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An anime adaptation of Hiro Mashima's popular shounen manga.


See also: Fairy Tail (franchise) for more licensing details.

Fairy Tail is an anime adaptation of the Fairy Tail manga series written by Hiro Mashima. The anime is produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight and directed by Shinji Ishihira. The series first premiered on TV Tokyo in October 12, 2009 and is still running. Animax Asia licensed the series and dubbed it into English for Hong Kong in September 20, 2010, but the series was canceled after its 48th episode. The series won Animax Asia's Anime of The Year Award. At the 2011 Sakura-Con, FUNimation Entertainment of North America announced it's own dub and distribution to American audiences. The first DVD/Blu-Ray box set was released on Novermber 22, 2011.


Main Article: Fairy Tail (manga)

Fairy Tail follows the same plot as the manga series.


Main Article: Fairy Tail (manga)

Fairy Tail features the same major protagonists and antagonists as the manga series. Below are characters only seen in the anime.

Filler Antagonists

Daphne (ダフネ Dafune)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi
Primary Magic: Concealment Magic
Gender: Female
Daphne is a dark wizard who has been obsessed with dragons from very early on in her life. She spreads a rumor about a real dragon sighting in the hope of attracting Dragon Slayers to use their magic power for her own purposes.

Story Arcs

Main Article: Fairy Tail (manga)

Fairy Tail features the same story arcs as the manga series, apart from the filler arcs below.


Grand Magic Games Arc

Episodes: 152-203


Daphne Arc

Natsu and the gang follow a rumor about a dragon sighting to a hotel where they are trapped and Gray betrays the group.

Episodes: 69-75

Key of the Starry Sky Arc

A woman who claims to know Lucy from long ago appears at the Fairy Tail guild, carrying a memento for Lucy from her father.

Episodes: 125-150

Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

Episodes: 204-218

Theme Music

See also: Fairy Tail (franchise) for retail music releases.

Opening Themes

OP01"Snow Fairy"FUNKIST001-011
OP02"S.O.W. Sense of Wonder"Idoling! ! !012-024
OP04"R.P.G. ~Rockin' Playing Game"SuG036-048
OP05"Edao no Mahou"Magic Party049-060
OP07"Evidence"Daisy x Daisy073-085
OP08"The Rock City Boy"JAMIL086-098
OP09"Towa no Kizuna" (永久のキズナ)Daisy x Daisy099-111
OP10"I Wish"Milky Bunny112-124
OP11"The Starting Sky"+Plus125-137
OP12"Tenohira" (テノヒラ)HERO138-150
OP13"Break Through"Going Under Ground151-166
OP14"Fairy Tail ~Yakusoku no Hi~"Chihiro Yonekura167-175
OP15"Chasing a True Dream (MASAYUME CHASING)"BoA176-188



Ending Themes

ED01"Kanpeki gu~no ne"Watarirouka Hashiri Tai001-011
ED02"Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round"onelifecrew012-024
ED03"Gomen ne, Watashi."Shiho Nanba025-035
ED04"Kimi ga Iru Kara"Mikuni Shimokawa036-048
ED05"HOLY SHINE"Daisy x Daisy049-060
ED06"Be as One"w-inds061-072
ED07"Lonely Person"ShaNa073-085
ED08"Don't think. Feel !!!"Idoling! ! !086-098
ED09"Kono Te Nobashite" (この手を伸ばして; "Reach Out This Hand")Hi-Fi Camp099-111
ED10"Boys be Ambitious!!" (ボーイズ・ビー・アンビシャス)Hi-Fi Camp112-124
ED11"Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix)"Another Infinity ft. Mayumi Morinaga125-137
ED12"Yell ~Kagayaku Tame no Mono~"Sata Andagi138-???
ED13"Kimi ga Kureta Mono"Shizuka Kudo151-166
ED14"We're The Stars"Aimi167-175
ED15"You, He, Me, and She" (君と彼と僕と彼女と)BREATHE176-188
ED16"Key to the Heart (Kokoro no Kagi)"May J.189-
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General Information Edit
Name Fairy Tail
Name: フェアリーテイル
Romaji: Fearī Teiru
Publisher A-1 Pictures
Start Year 2009
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