Weekly Fairy Tail Manga: Ch. 331 and 332

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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail manga! I'm promoting the Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga) as well. All comments are welcome here or over at the discussion threads that Daniel and I create.

With the weekly reports I've done in the past, I always promote Anime Vice and its wiki pages, my teammates, and other projects.

Note: I might butcher the new characters' names such as Zirconis and the other dragons due to the fans' translations.


Ch. 331

As Wendy and Mirajane take on Zirconis, naked Lucy gets some "alone time" with Natsu. After Lucy and Natsu's comedic moment, Natsu gets an idea while Lucy finds a journal left by her future counterpart. Meanwhile, Jellal steps in to protect Erza Scarlet. Then, Millianna arrives. Knowing Millianna, there is going to be some family reunion going on next time.

Ch. 332

Natsu takes on the Atlas Flame Dragon, and he urges Laxus and his Raijinshuu to help out Wendy. While the bad Rogue marvels over the destruction, Natsu and his new buddy, Atlas Flame, take on Rogue.



Natsu and Lucy's Funny Moment
Natsu and Lucy's Funny Moment
  • Looking forward to Wendy and Mirajane's tag team battle with Zirconis. It's awesome to see how Wendy has grown up since her debut in the NIrvana arc.
  • For Natsu X Lucy fans, you'll love chapter 331. Lots of fan service - Happy and Virgo are always teasing the two. It's a loveable scene.
  • Will we get closure on Jellal, Erza, and Millianna? Soon, Fairy Tail has magical way of fixing things. Kagura and Erza made up to a certain extent.
  • Don't estimate the power of Nakama: It is amusing to see Natsu befriend an enemy dragon after the two share how they knew Igneel.


  • Not much happened. Fairy Tail is a manga, and its story is wacky. You can't take it seriously. For fans who want some action, these two chapters are not for you.

Overall, these past two chapters are zany and fun to read. Don't expect any serious movement in the plot. It's Hiro Mashima's way of entertaining the fans.

Please check out the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads for more discussion threads and check out the Community Spotlight. Fairy Tail wiki editing is a bit slow since I'm working on the new spring 2013 shows and its wiki projects with my teammates.

Thank you for reading!

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Oh you silly, you forgot this image! I know you ship these two.

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I should have included that!

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I really enjoyed chapter 332. I like the looked on Laxus' face when Natsu said he was gonna eat Atlas lol.

I really like how Natsu befriend Atlas and how loyal Atlas is to Igneel by accepting Natsu and now I am looking forward of the two having an excellent team work and both becoming lightning fire dragons.

I also think that they will befriend Zirconis since the guy is very humorous and will see that Humans are no joke after all.

I really want to see more about this new character and what is his relation to Natsu.

I wonder what will happen with Millianna and Jellal here. Will she attack Jellal? Even tho she is a joke to Jellal, she will try everything to hurt him. I think Kagura is gonna show up.

I also wonder... why doesn't Makarov or Laxus just use Fairy Law and end it? Then again that would be boring so no.

what if in a few chapters when everyone is tired Acnologia shows up and when hope is all lost Gildarts shows up and saves the day! That would really be an intense plot twist in my opinion...

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That part was hilarious. I bet Millianna would fight first then talk later with Jellal. Then, Erza would step in and take the blow. Yeah...

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No wait, I bet Zirconis will be their teammates because he likes lolis like Wendy!

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@takashichea: I think she will not attack since she knows that the is not the best time to deal with her personal business.

I do think Zirconis will also befriend them. I really like that Dragon.

I can actually picture in the anime Zirconis throwing Lucy! That would be funny as how it was in the manga.

I also wanna see steroids Laxus lol.

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