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Hello everyone, I'm Taka, a wiki editor who is a big Fairy Tail fan. I would do this in the Fairy Tail Discussion (Anime) threads, but I didn't want to bore folks with the wiki. Plus, this is something I need to address. While I was approving wiki edits being a new mod, I seen folks asking me to change names of the characters such as Fairy Tail and Naruto. The mods told me that we use official translations from official manga publishing companies if possible. Not all manga series are licensed. And not all licensed manga series are available in other countries.

Sources for you to check

  • Official Manga Website or Publishing Companies (IE: Viz Media) - This is a viable option for those who don't have access to the hard copies.
  • Anime News Network - same as above
  • Public Library

I didn't put down Wikipedia because sometimes they use names spelled differently from the official publishers.

Yesterday, I took a trip to the public library, and I didn't know where to start. I just took the most recent volumes that were available. In the future, I just visit Barnes and Noble. Though, I won't be able to scan the manga pages. My camera cannot zoom in close to capture the text. Sometimes, the official websites have those solicits, short manga synopsis, that may have the names.

Name Changes


  • Tenrou Island is translated as Sirius Island. I was surprised since Crunchyroll used Tenrou Island.
  • Meldy was Meredy in Fairy Tail Wikia. When I check the hard copies, I see they changed to Merudy.
  • Ultear is Ultear Milkovich. I think we forgot to add her last name. I will do that since I'm now a mod.
  • Checked Zoldeo. It's Zoldio.


This is a shout out to active Fairy Tail editors in the community.


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This was a strange chapter specifically because of how it ended, and i am not referring to the foreboding of Tartarus but the fate of the giants. Because if you think about it this arc is pretty much over. Or at least it seems like its over. I actually doubt it but if it is this is probably one of the shortest arcs in fairy tail; but none the less great chapter.


Starting off where the last chapter left off, Atlas flame emerges from the the eternal flame, only he isn’t himself. Questions over his presence are raised, Atlas revealing that he is more memory than actually alive. Wendy mentions using her Milky way magic, hence making Atlas something akin to Zirconis.

The ice seems to have left the dragon’s mind jumbled because he can barely remember his own name. The few times he regains his sanity, he reveals the cause of the village’s fate, a man, a devil slayer of ice that, mistaking him for a demon and in an attempt to annihilate him, froze the entire village. Atlas uses his flames to purge the village of the ice, returning the giants to life, but extinguishing his existence in the process, but not before revealing the existence of E.N.D the strongest magic in the book of zeref that Igneel stopped 400 years ago.

Erza and Minerva are confronted by a giant.

We catch a glimpse of Tartarus’ ice devil slayer mage at the end of the chapter. He has been summoned to attend a meeting.


Devil Slayer? Really Hiro? Not that i have a problem with that particular revelation (it was actually pretty awesome), but a few hundred chapters later and we barely know what god slayer magic even is; clearly Hiro is in no hurry to elucidate on the intricacies of a magic that, despite its name, has clearly proven itself inferior to dragon slayer.

Wait, maybe that isn’t so true, after all Natsu was all but beaten by a black god slayer, and even Wendy lost to Chelia’s wind god slaying magic despite her upgrade. But i cannot forget that saber tooth lightening slayer’s pathetic one punch defeat. Anyway, i digress, my point is we barely know anything about god slayers and Hiro already feels the need to create more slayer type magic.

But like i said, this was one amazing revelation. It almost made sense why Gray, despite all this attacks, could not defeat Doriate without relying on the devil ice. But then again that is another battle that Hiro executed rather badly. After all devil slayer magic would be all the more impressive if we had seen Gray throw everything he had at Doriate and fail, kind of like how the mages threw everything they could at the dragons during the games and completely failed to make a difference.

But Gray was in his child like state, we didn’t see him really try to fight Doriate; wasted opportunity to really make a point about devil slayer magic’s power.

But i keep returning to the irritating bits about this chapter, of which there were quite few. This was an awesome chapter. I knew Hiro wouldn’t allows Atlas to reveal everything to us with regards to the dragons, but i was waiting for him to use some pretty lame excuse, like Atlas promising to tell them after they beat the devil slayer and dying before delivering the message.

I liked the plot regarding Atlas’ befuddled memory, allowing him to reveal only enough to entice us before giving his life to restore the village. Now i am doubly curious about what happened 400 yeas ago. Atlas said he founded the village, but how and why? And how did he reach that static flame state anyway?

