out that Fairy Tail had an anime. I had no expectations on the voices or music, so I was open to anything. When watching the first episode, I enjoyed the voices for Natsu, Lucy, and Happy along with everyone else. Also, the first opening theme song still remained in my head for these past years just like Bleach and Pokemon.

What Fairy Tail appealed to my little siblings and me was the comedic scenes and misadventures of Natsu's guild and the whole fighting for your Nakama themes. Back then, I didn't mind the shonen cliches of one fighting for loved ones. I find Natsu's speech when he fights tough opponents for the sake of his friends admirable. Makes his big fights all emotional. Erza and Gray had great chemistry in Natsu's group. These guys always gave some good laughs and fights. As the years gone by, Fairy Tail was starting to lose its appeal by the Edolas arc. My older brother didn't enjoy how Fairy Tail brings someone back without any real place for the character. It makes their back story meaningless. With the recent filler arc, it is hard to look forward to Fairy Tail. At that time, Sket Dance was the most popular thing in my household. Though, Fairy Tail outlasted Sket Dance when Sket Dance came to an early end in August 2012. The last arc, the tournament, for the anime kept us watching the anime. Some fights are awesome while the others are disappointing. The only one who enjoyed the Fairy Tail the most up to this day was my youngest brother.

Issues with Fairy Tail

Folks who read Fairy Tail hoped the anime has blood and lose some censorship. I didn't mind those changes neither did my siblings. Though at some point, scenes that has characters exhausted and coughing looks strange without blood. As for fan service, manga has a lot of it. Anime has them too but in small doses. Even though my youngest bro is 10 years old, I had no trouble with Fairy Tail. It's pretty tame; however, the OVAs are a different story.

In the end, Fairy Tail will still have a place with my family because we can't forget Natsu and his lovable gang who brought us some laughter and tears.

Hope you enjoy this blog! I hope it motivates you guys and gals to share about watching anime or reading manga with family and friends.

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Did a main line of about 24 episodes yesterday .Up to 74 now.The anime plays more like a soap opera than shonen.An thats ok.I think the cut back on fan service an blood was for international market .I would blame some snot nosed animal control freak named ash who has to cach them all.

This is another series that should have been a big hit here in the states with the right marketing.It has that Flintstones ability to talk to kids but whisper to the adults.This an Case Closed are probly two of the bigest fails of marketing for great shows in the states .

It has morels an yeah it really does have that One piece epic fairy tale vibe.The chibi parts tho like for No_name_here are a problem for entry level .But for this series it doesnt bother me as much.Hell it fits right in .

Requarding faimly i have really tired to get x wife to look at this for the grand kids.Shes averse to anime seems now.Shame to i know she would love this an cry at al the right parts.

Great blog post by the way.

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@Marshal Victory:

Oh thanks! I can't believe I stopped doing the family time blog. I must have been busy with wiki and school that I forgot. I'm going to revive it.

Fairy Tail, Sket Dance, and Case Closed would be great. For Case Closed, it suffers from the dub since Foxx told me it butcher and Americanized the names. For Sket Dance, it's like Gintama. The cultural jokes are hard to translate. Plus, there's a bit of fan service, Gainax Bounce. I still believe Sket Dance should not resort to fan service to boost its ratings.

I remember and wished that Tiger and Bunny would air in the states when I interviewed them about their experiences in their home countries.

See Holland Experiences.

Possible Topics

  • Case Closed - I actually watch this series on the antennae box or the rabbit ears. They never did go above episode 100 or so because they never introduced Ai Haibara or her sister's story.
  • Sket Dance - My family loves this show.
  • Gintama - I'm not sure. Little sis hates Gintama while my lil bro doesn't get the jokes (mostly cultural), but he does laugh at the crude jokes.
  • Beelzebub
  • One Piece - Got started this year
  • Samurai Seven - The weird thing is that I accidentally recorded this. My little bro, sis, and I tried it out. The first episode was boring, but the 2nd episode got us.
  • Oreimo - Only my little sister and I watched it. It was such an odd experience.
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Think you should do someting with Gatchaman Crowds it speeks alot to modern social media an its power an dangers.Dont think concepts to high for younger family either.

Case Closed eh to watch it an have some fun you have to skip the intro. or else the whole show is spoiled.Id rather watch it than some oldr detective shows for sure because of its charm .But they do fish with red hering alot long story arch wise.Its surprising how tight its over archign story stays .Im up to 458 an its got alot of memorable moments.

An actualy it has its own creepy to it like Dog & Scissors does .. well almost. well least reverse as the transformed one is put in situations over his apearance age.But its way more sweeter about it.An it suffers Bleach level filler episodes. Tho they do tie them in at some point whcih is nice.

Gosick would be good tho subtitles only.

One Piece i loved up till they hit the sky sea an it got beyond me.will have to go back at some point but i think fairy tail fils the gap atm for me till new season.

Zettai Karen Children i would recomend as well. its got that flintstone thing going jokes for the kids an winks at the adults.Plus its practicaly a love letter to the xmen .Some chibi an great animation .its sillyer than the sequal Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited

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@Marshal Victory:

My little sister loves Gatchaman Crowds while both my little sis and bro like Dog & Scissors and Binbougami Ga for some odd reason. I forgot to mention that. You know what I left a lot of stuff since I do watch anime with my family frequently ever since I got the PS3. We just watch it on the TV while I work on the wiki pages on the laptop.

No one loves Gosick except me. I haven't tried Zettai Karen Children. If it's like Flintstones/Fairy Tail, then okay I'll try it.

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@takashichea: Just to be clear it has that multi level aproce . stuff for kids . stuff for adults the kids wil miss. Gosick might not be for them given what you say they enjoy its really aimed at a older audiance i think.. maybe .Tho it suffers what many cute anime do as who was this aimed at?

But given what you say they have liked Zettai Karen Children could go 70/30 they like it.its silly an dark at times like Fairy Tail. I use the Flintstones as a referance because its one of the early animations that did have multi layered aproce to the joke for various mental ages.

Was beging to wonder if i was the only one on site who enjoyed Gosick as well. also as a cross thread reply DUSK MAIDEN OF AMNESIA might be a good one to it starts off silly an gets darker an darker .Great animation an color use .But depending on age may not be aproriate for kids.Ghost she do like to get naked an all.Tho they never sow any thing .An in a round about way it reminded me of Gosick at times.

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Finaly caught up to the curent show 176 i belive. Um i can see why some sites list it as ecchi tho its really not.They do some head nods to fan service tho it feels more parody than the wham bam thank you mam of normal fan service.

Its a show that seems not to make up its mind on who its for .Thats fine over all.Tho they do tear jerk a bit to much.But its a genuine show very much sutiable for most families.

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