Fairy Tail: Love Triangle Universe Edition

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Beware of spoilers!: This is for fans who have watched a lot of Fairy Tail!

Welcome to a special edition of Fairy Tail in the Anime Vice community! Due to the recent episode 124, I had an inspiration to create this blog. It's all thanks to Juvia who inspired me to do a crazy blog. Today, we will discuss about your favorite love triangles or shipping moments!

Fairy Tail Love Web Pandemonium!
Fairy Tail Love Web Pandemonium!

Please share your thoughts!

(I'll comment later)

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In this blog, I originally compared Natsu and Lucy's relationship to Hiro Mashima's earlier works, Rave Master, and its dominant couple, Haru Glory and Elie. Though, I went off tangent and started comparing the other girls in Fairy Tail (Erza and Lisanna) to see which one of them will end up with Natsu. I had a great discussion with Jinbeifan1 and Pukol.


Team Fairy Tail

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Juvia cracks me up sometimes. I love how half of that love-web is actually pretty accurate and the other half is just hilarious. Gray fancies Lyon? HA! Fuel for the fangirls I guess.

I hope Natsu and Lucy end up together at some point, main characters hooking up rarely happens in big shows like this, probably because it might risk losing fans of other pairings I guess, which is a shame. I don't think he's that interested in Lisanna any more, he hasn't really interacted with her at all much since she came back.

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Gray is a pimp in this one. Though, she forgot about Erza. Gray and the others line up for nurse Erza's special treatment. Juvia and Levy got all jealous over Erza giving intensive care to the guys. The whole Lisanna flashback feels vain since Natsu is not hanging out with her after coming home from Edolas.

Unlike Haru, Natsu is a bit obvious to love. Lucy had a whole episode to herself wondering if Natsu likes her. At the same time, Juvia tried to use magic to get Gray to love her. That was my favorite half filler and omake episode.

As for pairings:

  • Levy and Gajeel - They are an interesting pair. It's somewhat confirmed for Levy but not for Gajeel.
  • Evergreen and Elfman - This one is odd. Evergreen and everyone else is thinking that Elfman and Evergreen are a pair. Mirajane even painted a image of their child.
  • Macao and Cana - I thought they had something in the beginning. Ever since the time skip, he is just too old for Cana.

The only couple that married are Alzack and Bisca. Interestingly, Bisca is the only mother in the whole Fairy Tail guild.

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@takashichea: I really like Levy and Gajeel as a couple, it just works for some reason. Evergreen and Elfman are funny together because it's constant fighting and bickering, I don't remember seeing any hints of Macao and Cana liking each other though. Even before the time skip there was a big age gap.

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Levy and Gajeel - A bookworm girl and a rock and roll warrior...

Did you notice Evergreen was jealous at Elfman for looking at Sherry? I didn't notice until people commented about the scene.

I found this on ZeroChan.net. There were a lot of fans who liked Gray and Lucy together when I browsed the images.

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I think Lucy Dont Like Gray

I guess its just juvia's Imagination

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I know that this post is ages old but I have to place my opinion in here ( I'm a sucker for these kinds of blogs/forums) Personally I actually agree with some of the crazy relationships/ love triangles that Juvia created. Here's my list: 1. Natsu x Lisanna - I gotta admit I'm in love with a childhood friend type relationship. As kids, they were with each other and I see so much so much chemistry between them. When Lisanna died, the even mention of her name bothered him as seen with Lucy and Gildarts. What got me the most were all those sweet flashbacks where Natsu would blush at the very mention of being Lisanna's wife and also when, at Edolas, after saying " I finally found you" ( or something along those lines) he jumps and in his mouth was a heart. That right there opened so many doors for the two of them. I'm not to sure as to why he hasn't been with Lisanna lately. Possibly the events haven't allowed them to very much interact with each other. 2. LucyxNatsuxLisanna- somehow I see this subtly happening. A childhood friend vs. a new comrade duking it out for Natsu who's probably not even noticing any type of love right now. Personally I have no much comment on this, it's just one of those things that rubs on me with a positive side. 3. Erza x Jellal - I saw these two together since I saw them in the beginning. Again a childhood pairing that was meant to be and one that Hiro Mashima granted us a kiss scene with. Although that fiancée lie put me on the edge, one could say that he did it to protect her from something that might be revealed later. Either way, these two might have something much stronger happen between them in the distant future.  4. Gray x Juvia - OH these two. These two crack me up with the intense love of Juvia and clueless (or is it) of Gray. These two make such a great pairing being water and ice. Juvia has such a strong connection with Gray, as seen with the link that Meredy placed on Juvia. Even though Gray seems not think of Juvias feelings, I personally think that he secretly might know and understand Juvia's feelings and possibly might have some of the same feelings that Juvia has. I mean, he told Erza about Lyon stealing Juvia away from him (which I see as jealousy!) and when Erza commented on his obliviousness toward Juvia's feelings, he blushed. That key moment, personally in my opinion, shows that Gray might have similar feelings but just doesn't want to show them. Also those saves that Gray did to Juvia were just wow. I mean, he saved her twice. That has to count for something.  5. GrayxJuviaxLyon - I always thought that Lyon would head toward Sherry but I was mistaken when Lyon instantly grew a love for Juvia, one which she doesn't much care for nor want. On top of that Gray seems to be almost jealous of Lyon taking away from him. Either way, this triangle is quite interesting to see and I can't wait to see what unfolds from it.  6. Loki x Lucy - To see Loki fall head over heels for Lucy and to see Lucy care for Loki just puts me on the edge of my seat. Loki practically is in love with Lucy and would fight with Aries just to protect her. That shows loyalty and complete love from Loki's part. From Lucy, she cares for Loki as seen when she saves him from him disappearing and when she tells him to come back to her. I especially noticed with that part that Lucy was completely worried about him. She could sense something was up and wanted to return to him. As for interactions, there possibly hasn't been any recent event that allowed Lucy to be Loki.  7. Levy x Gajeel - I know this wasn't on Juvia's imagination bubble but one that most fans can agree with. These two care so much about each other as seen with he Fantasia arc and the fight between these two and the two Grimore Heart members. These two interact so well with each other, especially with Gajeel being a tsundere. Both deeply show care and personally show the true meaning of opposites attract.  Oh dear. I might have went a tad bit overboard ^^;  Anyways, those are mine and my bit of opinion on them. Let's hope Hiro Mashima might either keep giving us clues or just flat out tell us who ends up with who. It's so difficult with all these darn twists hes giving us. -sigh- I guess for now let's look to Juvia and question which will happen.
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Sorry for the late reply. I was working on Fate Zero the whole day. Thank you for the comment.

There's a strong childhood theme in anime where fans see how frequent these characters marry or fall in love with their childhood friend. I should start a blog on this. Thanks for the inspirations for that idea.

It's pretty difficult to read your paragraph.

  • Natsu with Lucy or Lisanna: It seems like the anime has not been giving Lisanna and Natsu some time together. It's mostly Lucy.
  • I agree with Erza x Jellal and for Juvia X Gray, they're a funny couple. Gray is like Natsu who are oblivious to the girls. I must have forgot about Gray blushing in that scene during the new filler arc.

Gajeel and Levy's relationship is awesome since the two fight a lot. The two don't really show their true feelings which I find entertaining.

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