The most exciting parts were the revelation regarding the E.N.D magic, Igneel’s fight to stop it 400 years ago and Minerva’s warning about how she would finish her fight with Erza on a grander stage, all foreboding some epic events that will overshadow most of the world. Clearly fairy tail has room to expand and develop the universe.

Predictions: I just had a thought. Obviously we knew that Zeref was around 400 years ago but i didn’t really think about it till now. Exactly what was he up to as the humans and dragons waged war against each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zeref was friends with Achnologia back when he was a human; actually it would make a lot of sense if Zeref was responsible for Achnologia’s transformation into a dragon, or maybe it was an experiment gone wrong; either way we know that these two know each other at the present so something must have happened between them centuries ago.

Fairy tail still has some juicy mysteries that it is yet to unwrap; let’s just hope Hiro knows where he is headed and he isn’t just making things up as he goes.

Zirconis called Achnologia the king of dragons. Atlas calls Igneel the dragon king. Clearly one of these two is confused. I figured that maybe Igneel was merely the king of fire dragons, but Altas would have called him the fire dragon king rather than just dragon king. Now i am triply intrigued about the history of the fairy tail universe.

Going by what we saw at the end, it doesn’t look like Tartarus is completely evil, after all as devil slayers they must clearly fight devils and demons, which means they will prove useful in the battle against Zeref and wherever Doriate came from. Which makes me wonder though, what kind of guild is succubus eye if they can house a real live demon?

The fact that the devil slayer, silver, could unleash ice magic that neither Natsu nor Gray could melt is fascinating, like a controlled iced shell.

RATING:> 4/5, great chapter, i hope Hiro elucidates on how Devil magic came about. We still do not even know that basic fact about god slayer magic and clearly Chelia didn’t receive training from a god.

The art in this chapter was superb, especially the shots of the unfrozen village. But seriously, this arc started with the fairy tail team receiving a mission to unfreeze the village of the sun. They just did that so this arc should be over.

HIGHLIGHTD: Learning about E.N.D and devil slayer magic.

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Another short fairy tail chapter.

Really, only three things happened:

---First we learnt that the eternal flame hadn’t disappeared but rather it had simply shrunk to a size so small that it might disappear. Natsu was needed to reignite it.

---Secondly Natsu continued his battle with the black bird, ending things on the alter of the eternal flame and using some powerful flame attacks to defeat the creature and ignite the flame.

---Thirdly, the flame grew to a healthy size and we realized that it was Atlas flame.


A lot of this chapter was irrelevant, though entertaining. The fight with Natsu took up most of the pages but it was actually worth the panels in showcasing some of Natsu’s new moves.

Atlas flame was the primary attraction here though, and i have to say that though i considered this particular option, it was none the less a surprise. Now i am curious as to how he ended up in his current state. This is Nastu’s chance to finally learn what happened to the dragons 14 years ago. I suspect that a lot of next week’s chapter will be dialogue, but that isn’t a bad thing, either that or we will finally get to Erza Vs. Minerva.

RATING:> 3/5, pretty entertaining chapter, though little story progression.

Highlight:> Strangely enough it was the fight with the bird that i most enjoyed.

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Okay Fairy tail is officially back in my good books; I have been on the fence for a few chapters, unsure as to whether or not i had any interest in where this was going. This chapter gave me some hope that we might be in for a really interesting ride. Not that the chapter was mind blowing or anything.

It's just that....i was entertained while reading it and it has been quite a while since 19 pages of a fairy tail chapter excited me.


Natsu meets up with Lucy, Wendy and Flare, and together they head to the eternal flame, which turns out to be the entire frozen mountain. Just then Gray, Charlie and Happy arrive on the scene, fleeing the giant bird that ate Doriate. Gray believes he can melt the ice now that he knows how to conduct it through his body.

While he accomplishes this mission, Natsu takes on the bird, engaging it in a short but intense fight that bring the bird to its knees.

Natsu then joins Gray as he attempts to the melt the ice.

He melts the ice indeed, but the flame within disappears the instant it is freed.


This chapter was more action than anything, with the only progression in the story occurring at the end. But i liked it. For one thing the art was better than what we saw last week. And the action sequences with the bird were actually well choreographed and interesting to read.

Like i said, the battle was short yet intense enough to illicit some excitement. We didn't get any shots of Erza but maybe that is good. Hopefully Hiro dedicates the next chapter to their fight.

