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Seriously, what is wrong everyone; and by everyone I am talking about the myriad of nonplussed manga fans that have been throwing a fit over the fate of saber tooth's almighty Ogre.

This chapter was awesome, and incase that wasn’t clear, THIS CHAPTER WAS AWESOME.

But maybe I should fist break this down.

The Plot: We get a shot of Arcadios making his way to the princess in the white lily armor; but who cares really.

Gray, juvia, chelia and are duking it out in what seemed like a tag team but now seems more like a four way battle. Considering that I have only been following this arc closely for only a couple of chapters, I am not too sure about Chelia, but she seems to possess water manipulation abilities, seeing as she manipulates a water attack from Juvia and uses it to deflect a ‘shotgun blast’ from Gray. Lyon then puts down gray with an ice dragon.

Elsewhere Minerva is absolutely destroying Erza. In the few shots we get of the fight, we see Erza fall foul of Minerva’s magic, with which she snags Erza’s foot and begins to violently introduce her to the pillars. She seems more or less down for the count, and Minerva begins to speak of an execution for Titania.

Natsu and wendy are making light work of the Garou knights, again. That isn’t even worth commenting on.

And then to the main event; Laxus vs. Jura vs. Orga. I can’t say I went into this battle expecting a lot. The only thing I knew about Orga, rather than the fact that Hiro had spent several chapters hyping his capabilities, was that he was from saber tooth, and could possibly redeem their ridiculously disappointing record.

He didn’t though.

Ogre immediately turned his attentions to Jura, and knowing so little about this saber tooth behemoth, I spent several seconds reading in anticipation as ogre began to charge up what seemed like black lighting, then watched in awe striking shock as Jura took him out in one explosive strike.

Soon Laxus were facing each other, with fairy tail in possession of greater understanding as to the monster that was facing them.

Else where, sting was watching with a crest fallen countenance, clearly something was eating at him. And that was fairy tail chapter 320

Review: So this chapter revealed a little more information regarding the changes that had occurred in the past 7 years while fairy tail slept. Jura wasn’t merely a member of the wizard saints anymore, he had risen to number five.

For anyone unaware, the ten wizard saints are the ten most powerful mages in Fiore. Unlike the magic council, the position of wizard saint isn’t really an official one.

In fact calling them the most powerful might not be too accurate, seeing as Jura once pointed out that it was more a matter of stature and influence and that he, at that time, was far from one of the ten most powerful.

Clearly things have changed. Among the saints has arisen the four gods of Ishval, apparently four saints whose power has surpassed the norm, so much so that they are not considered human anymore. Clearly they will play a role in the future, though whether insidious or propitious, that remains to be seen.

Anyway, as the fifth ranked saint in the group, Jura is considered to be the most powerful human mage, making him a true force to be reckoned with. What is interesting is how easily he took Ogre down. We know how powerful god slayer magic is, but if it was no where near a match for the mighty saint, so it is interesting to wonder what chance dragon slayer magic stands.

But then again it is also a question of whether god slayer is superior to dragon slayer.

More importantly though, I have realized that the biggest factor attracting hate towards this chapter is how easily ogre went down. Apparently this is what they call a troll. I disagree, because if Hiro doesn’t mess this up (chances are he will), we should be in for one heck of a fight.

We all know that Laxus is strong; as Makarov’s son, fairy tail’s current master, Laxus isn’t ,merely gifted with talent in magic, he is a dragon slayer, second generation, and a sick one at that. We saw that when he not only took on both Gajeel and Natsu during his little coup in fairy tail, but he down right beat them. Not even there combined powers could bring him down.

And it was Laxus that made an actual difference against Hades, fairy tail’s previous master. But more than that, Laxus has fairy law, one of fairy tail’s three greatest magics. Add to what he did to raven tail, and there is no denying that Laxus is a monster.

But now we know that Jura is one as well. That act, rather than slaughter saber tooth’s credit, portended what it was that we were in for, a true fight, probably equal to or surpassing the Erza and Minerva business. With Ogre vs Laxus, all we were going to get was another dragon slayer vs. god slayer magic battle; and I think we have had enough of those.

I cannot state enough how awesome that moment was, when Jura took Ogre down. I didn’t see it coming. And Makarov’s reaction was hilarious, as he basically went white and said that they were done for. You know things are serious when even fairy tail’s master can recognize that challenge in beating Jura.

As far as the tournament is concerned, Ogre’s defeat only thickens the plot. We know that wITH Ogre’s defeat, saber tooth has more or less lost the race. But really, Sting wouldn’t just be sitting back, watching as his team gets slaughtered, not after his conversation with Minerva. Clearly he is up to something and the only question is how Sting’s actions will allow saber tooth to overcome their incredible lag in the race. because with Gajeel’s victory, either fairy tail or lamia scale will be taking the trophy.

