Fairy Tail's Tenrou Island Adventures: Ep. 111 & 112

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Welcome to the 7th weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, and I'm here to discuss Fairy Tail episode 111 and 112 with you guys and my team. Juvia and Meldy's battle is going end with unexpected yet fantastic way. After that, we get another origin story about Cana. It's going to be interesting to see who is Cana after.

Check out the image galleries for 111 and 112. Feel free to add some images. I'll add some more to it as soon as my partner gives me the green light.


Ep. 111: Tears of Love and Vigor - "Ai to Katsuryoku no Namida" (愛と活力の涙)

Meldy hugs Ultear
Meldy hugs Ultear

Juvia and Meldy fight with their lives and Gray's on the line. Juvia ends the battle in the only way that Juvia knows, love. After that battle, Fairy Tail gets three more battles: RustyRose finds the camp where the injured Fairy Tail members are, Azuma finds Erza, and Bluenote encounters Natsu's group. Will things go well for Fairy Tail?

Ep. 112: The Words I Couldn't Say - Ienakatta Hitokoto" (言えなかった一言)

Lil' Cana and her tarot cards
Lil' Cana and her tarot cards

Cana is at Mavis's grave where she remembers her story about twelve years ago, the first time she encounters Fairy Tail and her father. However, her father did not recognize as her daughter. Due to her father's frequent missions, Cana find herself unable to confess the truth to him. After the flashback, Cana gains the resolve to realize what is most important to her, her guild. Before she leaves, she is blessed by Mavis's sacred spells, Fairy Glitter. Will Cana be able to protect Lucy and her group from Bluenote?


Beware of Spoilers!


Ep. 111

Natsu's team
Natsu's team
  • Juvia and Meldy's battle is truly emotional. Viewers learn how deep Meldy's love for Ultear is.
  • Even though Erza and Azuma's battle has not yet begun, it's going to be an awesome battle to wait for.
  • Gray and Ultear's talk got dramatic. Who knows if Ultear is saying the truth about Gray's master, Ur?

Ep. 112

Cheer up, Cana!
Cheer up, Cana!
  • Cana's origin story is just fantastic. It's not the same as Laxus's problem with the daddy issues which is good. You'll see why Cana became a tarot card user and why she became an alcoholic. Alcohol is just another way to bury your misery.
  • New Theme songs! I loved the ending. It's a nice change from the usual character based and calendar wheel themes. It's all about their adventures.
  • Gildartz is Cana's father for some, it would be unexpected surprise or not. For me, it surprise me because Cana and Gildartz do not have much similarities. Then, I wonder why Cana did not attack Gildartz with the other kids. She isn't comfortable enough, I think.


I don't have bad stuff to report.


  • Ep. 111: You have to wonder how Ultear feels about Meldy. Ultear didn't notice that Meldy is defeated.
  • Ep. 112: Looking at young Cana and Macao, I look at their relationship and wonder what's the age gap between two. I do believe love should have no limits, but if the age gap is too big, it's going to be awkward.

This video is the ending of Fairy Tail. However, it's mirrored. I will find another one. Sorry about that.

Overall, these episodes were great because Meldy and Cana's back stories are reveal, and the action is just getting started.


Newten's Stitched Cap Gallery

Newten was working on the bikini page. He is the bikini otaku for anime. Check out his page. He has some nice stitched caps for Fairy Tail. This one is from episode 111.

Taka's GIF of the Week

Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet

When I saw this scene, I was like I'm going to make a GIF for this. I call it, Lucy Distress Card.

Click on it to see animated! I made it at Ninja GIF.


I thank you guys for reading my team's report. You guys are awesome. I thank my team for being there to support the community with their contributions. For wiki work, I was too busy working on Guilty Crown episodes and the Wiki Editor Archive blog. Not much Fairy Tail wiki work updates is present for last week. I finished Fairy Tail's ep. 112's wiki page.

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