Though now that i think about it, Natsu and company will most likely interfere. After all without the mountain to obscure the way, i wouldn't be surprised if Erza and Minerva were just a few hundred meters away.

That doesn't sound so bad actually, since i do not think we have seen Natsu Vs. Minerva yet.

The eternal flame is a mystery. I was surprised at how MASSIVE it was, and i have to wonder how the heat waves of a roaring mountain high flame didn't cook everything in the vicinity, the village included.

I have a feeling all that happened is that on melting the ice, the generated water simply quenched the flame.

It is possible, though it is a strange wonder that ice could freeze a flame in place. We now know that the voice Natsu heard was emanating from the flame. I still think this is related to Igneel. I cannot think of anyone fire related character that could be within or connected to the flame.

I am starting to enjoy the mystery shrouding this arc, so many questions yet unanswered while raising new

ones. Seeing Leon on the cover made me wonder how the hell he lost to Gray and Juvia in the tournament. After seven years of growth he should have been miles ahead of both of them.

RATING: 4/5, this was a decent chapter, with great fights and an intriguing mystery at the end.

Highlight: Finding out that the mountain was the flame.

Predictions: There is every chance that the reason the village was frozen was to protect the flame. Maybe it was already on the verge of disappearing for one reason or another and someone took steps to prevent that. I wouldn't be surprised that Gray unleashed a disaster when he melted the ice.

Ooh, atlas flame.

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I was seriously surprised by how much i enjoyed this chapter. Not that i was amazed, more like i had absolutely no interest in the chapter even as i was reading it, and hence found myself rather surprised at the fairly dynamic and unpredictable nature of the events that occurred.


Gray Vs. Doriate commences. Doriate puts Gray on the defensive with his powerful attacks. Before Gray can regain his footing and counter, Doriate unleashes his magic once more, retrogressing everyone on the battle field to their child like state, including, Erza and Minerva.

As a kid Gray's attacks have absolutely no effect on Doriate and it is only with the help of Charlie and Happy, both too young to fly more than a foot or two off the ground, that Gray manages to stay ahead of the demon.

Nearly going down after just one hit, Gray notes that while his Ice is unable to hurt him, earlier on Doriate was hurt upon crashing into the frozen bushes, causing Gray to conclude that Doriate is vulnerable to the ice freezing the village.

Initially stomped on how to make use of ice he is unable to melt, Gray figures out a way to channel its magic into one hand, through his body and out the other hand, putting Doriate down with one hit.

Defeated, Doriate speaks of as Gray having been the one that had opened the gates to hell.

Before he can elucidate further though, a massive black bird descends and eats him.


I wasn't too enthusiastic to read this fairy tail chapter. The first few pages did little to change that with what was pretty shady art-which continues through out the chapter by the way.

None the less i was pleasantly surprised by the Gray fight. Of course Gray spent most of it on the defensive, but i loved the organic flow of events, watching Gray face an opponent he couldn't beat, try his best and logically fail, but choosing to try a different approach each time. It feels like every time Natsu comes up against an opponent he cannot beat, he keeps doing the same thing no matter how ineffective it is or how much of a beating he takes until his attacks take affect, basically taking advantage of the opponent's fatigue, if you think about it.

That annoys me about a lot of shonen heroes. Gray was using his head in this chapter and that much impressed me. He knew when to flee when threatened and when to attack. There was a clear path followed from facing the obstacle, analyzing the situation, locating a weakness and making use of that weakness.

And i was especially happy that Gray didn't use a Nakama type ability to somehow overcome the limitations of his small body. There were no sudden and unexpected power ups or never before seen techniques that gray pulled out of his magic bag. This was plain old strategic thinking.

That ending made the chapter for me though. We can safely say that this underworld business is going to take a much darker tone than i anticipated. I actually figured that the term underworld was just metaphorical, but Doriate seemed to be quite serious when he spoke of the gates of hell.

This arc seems to be taking a turn for the better, and i am happy we are done with the chibi gimmick. Finally we can continue the true Erza Vs. Minerva battle.

Next week's chapter is called the eternal flame. It seems we are finally going to put an end to this one mystery about what exactly the eternal flame is.

I am far from excited about next week's chapter, but i will admit to being a bit intrigued. Clearly the ice is linked to the underworld somehow. Doriate assumed Gray was linked to the underworld because he could use ice magic.

