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It has been quite a few chapters since the end of the Daimatou Enbu and i am still far from comfortable with fairy tail. Every time a new chapter of fairy tail is released, i read it with bated breath, mostly because i am expecting Hiro to royally screw up in one way or another regarding the story. I thought i was comfortable after last week’s chapter, but there are still so many ways this can go wrong that i won’t rest easy till this arc is closed.


Lucy tries and fails to seal the gates. She simply isn’t strong enough. Meanwhile the dragons are still pouring out. It is then that Yukino shows up, probably after a lengthy pep talk from MiraJane. Joining hands and powers, the pair celestial mages combine there respective keys to perform zodiac, a magic that allows them to summon all the 12 zodiac spirits and with their combined might they slam the gates shut.

But the situation is far from solved. There are still seven dragons on the loose. Rogue is initially unhappy with Lucy’s interference but soon sees the silver lining. Apparently future rogue is in possession of a dragon manipulation magic that once allowed him to control ten thousand dragons. But it seems that it was too difficult a task for him, because he comments that manipulating seven dragons will prove to be a much easier task.

He sets the dragons loose, impelling them to destroy each and every mage in the city. Team fairy tail, on the standby in the square is accosted by the flaming dragon atlas flame, while saber tooth must contend with a horned beast of their own. The team at the gate is left at the mercy of Zilconis, the very dragon whose ghost they met in the graveyard below. Meanwhile, Rogue mounts one dragon and begins to fly around the city, speaking of how the time of humanity had ended and the era of the dragons had began when he spots Natsu, atop a tower, clearly preparing to launch his counter offensive.


I have to admit, i am having a ball with the recent chapters of fairy tail. This is as action packed as i expect fairy tail to get and i only hope Hiro can keep it up. I have waited 300 chapters to see the dragons and Hiro hasn’t disappointed me. They look like absolute monsters and i can’t see how any of these mages, worn from battle, will survive he fight. The fact that Sting and Rogue are even bothering to involve themselves is laughable. That dragon is clearly going to slaughter.

Now we know that Rogue is evil. I thought it was a shame at first, but it is an improvement to his character, both of their characters since it is technically sting and rogue. With Rogue so easily wiping the floor with Natsu earlier on, i can’t see how the fire mage will come out on top this time. Whatever happens, Hiro better make it look good, because there is no amount of leveling up or power up available to Natsu that will enable him to [fairly] defeat Rogue WITH A BLOODY DRAGON BY HIS SIDE. Either way, i am stoked for next week’s chapter. If Hiro is wise he will focus in on one specific fight per chapter, rather than the unpleasant manner in which he split up 25 pages among multiple combatants and battles on the last day of the tournament.

We need an in depth look at each team and how they go about tackling the challenge that each dragon posses.

Lucy was kind of impressive in this one. When first introduced, Yukino was shown as a bad ass mage; she became excessively wimpy after that. This didn’t redeem her but the whole zodiac magic thing will look good if ever animated. Hopefully we can get to see a little more of her in the coming battle. Lucy can definitely stand to learn something from her as a celestial mage.

My favorite dragon of them all is atlas flame. The whole flaming body look is just…awesome. It is moments like this that i can’t help but acknowledge Hiro’s creativity in designing so many mages, magics and monsters. i can’t wait to see exactly how fairy fairs against the beast, if they survived that spray of flame. This is fairy tail at its best (almost) but no matter how good the story gets, it will be defined and best remembered by how it ends. If Hiro can close this story off satisfactorily, then..i can’t wait for next week’s mayhem.

PREDICTION: I actually don’t see Zeref playing any part in this arc. Rather i am expecting to see Igneel come to Natsu’s rescue. Even if he went dragon force, that would only enable him to contend with Rogue, but that dragon is more than even he can handle. Though there is Gajeel and his new shadow powers. Chances are we will see a team up, probably some kind of dragon slayer fusion type magic like Lucy almost did with her clone during the tournament. Team fairy tail is far from defeated as they have makarov on their side, though it will be interesting to see just what fairy law can do against it. Then their is Mavis. I assume Hiro is finally going to put her into play, though she has said that as a ghost she cannot do anything.

MY RATING:> 5/5. Sure i expect Hiro to screw up in one way or another in each chapter but he has not so far and i can only hope he doesn’t.

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