As far as Natsu and Wendy are concerned, I couldn’t care less about the Garou knights. Truth be told I had some hope that Hiro would try to redeem them, that the moment in the tunnels was the reason for which they had lost sorely before. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. We can only hope that Natsu kills them this time.

What I will mention is Arcadios. With the way things are going, we are going to see a clash between Arcadios and Mira jane. She seems keen on protecting the princess, and I have read comments that it all has to do with Lisanna.

Minerva and Erza isn’t worth mentioning until the Jura Laxus fights ends, because that was merely a snapshot of what was happening. We don’t really know the state of things, especially if Erza is actually hurt. Clearly Hiro intends to keep it for last.

As far the four way is concerned, it is interesting to note that Lyon wouldn’t help Chelia attack Juvia, even after Chelia helped him against Gray. Maybe he has the same issue that Juvia does with gray. Maybe Lyon can’t bring himself to fight Juvia.

Overall I give this chapter a solid 5/5, for the heart racing non stop action it has delivered.

The one thing this arc has achieved so superbly is the mystery and I hope they keep piling it on, especially the business with the shadow. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is somehow connected to Sting and MInerva. But I also hope we get some more answers soon.

The Daimatou Enbu is coming to an end, keep reading as will i.

On a side note, I thought that I would talk about the one and only Gajeel today.

Gajeel Redfox is fairy tail’s red eyed sour mannered rion dragon slayer. We first come across Gajeel during the phantom lord arc. It is Gajeel that initiates the war with fairy tail by bringing the guild’s HQ down, and pinning Jet, Dro and Levy, fairy tail’s shadow gear, onto a tree crucification style.

This initiates an all out war between phantom lord and fairy tail, lead by Makarov, and which stalls when phantom lord’s Aria dissociates Makarov’s magic, but which then resumes when phantom lord in their moving HQ of a building launch an all out attack against fairy tail.

Gajeel eventually goes head to head with Natsu and in his defeat, eventually joins fairy tail, specifically sparred on by Makarov, who initially states that he would never forgive Gajeel for what he did to his ‘children; but promises to put the past behind, allow Gajeel into the guild and show him a better path as a dragon slayer mage, a path free of the darkness and violence that phantom lord was marred with.

Gajeel begins as an enemy and their after transforms into one of fairy tail’s most powerful weapons, slowly winning the trust of the very guild he once attempted to destroy, fighting to acquire the respect of its people and putting his life on the line to defend the pride of the symbol on his arm.

Gajeel was trained in the arts by Metallicana the iron dragon that adopted and treated Gajeel like his own son. On x777, Metallicana, along with every other dragon, vanished off the face of the map.

Gajeel’s partner is panther Lily, a giant warrior cat from the Edolas world that wielded a giant sword for the royal family against the Edolas people. Gajeel defeats the feline in battle, reveals its misgivings over the events that had taken and would take place over the coming days, and convinces it back into fairy tail's original world where it shrinks into a little average sized cat. it now walks by Gajeel’s side and guides him in his journey as a member of fairy tail.

Review: Gajeel is as mean looking, as any villainous character would be. And more than that, he is also cold. We saw this when he would merciless beat and attack his own team mates, members of phantom lord for little infractions like interrupting him during his meal, even when the member in question was complimenting Gajeel’s incredible power.

More telling were the events of the attack on fairy tail. Gajeel kidnaps Lucy on Phantom’s orders, phantom lord’s master and fellow wizard saint along with Makarov. The idea was to use Lucy to their advantage, in the case that the attack of phantom' lord’s element four’ the guild’s strongest members, of which Juvia was a part, failed.

Phantom’s orders were for Gajeel to simply watch Lucy. Gajeel however quickly grows bored and begins to torture Lucy. In fact he would have killed Lucy at one point if not for Natsu’s intervention. Obviously Natsu is more than infuriated and unleashes his fury against the iron dragon slayer.

Add to that the malicious manner with which he attacked fairy tail, the single handed distraction of their HQ and the cruel manner in which he crucified shadow gear, and there is no denying the fact that Gajeel is a bad seed.

But do you know what Gajeel isn’t? He is not evil. What I have realized after watching and reading fairy tail fervently all these years is that all of Gajeel’s actions can be rounded up to dedication.

That is all Gajeel is, dedicated whole heartedly to the guild that he had chosen to serve. With Phantom lord, he was surrounded and molded by an atmosphere of fear and hate, and he perpetrated that ethos, believing it to be the true nature of his guild and most likely wishing to glorify it to the best of his abilities.

