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Something irritating has been happening with fairy tail for the past few weeks. Maybe irritating is too strong a word, maybe not. But somehow somewhere i feel like Hiro is starting to mess a few things up in this story, or maybe my hopes were too high. I normally like writing fairy tail reviews, good or bad. But for a while now i haven’t felt like there was anything worth writing about.


Previously, Natsu had abandoned naked Lucy to execute some mysterious plan to change the tide of battle against Rogue. We learn what that plan was. A little distance off, we see Laxus making no headway against the fire dragon atlas flame as his lightening attacks seem to have little to no effect and even with backup from the rest of fairy tail, he is clearly losing the match. In drops Natsu, from the sky, proclaiming his plan to eat Atlas flame’s flames to rejuvenate his powers. And he goes on to do just that but not before advising laxus to go find Wendy and lend her some assistance against Zirnocis.

Atlas flame tries and fails to shake Natsu off and soon begins to sense a familiar feeling from Natsu’s attempts to eat his flames. He had experienced the situation before, when he went up against his friend Igneel, the fire dragon king. Recognizing Natsu as Igneel’s son either negates Rogue’s manipulation magic or allows Atlas to break free because he immediately changes sides, allowing Natsu to ride him into battle against Rogue, who is clearly flustered at the sudden change in events.


This is the problem i have with what Hiro has been doing for the past few weeks. Minus a few revelations such as Achnologia’s role in the arc, i haven’t really been impressed by what i have seen so far of this dragon human war. I had pretty high expectations for what was to come and i would have been fine with Hiro meeting even a portion of those expectations. So far he hasn’t even been close. And i don’t understand why. We have dragons, we have humans and they are obviously going to fight. How hard can that be to make a few epic chapters? I mean, this war is no where near as intense as i hoped it would be, and i had been looking forward to seeing some dragons ever since i began reading the manga. This isn’t the sort of treatment i was hoping they would get, and i think i know why these events simply haven’t impressed me.

Hiro is making the war a little to light. The tone simply isn’t serious enough, and it almost feels like there is a sense of fun and excitement in the air, rather than an anticipation of fear and destruction.

Some one suggested that Hiro is putting way too many jokes into a situation that should be rather dark and serious and i am inclined to agree. I get that this is fairy tail and that there should be a sense of fun, but there is a limit. I want to feel like there is an actual threat hanging over everyone’s head.This might not be Achnologia but no one seems to be taking the situation seriously. And i don’t get why Natsu is fighting Rogue when he isn’t capable of winning. He can’t be the only mage in the vicinity. Why aren’t more powerful mages trying to take him down; instead they waste their strengths on fighting the dragons, which they can’t beat.

Hiro is writing events in a way that they just don’t seem logical. And there is simply no coordination and team work among the different teams. I will not lie, this chapter wasn’t bad but i was getting bored.

Admittedly i loved that shot of Igneel and Atlas flame and it mostly made this chapter worth the read for me. For that page i can give Hiro some respect. He is clearly talented. But the story needs to move, and the strategies at play need to make some more sense. I am not dismissing this arc just yet as the dragons only arrives a few chapters ago; i am still more than patient with regards to waiting for things to improve because the chapters themselves have not been bad, just boring.

…….i can’t think of anything to say about this.

RATING:> 2/5

Highlight:> Natsu calling Atlas flame uncle…i sniggered at that

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