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Hello everyone, I'm Taka, a wiki editor who is a big Fairy Tail fan. I would do this in the Fairy Tail Discussion (Anime) threads, but I didn't want to bore folks with the wiki. Plus, this is something I need to address. While I was approving wiki edits being a new mod, I seen folks asking me to change names of the characters such as Fairy Tail and Naruto. The mods told me that we use official translations from official manga publishing companies if possible. Not all manga series are licensed. And not all licensed manga series are available in other countries.

Sources for you to check

  • Official Manga Website or Publishing Companies (IE: Viz Media) - This is a viable option for those who don't have access to the hard copies.
  • Anime News Network - same as above
  • Public Library

I didn't put down Wikipedia because sometimes they use names spelled differently from the official publishers.

Yesterday, I took a trip to the public library, and I didn't know where to start. I just took the most recent volumes that were available. In the future, I just visit Barnes and Noble. Though, I won't be able to scan the manga pages. My camera cannot zoom in close to capture the text. Sometimes, the official websites have those solicits, short manga synopsis, that may have the names.

Name Changes


  • Tenrou Island is translated as Sirius Island. I was surprised since Crunchyroll used Tenrou Island.
  • Meldy was Meredy in Fairy Tail Wikia. When I check the hard copies, I see they changed to Merudy.
  • Ultear is Ultear Milkovich. I think we forgot to add her last name. I will do that since I'm now a mod.
  • Checked Zoldeo. It's Zoldio.


This is a shout out to active Fairy Tail editors in the community.


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I'm not really a Fairy Tail editor, anymore :/

Anyway, I always go for the official English source. But it sometime become confusing when the author keep changing there mind on a character name (what is it Oda, is it Ceasar Clown or Crown?)

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I know you dropped it, but I remember you did great work on it. To me, you're always a FT editor. I won't bother you with too many PMs.

The later volumes for Fairy Tail are going to crucial since Kodansha is aiming to release a new volume every month until they catch up the Japanese version. ( From my experiences at the Kodansha Q & A Panel at Anime Expo 2013)

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@takashichea: For some reason I didn't get a PM from the first post.

Anyway, wiki preferences for names is as follows:

  1. English anime dub
  2. English anime sub
  3. English manga version
  4. Literal manga translation

So Tenrou Island for example should keep that name since it was used in the anime subtitles. If they change it to Sirius Island in the dub, then we'll change it to that.

If I remember correctly, the Fairy Tail wikia has the same preferences as us, so that wiki should have the correct names if you need to check.

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Oh, okay. Thanks for the correction. I will check FUNimation for Tenrou Island.

Time to sell my soul to Amazon because I bought a few episodes rather than buying the whole BD/DVD combo. They haven't gone past episode 49 or so. I can't remember. I was browsing to hear the dubbed voices. I was sad that they stopped before showing Wendy and Carla's voices. Oh wait, I need to check Carla's spelling. In the past, we referred her as Charla then Carla.


Never mind, FUNimation calls her Carla.

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