Clearly Gajeel wished to see the true potential of his guild fulfilled. Fairy tail was the most notorious guild around Fiore at that time. Surely it isn’t so irrational that Gajeel would wish to taste the power of phantom lord against fairyail, as destroying fairy tail would prove phantom lord to be the most powerful guild around. Basically all Gajeel was, was a child trying to show that his guardian was the best and strongest thing there was. He simply needed to gourd fairy tail into attacking phantom lord, in order not to defy council rules against fighting amongst guilds by attacking fairy tail all out.

When Gajeel joined fairy tail, a place that breathed and operated under a light of camaraderie and hope, he too changed accordingly, demonstrating his loyalty for the tattoo by putting his all into seeing fairy tail rise.

We see this during Gajeel’s initial days at the guild. He encounters shadow gear, three mages that are more than a little ticked off about his mistreatment of them. But rather that fight, Gajeel gives his body to the three mages, who unleash a beating upon him to their hearts desire; until even they begin to see the true nature of Gajeel.

But that is when Laxus returns, angry at what Gajeel’s attack and eventual joining of fairy tail has done to his inheritance’s reputation. Laxux’s beating, due to his power, is much less forgiving and soon shadow gear has to intervene to save Gajeel, who steal wont fight back.

But this is wild laxus, he won’t be having any of it, and proceeds to attack the bunch with a lighting bolt. Gajeel takes it, proving that he is willing to protect his comrades, even when then hate him, before slinking off to his mission, handed down by Makarov to infiltrate his son, Ivan Dreyar’s dark guild ‘Raven Tai’. Apparently Ivan was up to no good, so Gajeel was to approach him as an agent of raven tail, spying on fairy tail and intent on seeking revenge. For a moment I actually bought it, until I saw him speak to Makarov and realized the truth. So for a bad fellow, we see that Gajeel is more than willing to make amends for the evil he had done. He doesn’t even hesitate to aid Natsu in combat against mad Laxus.

Further on we see him engage in battle against other dark guilds like grimoire heart, and some times going so far as to break his body to protect the likes of levy and Cana. So for intent and purpose, we see Gajeel prove himself to be a more righteous mage than he first presented himself.

And while he comes off as moody and unpleasant, unwilling to form links and connections to the members of fairy tail, even when fighting to protect them, we see several members of the guild begin to gravitate around his star as a fairy tail member.

Gajeel comes off kind of like Hei from Yu Yu Hakusho; dark, fearsome and dangerous, but choosing to aim his darkness for the good of his comrades and the rest of mankind. Like Hei, Gajeel is powerful; as a dragon dragon slayer of iron, able to engulf his body in powerful iron scales that even Natsu couldn’t penetrate during their battle, along with his iron dragon roar, generated iron swords and a variety of other attacks.

As the iron dragon slayer, Gajeel’s power deals with iron manipulation, and his jaws and teeth are strengthened in order to be able to gnaw through and eat iron, from which Gajeel gains strength like all other slayers that eat their own element for power.

Most of Gajeel’s attacks involve generation of multi sized rods and morphing parts of his body into blades, saws and any other iron weapons he might require. Gajeel also possess greater strength, durability and speed as a dragon slayer, which along with his impressive hand to hand combat skills, make him a deadly foe.

There has been an argument who is the superior mage between him and Natsu. We know that they fought to a stalemate during the first battle, with Gajeel temporarily triumphing until Lucy generated some flames for Natsu to eat. So personally I would say that they are just about equal. With his recent iron shadow power up, he should be a suitable match for Natsu’s lighting flame powers.

The pair still possess a healthy rivalry and have promised to continue their match to decide who is the better slayer. Both have been shown to enjoy the thrill of battle and will sulk when forced to distance themselves from a fight.

Gajeel has been shown to have a light side, first with his singing. During the fairy tail festival, he went so far as to tie MiraJane up in chains just so he could steal her spot and sing during the festival. Unfortunately he is rather bad at it.

Second area that shows Gajeel’s light side is his cat. Gajeel displays depression when Wendy joins the guild, over the idea that he is the only dragon slayer without a cat. He goes so far as to comb the streets in search for stray cats to join his side. Unfortunately none of them could talk. Gajeel eventually finds solace in panther Lily. When he engages the giant cat in battle in Edolas, it is on condition that the exceed become his cat if he wins.

Gajeel is a proud member of fairy tail, and recently joined the games as a member of fairy tail team B. He is particularly close to Levy.

On a scale of A-E, I would rate Gajeel as a B rate character. He is quite the intriguing fellow to watch, especially as he struggles to balance his violent ways with fairy tail’s gentler side, and unlike Lucy, who I would rate a paltry E, brings a new spark to the fairy tail line up


Watch him.

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