Fairy Tail's Tenrou Island Adventures: Ep. 107 and 108

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Welcome to Fairy Tail's 5th report! I'm Taka, and my teammates are Anna and Newten. I apologize for the late report for Fairy Tail which is the same boat with Beelzebub. I still love Fairy Tail and working on it with my team. This time, we going to a major catch up on these two episodes: 107 (Arc of Embodiment) and 108 (Human Gate), and episodes 109 and 110 will be a combined report that will come in three days.

Feel free to browse through the image gallery for 107 ( HERE) and 108 ( HERE).


107: Arc of Embodiment - "Gugen no Āku" (具現のアーク)

Elfman and Evergreen continue their fight against Rustyrose whose powers are proven to be more formidable than expected while Loke takes on Caprico in a one-on-one battle to protect Lucy. In the meantime, Natsu gets wind of and runs towards Ultear's scent that he believes is Zalty's as Ultear holds Zeref close to her. Will the members of Fairy Tail be victorious, or will they succumb to the overwhelming power of the Seven Kin?

By Annabanana

108: Human Gate - "Ningen no Tobira" (人間の扉)

Loke and Caprico's battle heats up with startling secrets about Layla's past revealed. At the same time, Natsu finds Ultear and fights her while Cana makes the decision that splits their group. Will Loke and Natsu be victorious in their fights and what drives Cana to split the group?

By Taka

Check out this episode to find out!

*Ep. 107 has a bigger image gallery, but I only uploaded a couple of images for 108. Sorry about that.


Beware of spoilers!


Gray, I share your wish to be in Cana's place
Gray, I share your wish to be in Cana's place
  • These two episodes have some awesome battles. Elfman and Evergreen put up the best fight against Rustyrose and ends with a bang. For Loke fans, you'll see him in his golden glory as he outwits his opponent.
  • Despite the action, Fairy Tail gets some soap opera drama starring Levy and Elfman.
  • Funny moments: Natsu's sick motion scenes are slick and Cana shows a bit of her naughty side.


Awkward Animation
Awkward Animation
  • I find it strange that some of the animation scenes such as Meldy's rain of swords are darker.
  • Zoldeo's story and Layla's story did not get enough spotlight. I felt it was a bit rushed.
  • Ultear and Natsu's battle is not so stellar as these two main battles. It just interrupts the flow of the episodes.


Implied Rape, perhaps?
Implied Rape, perhaps?
  • Juvia's daydream of Gray is a bit long which I find it weird that Meldy and Erza were waiting for her.
  • Elfman got a poetic side to him as he fights Rustyrose and show what his guild is all about.
  • I don't know if everyone is thinking of this moment where Lucy lays helplessly before Kain is liked an implied rape scene. I guess I have a gutter mind.

Overall, these episodes are action packed with multiple battles which could be a disappointment to those who preferred one battle per episode. Expect some comedic and drama moments because Fairy Tail is like a soap opera, shonen show.

Annabanana's Stitched Cap Gallery

Anna did the wiki work for episode 107 while I worked on episode 108. She uploaded these lovely images for 107.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly report. I thank my team, @AnnaBanana @Newten , for their supports. Merry Christmas, everyone! For wiki work, Anna did a great job on episode 107 while I did ep. 108's page.

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GIFS from Fairy Tail WIKIA

I know that I haven't been making GIFs for Fairy Tail but more for Sket Dance. I found some of GIFs for Caprico on Fairy Tail Wikia. They're a bit small.

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