My prediction is we are going to learn more about iced shell, the powerful suicide type ice technique Ur used to put Deliora down. Clearly the ice encompassing the village is similar to iced shell's form. Admittedly i am curious to learn where this arc is heading, especially since it looks like we might get another Gray centric storyline.

RATING:> 2/5, basically okay chapter, the art was horrible actually. I couldn't follow the Gray Doriate fight. I hope there is an improvement next week.

HIGHLIGHT: The appearance of the giant bird.

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Another fairly bland fairy tail chapter this week. True it is hard to really fault the chapter when you consider that Hiro only has 22 pages to tell his story each week. I probably wouldn’t enjoy it so much if it seemed like the manga was rushing ahead way too quickly, giving no time to the process of building a base for the upcoming story. None the less i wish Hiro would strive to make these chapters a little more interesting than they are.
This week we continued along the Gray, Doriate battle. Gray proved to be an irritating little punk by constantly tricking the demon using his meager ice magic. Eventually though he comes to realize how little of a effect his magic is having on the demon, beyond merely infuriating him.
Erza is at the mercy of Minerva. She givers Erza a chance to beg for her life. Erza makes a nakama power speech that infuriates Minerva who moves to strike her down. Suddenly Erza’s body returns to its normal age and she escapes Minerva’s blade.
The two prepare to face off, with Minerva admitting to herself to having figured out a counter for Erza’s Nakagami armor.
We see both Natsu and Gray return to their original bodies, with Gray surmising that Doroite’s anger has allowed his retrogression magic to seize operation. However Doroite seems to undergo a demonic change in front of Gray’s eyes, taking on what looks like a reddish color while growing in size and ferocious power.
Gray finds himself facing an opponent that looks like he just walked out of the book of Zeref.

Admittedly there were actually some good things in this chapter. I was surprised to enjoy the Gray Doroite battle; somewhat enjoy would be more accurate. It was fun to see Gray use his molding magic to trick and outwit rather than over power Doroite, especially the way he kept creating false floors. It seems like we will have a real battle on our hands next week, with Gray finally returned to full power and Doroite having achieved a new level of strength.
It seems like this is going to be a very Zeref centric chapter. We have been getting a lot of references to Hades and the underworld as of late. While i cannot admit that i actually enjoyed this chapter, i am intrigued by the forthcoming chapters, at least based on what has been inferred so far.
I highly doubt we will be seeing Zeref, but something tells me we are going to see something big and new occur somewhere along the progression of this arc.
I am ecstatic that the whole retrogression thing has ended. Finally we can get back to Erza Vs. Minerva part 2. I am pretty excited to see what Minerva has up her sleeve with regards to Erza’s Nakagami armor. Truth be told i am not even sure what the armor can do but i remember how powerful it was.
Now that i think about it this was more set up than anything. And while it failed to excite me, it certainly did a good job of getting me hyped for next week.
If Minerva had fallen for Erza’s friendship speech, i would have stopped reading the chapter right there and then. I am really really really hoping we do not get a Minerva flash back in this arc. I for one am not interested in figuring out why she is so evil. Some times i just want my villains to be plain old evil, with no hidden and tragic pasts that, once resolved, will see them change their ways.
Seriously, Minerva becoming a good guy ( as she almost did in this chapter, there was a slight hesitation on her face), i will lose a large portion of my faith in this manga.
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Today’s returning guest is our good friend Angel and on this episode we are going to have a casual observational discussion on the longest and oldest running anime trends in Japan

For some of you this may sound like an episode where we tread the same old waters and discuss the most obvious of franchises….however you may be surprised to find there are more than a few shows that have never even passed Japanese borders and are more of a domestic hit than a more aware international one.

So with the help of Wikipedia and some sorting arrangements we take a somewhat brief look at the following lists……..take a look yourself folks it’s actually somewhat Intriguing

*Apologies for shaky audio quality at various points btw, technical difficulties were rampant for some reason!*


LIST OF LONGEST RUNNING MANGA TITLES (We didn’t get around to this sadly)



Familiar Titles Discussed:-

Chi's Sweet Home, Sgt Frog, Crayon Shin-chan, Zatch Bell, Kirby: RBAY, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ranma ½, Fairy Tail, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Toriko, Case Closed - Detective Conan

Unfamiliar Titles Discussed - which are actually the longest trending Anime Series

1. Sazae-san - 6197+ Episodes

2. Nintama Rantarō (Ninja Boy Rantaro) 1773+ Episodes

3. Ojarumaru (Prince Mackaroo) 1388+ Episodes

4. Soreike! Anpanman 1170+ Episodes

5. Chibi Maruko-chan 918+ Episodes

Before we end the podcast we do actually touch on the fact that in the western world having cartoon series trend for a long amount of time / episodes is not the norm. It seems like a much more character / franchise reboot model depending on how ratings go for an active series. Low ratings = show cancellation which usually sprouts room for a new “similar” project or a re-imagined series which may be more successful ala switching Young Justice for Teen Titans Go! / Beware the Batman.


