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 Get fired up for Fairy Tail Month
 Get fired up for Fairy Tail Month
So I came up with this idea that I should spend the month of August focusing on filling in as much as i can on a specific series here on AV, and I presented a list of five series to choose from. Well it was a tie between several of them, but thanks to a tie breaking vote from some buddies of mine, Fairy Tail is the winner. So for the month of August I'm going to be focusing on filling in as much as I can about this fantastic series.
Fairy Tail really is one of the most underrated series out there in my opinion, but it is very quickly growing in popularity and it won't take long to start gaining momentum here in America, so I'm excited to get to work on filling in the pages here on AV with information on it. But I doubt even a huge fan of the series like me can do it all alone, so I call on all you Fairy Tail fans out there to make August Fairy Tail month. Find as many images as you can to upload, fill each page with as much info as you can, created pages for objects, concepts, locations, and characters from the series no matter how obscure they may be. Together we can make Anime Vice the new home for all the fans out there of this series.
And if you don't know much about the series, then check out the franchise page here, it will give you plenty of info on the background and setting of the series that'll get you started.

 Time to introduce the world to a great new series
 Time to introduce the world to a great new series

Now after this month is over I think I'll pick another series to go to work on for the next month, and so on and so on, because I really do enjoy this site and I really do want to work towards it becoming the largest Anime resource site on the net, so if there's a series you really love that isn't getting the proper respect here on AV, then I say take matters into your own hands and get to work. Together we can really fill this site out.
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