Team Fairy Tail Update: Edolas Arc Ends and S Class Arc Explodes

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Yes, this update is a bit a late, but I will talk about the anime's status and wiki work that my team is doing. I will ask the community how they felt about the Edolas arc and new arc, S Class Arc. We had the 100th Fairy Tail episode last week. We will have something special to commemorate it and the team of wiki editors who worked hard on Fairy Tail.

It's the 100th episode already?
It's the 100th episode already?

My teammates: Annabanana, Newten, Obscurefan, Obsidian609, and Wales.

Beware of spoilers!

Newten's Weekly Articles

Edolas Arc

The arc has ended, and everyone gain closure.

  • Happy and Charle find out about their origin
  • Mystogan solves his kingdom's problems
  • Lisanna came home

Major Battles:

Natsu vs Hughes, Lucy vs Byro, Gray vs Sugarboy, Erza Scarlet vs Erza Knightwalker, Gajeel vs Pantherlily, Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy vs Faust's Droma Anim, and Mystogan vs Natsu.

How was that arc? Who's glad that arc was done?

Testimonies from the Team

Taka: I was excited to see everyone's counterparts, but as the arc goes along, they did not get much spotlight. I was so excited to see Natsu's counterpart only find out he's weak outside of the car. The only counterparts that made me happy are Lucy and Erza's. I love the Lisanna flashbacks and the battles between Gajeel and Pantherlily and Erza and her counterpart. These images are also on another thread that I had crazy thoughts about Natsu's relationships with Mrs. So and So.






Special Characters that have ties to Edolas

Lisa nna

Anna and I did a good job on formatting Lisanna's page after the old team work on her page. As for Happy and Charle, we got the origin, creation, and powers. We need the story arcs for those little kitties.

Edolas Characters

I think Anna and my team completed most of their character pages. Gray Surge is the one I need to work while Edolas Erza and Lucy need their story arcs.

Lucy Ashuray
Erza KnightWalker

Gray Surge

Edolas Episodes' Plot Summaries

It was episode 77 to 95 (roughly). This was a long arc. How my team did the work: Anna and I took turns on the plot summary every week. We finished the arc when episode 95 aired. Last Friday night, Obsidian609 added the writer, character designer, and right director for every episode in Fairy Tail.

S Class Arc

It's that the time of the year where the chosen 8 Fairy Tail members fight each other for the S Class rank. It's like battle of Fairy Tail round two. The arc has started on episode 96.

Hope you guys look forward to battles, drama, and plot twists for Fairy Tail!

Grimoire Heart Characters

We got some new bad guys in this arc. This information from episode 101. These are my first impressions since we don't have much information from the anime's current episode. Don't take them seriously.


First Impressions: Guild Master of Grimoire Hearts who has big plans to use Zeref.


First Impressions: A translator who dresses up like a valkyrie.


First Impressions: He loves to talk pretty. His personality is similar to Julius of Rave Master.


First Impressions: He looks like a battle craze, maniacial, super saiyanish type of Natsu who has black flames instead of red flames.


First Impressions: A ram humanoid with cool sunglasses and calm personality

Kain Hikaru

First Impressions: A nice guy who mutters and talks too fast that no one understands him.


First Impressions: A goat? and a samurai who attacks Gajeel and Levy with Kawazu.


First Impressions: A giant chicken who fights with Kawazu.


I thank my team for sticking with me every week to work on Fairy Tail despite our busy schedule and other wiki projects.

Hope you guys look forward to some new Fairy Tail! Thanks for reading.

I'm sorry for the late updates. I was busy with other wiki projects, so I will give some updates every month.


Besides wiki editing, we hope to trim down on excess images and organize them better with captions. Plus, we need to stay connected with the community because the Sket Dance, Beelzebub, and other projects are gaining too much attention.


All these things are documented by a hardcore historian wiki editor.

  1. Fairy Tail Recognition Blog
  2. Fairy Tail Theme Week: Fairy Hunter
  3. Team Fairy Tail Vitae List


Team W.I.K.I Nation, Team Beelzebub, and Team Fairy Tail

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Wow, Fairly Tail has reached it's 100th episode? I'm way behind.

Nice update Takashichea! And good job Team Fairly Tail! Keep up the good work!

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It took 2 hours to fix up this blog. The computer wasn't cooperating when I added stack images to the table.



Thanks! Don't worry, you'll catch up. I'll do a Sket Dance recognition blog and an update like on Sket Dance 50th episode.

For Fairy Tail, maybe a monthly update is bad. I think I need to do it after the Tenrou arc ends which may take more than two months. I debating because I don't have to talk about besides wiki editing.

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Great work on the recent Fairy Tail Wiki submissions, everyone!

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It is a good update.I was just missing some Fairy Tail news now a days.

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@ShadowKnight508: @Sreenivas:

Hopefully, Newten will come back. If he asks me to do the weekly articles on Fairy Tail, I'll be glad to work on them.

I have some strange idea. I will do character highlight blogs in the meantime.


  • WTF Character: Alaindelon - We will explore why he likes Furuichi, why he acts so strange, and if Angelica is his daughter. (Where is his wife?)
  • Teenage Daddies: Oga Tatsumi - We explore what makes Oga a good daddy and a bad daddy.

Fairy Tail

  • Fairy Tail's Playgirl: Gray Fullbuster - We will explore why Gray strips (have to dig deep since you guys know why), what girls are after Gray and vice versa, and all that stuff.
  • What makes a man, Elfman! - We talk about GAR, what makes Elfman funny, and stuff relating to Elfman

Got the inspiration from FoxxFireArt's blog about Boa Hancock and Wonderwoman and some of Superevil225's blog titles.

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