It’s actually funny a detailed talk on Pokemon isn’t here.....however we actually did have a discussion on that BEAST franchise…sadly it was before we started recording so we forgot to bring it up again but of course the details are....

Pokemon has been running for 17 straight seasons totalling in a whopping 800+ episodes excluding movies, side stories, OVA’s etc actually making it the third longest running anime TV series that runs for over 20 mins an episode….and I would not be surprised at all if this eventually becomes the longest running anime series of all time in future

But yeah sorry Pokemon we do clearly recognize your MEGA status….forgive us! :oP

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I do not understand why Hiro is choosing to approach this arc in a rather slow manner. As usual this chapter revolved around another member of fairy tail under going an age regression, which makes you wonder why he doesn’t have them all under go this effect all at once to save us from these sorts of chapters were little to nothing happened.

This time it is Gray’s turn, who run afoul of the sharp toothed dark mage. Gray has a moment to posture and threaten before shrinking back into his younger self. Suddenly the dark mage’s threats take on a more dangerous manner as he bounds up towards Gray, intent on carrying out his threat of consuming him.

He pauses upon coming up to Gray, now a child and cowering against the mage; the mage seems temporarily mollified, explaining that when some mages are shrunk back to their younger forms, those traumatic events that dogged their earlier life resurface with a vengeance, reducing them to whimpering children. For Gray it is the memories of his parents deaths, the attack by Deliora and everything that followed regarding Ul.

The dark mage overcomes any mercy he seems to have been contemplating, grabs Gray by the neck and prepares to take a bite out of him, making the comment that the boy had wondered into and was standing in the very boundary between Hades and the human world.

Gray breaks the grip with a less than powerful ice attack, seemingly overcoming his fears and preparing to take on the dark mage.

Elsewhere Erza is taking a beating from MInerva. She expresses regret at having to take her revenge with Erza so weakened, but decides that Erza’s death would suffice either way.

Wendy and Lucy learn why Flare came off as so evil, revolving around her being the only human in the village and how raven tail manipulated her.


I am starting to wonder if there will be any major villains left when fairy tail eventually ends. AS i was reading Flare’s confession and excuses for being evil, i started to realize how many of fairy tail’s villains receive redemption after some time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we learnt Hades survived Zeref’s attack and somehow turned over a new leaf.

All this comes back to my earlier suspicions that Minerva is going to make u-turn at the end and do something heroic, thus redeeming her character.

Seriously though, why is Hiro Mashima handling these age regression cases one at a time. We have wasted a couple of chapters now watching these characters revert to their younger selves one at a time.

I do not expect much from Gray’s fight. He is a kid after all, and even Natsu had to flee the dark mage in their first fight. I wonder what will happen if Wendy comes under the attack of the same magic. She is already much younger than the rest of the team. Speaking of which, i am starting to wonder how this magic works. The dark mage didn’t even look like he had to do anything special before Gray transformed.

Maybe it comes down to how close you get to him, which makes him that much more dangerous, if his magic operates automatically. I was slightly intrigued by the dark mage’s words about Hades. And i will admit to being curious as to whose voice Natsu is hearing. If he thinks it sounds familiar, i am going to take a guess and say he is heading for the eternal flame, and it is Igneel’s voice he is hearing from within. If not Igneel, then it is Hades, the fairy tail master.

During his conversation with Minerva, the dark mage mentioned the underworld. It would be interesting if he was talking about an actual underworld; though with the way things are going, i am pretty sure he was referring to their guild, which might prove to be a little underwhelming story wise.

RATING:> 2/5, come on fairy tail, pick up the pace. I am getting bored here.Next week’s chapter might prove to be interesting considering that Flare was leading Lucy and Wendy to the eternal flame. But considering that Lucy and Wendy are not my favorite of characters, i do not know how enjoyable that will be.

Highlights: None.

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Anime Vice Transforms

One epic arc concludes, and another begins.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #24 -- Watch & Learn

Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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