Is it just me or is Fairt Tail getting better

Topic started by sceonn on May 25, 2012. Last post by TheNobody 2 years, 10 months ago.
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Seriously, it's started out with one of the most cliche, overused story line & plots out there yet for some reason after the time skip it's like the author's constantly throwing a pleasant surprise my way after a seemingly "here we go again" scenario...

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It didn't got better for me, I drop it and what I read over the other site's threads, I'll stay far away from it (also the title of the thread seem like you making fun of Fairy Tail)

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Guess it's just me then...

Nah, in fact I was praising Fairy Tail but maybe it could look that way to you. Maybe you should give another shot around the time skip arc...

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I already tell you, that I know what is happening in Fairy Tail and I don't like it.

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I haven't read the Fairy Tail manga up to date. I keep up with the anime, and right now, they're in a filler arc. I hope this series end well, but it does seem like it could go on without a purpose like Beelzebub's manga (after Lord En's arc is over)

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Fairy Tail to be is basically a copy off One Piece in my opinion (Well in character design it is) however in plot and story, no.... I mean It's really corny and cliche and so predictable! Natsu seems to win every fight (In fact he's never lost a fight) and always finds some PIS way to beat some evil dude... Also the character motives make no sense and are sort of confusing in that matter... But I'll admit I like the battles and emotions (Though there really isn't no character development). It's just another shonen but without a plot instead just characters recklessly blowing shit from left to right. 
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