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Okay, so i enjoyed this chapter, immensely, though i do not know if its because i was particularly bored by the last chapter or things are simply picking up. Or maybe i do not have the patience for set up chapters. Either way i am finally excited about reading fairy tail, not only this week but next week, unless Hiro manages to mess things up again. For a fairy tail fan, i am way to pessimistic with regards to the future of the story. It is up to Hiro to surprise me.


Atlas flame and mother glare are going at it with no particular gaining of ground on either side. Atlas flame unleashes his hell flames upon the dragon, only to realize that its scales are made of something it calls adamant and are as a result immune to the powerful flames. Rogue then quickly orders mother glare to incinerate atlas flame, which she then attempts to do with a powerful roar, which initially seems to tear atlas’ body apart, only for him to return to original form. With a body made of fire, atlas flame cannot be harmed. With the stalemate reached, Natsu jumps into action; having fed on atlas’ hell flames, his attack is more than capable of bringing rogue a few inches closer to the ground. There battle is about to begin.

Meanwhile present rogue is losing to his dragon, which reveals that it was ordered not to kill him by future rogue according to whom, present rogue will be the only survivor of the battle. Rogue is shocked to learnt the truth, that he is responsible for the chaos. He tries to deny the fact that he could cause such destruction, only for the same shadow that gave him his power during the tournament to reappear and confirm the darkness within him and that it was a part of him. AS he denies this accusation, he isn’t aware of Ultear, watching him from a higher point. Following a conversation she had with Natsu moments after saving him from rogue’s shadows underground, she has resolved to kill present rogue which, she surmises, will eliminate future rogue as well and end all the chaos.

For the sake of humanity, she claims that she must go against Natsu’s wishes and end rogue’ life.


The first page of the manga sets some things straight that i thought i knew about the time line but didn’t. So we knew that Lucy travelled back four days from the future during which ten thousand dragons had taken over the world. Rogue on the other had come from seven years in the future, in a time where Achnologia rules the world. More importantly, in rogue’s time line, Lucy closes the door, dooming all of humanity.

Now i thought i understood things, that Lucy got it wrong and it was achnologia not ten thousand dragons that ended up taking over the world. But based on the diagram in the beginning, both events happened, but in different timelines. I was looking at the whole picture as one single timeline, but it looks like Hiro has decided to complicate things a bit further, which means that current events are happening in a third timeline.

We know that in Lucy’s timeline, ten thousand dragons attack and everyone dies. Achnologia plays no part. However in Rogue’s timeline, Lucy closes the gate, sealing the ten thousand dragons away, and then Achnologia attacks, killing everyone. So it makes some sense now, why he had sought to kill Lucy to prevent her from closing the gate; no dragons equals to achnologia. This changes everything that is occurring in this third timeline.

For one thing, we know that the presence of future rogue is what caused Lucy to close the gates, probably because she was curious as to why her future self would do such a thing, which she didn’t. So in each of the two timelines, we had either the dragons or achnologia. But because of future rogue’s interference, we will see both futures collide in this timeline, which will only improve this storyline.

More importantly, Ultear clearly isn’t thinking straight. Sure it was cool that she decided to take rogue out, mainly because it gives me something to look forward to with regards to whether or not her actions spur Rogue towards his evil persona; plus fairy tail seems to be taking a darker turn and involving other non dragon slayer characters in the problem solving, rather than having them simply sitting back and watching the fights. But really, she was down there with Natsu; she saw future Lucy’s dead body, and if future Lucy died but present Lucy didn’t disappear, what makes her think that killing present Rogue will kill future rogue?

Clearly we are dealing with different timelines and as someone whose magic involves manipulating time, i would have expected her to think about that. But if she does decide to kill him, he doesn’t stand a chance, unless the dragon intervenes, which should make things interesting.

Rogue is clearly tied to future events; and we know now that future rogue didn’t send that shadow to mess with present rogue during his fight with Gajeel. I hardly doubt that future rogue has the time to send shadows out to mess with rogue while trying to focus on conducting a seven dragon raid. Clearly there is more to the shadow than meets the eye. Chances are this will all tie into the zeref storyline. I have heard the theory that rogue might be past Zeref, considering the things he said to natsu about knowing him and how only he could save him. It is a crazy theory but a cool one.

RATING:>2.5/5 – this was a pretty decent chapter; things are picking up and i cannot wait to see what happens next. If Hiro can simply make some tough decisions and take fairy tail down a new and unexpected path, instead of following basic shonen type rules that he keeps following, this might grow to become an epic arc.

Highlight: Natsu’s awesome attack against mother glare, mother glare’s monster dragon roar.

On a side note, i have come across quite a lot of comments regarding how fairy tail has become ‘utter crap’ as they say. I do not know why these people say such things, because i for one do not see how fairy tail has changed from how it has always been. And if someone somehow managed to keep up with fairy tail to the present, i do not know how they can all of a sudden say that it is crap. I mean, sure there have been a few mishaps, a couple of chapters that just haven’t been quite right, but five or ten bad chapters do not make the entire arc of seventy or more chapters crap. Maybe it is a matter of over exaggeration or an over reaction, but nothing can go from okay to utter crap over night.

A manga would have to consistently release ‘crap’ material over a period of time, maybe 20 or 30 chapters before it can be said to have gone to the dogs. Many of these comments never qualify the message they portray, merely saying that they do not like what they are reading. Saying that fairy tail has become crap because of one or two irritating events or elements makes absolutely no sense to me.

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Timeline was useful. Most shonen battle manga have a hard time keeping its audience. It's natural. You're doing a good job of promoting the Fairy Tail manga.

Just to clear things up. Past affects the future. Future Rogue wants Natsu's timeline to head to his future where he is king. Future Lucy's death has no effect on present Lucy. If Ultear kills present Rogue, it will definitely affect future Rogue. Remember Dragon Ball Z where Future Trunk saves his younger self, baby Trunks, from falling.

Never heard about the Zeref theory. I pictured Zeref more as a tragic villain in the future because he knows Natsu, but Natsu doesn't know him. It's a bit suspicious.

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