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For the past two or so years, fans of the manga series Fairy Tail have been able to enjoy their favorite characters in fully animated glory. Unless of course you're a fan of Gazille, Jubia (Lluvia?) or Gerard, they haven't shown up yet. (Okay, so maybe Gerard has...sort of...in a roundabout way). Being a highly anticipated series, how has Fairy Tail the anime stood up to its manga predecessor? Well, if the word Review in the title of this blog post didn't tip you off, that's exactly what we're going to do now.

When I first saw the Fairy Tail manga in Barnes and Noble, I was initially turned off by the strong resemblance it bore to One Piece. Anything that imitates a great manga like that can't be good on its own. Now I can't remember when I first started reading it, but I was hooked right from the first chapter. At that point the resemblance to One Piece was one of its endearing factors, especially after I realized that it wasn't copying or trying to rip off One Piece at all, but was in fact it's own thing.

For the record, Hiro Mashima apparently doesn't like his series being compared to One Piece. I can't imagine why, after all, it attracts several of its readers that way.

So, you can imagine that I was hyped when I finally read online that there was going to be a Fairy Tail anime. I couldn't wait for that first episode to air. And was I disappointed by it?

Not at all. In fact, besides their use of CGI for the magic effects, instead of hand drawing them, I couldn't find anything wrong with the animation, or the way they were portraying the characters. The voices were great, especially Happy's, who I quickly realized was being voiced by the same Seiyu as Toni Toni Chopper from One Piece. Yeah...this series absolutely has nothing to do with One Piece at all. It's not like any of the other voice actors ever worked in One Piece... Hey, wait a minute! The Seiyu for Loki voiced Young Iceberg in the Water Seven Arc of One Piece!!!

Okay...so it's a loose connection. (Also, I would like to point out, that after doing actual research, turns out that Happy is in fact being voiced by Rie Kugimiya, while Chopper is being voice by Ikue Otani. My bad, a clear case of didn't do the research. In my defense both sound incredibly similar. At least in the first episode. But I guess it wouldn't make sense for Ikue-san to be taking an extra role when she's involved in such a major production as One Piece. But they're both women!!!)

Anyway, that embarrassing incident aside. The voice acting was great, and the music was incredible, especially the battle music that sounded like it was under heavy Celtic influence. A very appropriate choice for the series.

Now, if only the series featured more original music. In the past ten episodes I have heard more familiar music than in any other show. That had much to do with the fact that a lot of the sound track was just a remix of classic music, like the Infernal Galop from Act II, Scene 2 of Orpheus in the Underworld, usually associated with the Can-Can, or a cross-dressing pirate (and seeing how this is anime, I don't think we'll have to wait long for that one. What? It isn't in the manga? Fool! That's what filler is for!). There were a few others, but I'm too lazy to wiki them.

The animation, while not too bad, suffers a bit at times it seems. It's good, but feels like it could be better. Then again, it's a weekly series, and we can be a little forgiving. The backgrounds also seem to suffer at times, which can be quite distracting at times. I'm not a huge fan of the magic circle effect that happens every time that someone uses magic. Not to mention the magic girl transformation sequence Lucy seems to go through every time she summons a Stellar Spirit. Personally I think we could do without it. Erza's more appropriate magic girl transformation sequence on the other hand can stay right where it is.

So, love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Personally I like it. Already we've had a filler episode with episode 9, which while mindless padding, was humorous enough, and shows that the production team is smart enough to not fall into the trap Bleach is in, interrupting entire arcs with filler. Repeatedly! Then again, the Bleach storyline isn't the friendliest for anime adaptation.

So, if you like Fairy Tail, the anime is well worth it. If you're not a Fairy Tail fan, the anime just might be a good way for you to get into a great series.

Check out my blog for more reviews. Burning Lizard Studios

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Welcome to Anime Vice! Glad to see another Fairy Tail fan. Newten, my team, and I are wiki editors for Fairy Tail and various anime/manga projects. Newten did weekly reports for Fairy Tail ep. 88 and 89 while I took the episodes after that point. I see that you have been blogging about Fairy Tail and other anime in your blog site.

Fairy Tail is an awesome anime. I didn't mind the animation, and I really love the characters. I got into Fairy Tail anime first then manga.

By the way, your blog is in the Beelzebub forum.

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Yeah, I accidentally put a Beelzebub tag on this one at first. I've pretty much been blogging consistently...ish about Fairy Tail since episode thirty. I'm planning on posting all my reviews here eventually, hope nobody minds me posting my old stuff here over the next few weeks.

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Feel free to post your reviews. It will get Fairy Tail some more attention.

Where did you hear this from?

For the record, Hiro Mashima apparently doesn't like his series being compared to One Piece.

I did a blog about Hiro Mashima's interview at the New York Comic Con. I had a question about that subject.

One favor: May I ask you to spotlight the best wiki page (at least one) for your reviews? Like during the Tower of Heaven Arc, you pick the wiki page that relates to it and it's showcase the best stuff of that arc.

Good luck! Don't be feel discouraged because this community does get slow and "shy." For me, I just keep writing about the anime shows for my team's wiki pages despite the low activity in this community.

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Sweet article! and welcome to the Vice! :)

I haven't read the Fairy Tail manga, but I have watched the first 10 episodes 2 years ago I believe.... (man...now that I think about it, it was a while back!)

I was initially turned off by the strong resemblance it bore to One Piece

I noticed the resemblance as well, and at first I thought it was by the same mangaka, but a friend of mine corrected me.

What I really liked about the anime were how the magic circles and techniques were animated, that really hooked me to the anime at the time. The Seiyuus as well were very good! I liked how they portrayed the characters.

After reading this, I think I should start watching the anime again and catch up.

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Jesus guys! Why are we so duped by One Piece?

You remind me of that blog: Fairy Tail Cliches. I was duped, too. I remember Elie looks like Nami, and Natsu and Luffy, they don't look alike.

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This has been moved to the Fairy Tail forum, since it is about FT and not related to Beelzebub.

(PS: Welcome to the site, BurningLizard)

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I can't even remember where I read that he doesn't like his series being compared to One Piece. I wrote this so long ago that I don't remember.

Also, looking at the art early on I can sort of see a resemblance, but I've been reading both series for so long, and with Mashima's art change, there is no way I can even consider seeing a connection between the two anymore.

And thanks for moving this to the proper forum. :)

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