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It’s funny, when I make the conscious decision to act like last week’s fairy tail chapter didn’t exist, things quickly begin looking up. Now that we are finally out of the Daimatou Enbu, the story has began to pick up, and answers are revealed


Fairy tail has won the Dimatou Enbu, it’s all cheers, with many surprised and happy that the guild has returned to its former glory as Fiore’s number one strongest guild.

Elsewhere, Arcadios has tracked the princess down, matters are quickly settled regarding Arcadios’s betrayal of the kingdom, who immediately confronts the princess. Arcadios makes a speech about how a knight cannot doubt his monarch, and he proves this by drawing his sword, placing the handle in the princess’ hands, and the blade against his neck.

Apparently if his doubts are allayed and the princess’ words prove to be true, he will take his life in penance. Stupid. Arcadios knows that Lucy wasn’t lying, yet her prophetic words of what is to happen next completely contradict what the princess has been saying the whole time.

At that point, we get a shot of Jellal, who just suddenly realized the anomaly in the story. Lucy had claimed to have come over from the future on the fourth.The eclipse gate was created using the book of Zeref, which is why Jellal sensed zeref’s power around Lucy; his energy would have wrapped itself around her when she went through the gate. More importantly, Jellal first encountered the hooded figure wrapped in Zeraf’s magic at midnight on the third, the day before Lucy is said to have returned. So if Lucy wasn’t lying about that little detail, then it wasn’t Lucy that Jellal encountered on the third.

It is at this point that the princess, who had claimed that they would be launching Eclipse2, instead of eclipse one which was designed to stop Zeref, informs Arcadios that the man that told her about the future and what she needed to do was male, not female.

Natsu and wendy are murdering the Garou knights in the tunnels, when they are all, along with the soldiers, suddenly swallowed up by a wave of shadows. And who should suddenly show up at the end of the tunnel but Rogue Chenney from the future. This is a different looking rogue, one that is in control of the shadows.

What could he want? If Lucy is here to save Fiore, then what is Rogue after?


Really, sometimes I think Hiro is in the wrong genre of manga, because the way he works and twists the mysteries is truly masterful and impressive. I mean really, who could have ever thought that we would be seeing such intrigue and mystery in a manga like fairy tail.

After last week’s chapter, I can’t help but approach fairy tail cautiously, sure things seems like they are getting quite good; but this is Hiro, the king of setups. We have seen just how easily he can knock fairy tail down. None the less this was a pretty decent chapter.

While not a whole lot happened, we got answers, and any chapter that tears away at the burning questions introduced earlier in the arc usually works for me.

The first half of this chapter was unnecessary and uninteresting. We see the joy and elation, fairy tail has triumphed and all its defeated foes are accepting the news with grace; even sting and rogue, this arc’s biggest losers.

We knew fairy tail would win,but I hated the way they won and I would be the first to say I have no interest in seeing these celebrations. But a tiny part of me was slightly touched, barely, but still; the first half of this arc introduced to us a totally defeated fairy tail, that had lost all its past glory and power.

It would be a rare fan that was happy to watch the fairy tail name booed and degraded by the less informed members of Fiore, and most of us fans were routing for the moment the guild would finally rise and unleash some serious payback against all those that had stomped on it, raven tail and saber tooth being chief amongst them.

This is surely something we wanted to see, sting and rogue, put in their place and Minerva punished, but Hiro just executed it rather badly. So I can’t really knock the celebrations, as I also wanted to see the guild regain its name.

If I ever see the Garou knights again, I am going to…I really don’t know what I will do, but enough of them already.

Things changed in this chapter story wise; we know that rogue from the future has been at the Daimatou enbu for sometimes. That was a great surprise, heck it was an awesome reveal, and only goes to show how good Hiro is at playing with mysteries and misdirection.

We know that Lucy isn’t up to anything bad. But we also know that just like current Lucy she is completely useless and stands no chance of stopping the coming disaster. Rogue on the other hand is a different story. The question is what is his goal?

We can guess that he was the shadow that enabled current rogue to fight Gajeel, and that could have been mere fun. More importantly, what is the shadow power that he is controlling and where did he get it. How could he change so much in just four days time?

Because he really looks like a completely different person. I heard a hilarious idea that Rogue and sting probably fused, but that seems unlikely. Either way we know he has been working for/with the princess. We will just have to wait to see his end game.

Arcadios surprised me; actually this manga surprises me. Whatever its rating, I have always thought of fairy tail as a kid’s manga, sort of, but some of its themes have surprised me, such as raven tail’s master stripping and brutally beating (Hisana?) for failing at her task.

Now we have Arcadios ready to take his life, effectively committing suicide, to assuage his honor. He’s surprising me. Now we know that he is no villain, but that doesn’t mean the princess isn’t being played by Rogue. He can’t be working alone, not with his shadow powers.

This was a good fairy tail chapter. it doesn’t make up for last week, and if I put that into consideration, this chapter seems more okay that anything. But if I ignore last week, this was pretty good. This mystery is really intriguing, and I have never been intrigued by fair tail tail.

It is truly a new sensation, and one that I like. I have been energized to keep following fairy tail. But I have also learnt to keep my expectations low as far as hiro is concerned.

MY RATING:> 3.5/5

MY HIGHLIGHTS:> Rogue’s appearance, Arcadios’ decision to take his life


Technically Lucy is the primary protagonist of fairy tail but she is so irrelevant most of the times, kind of like a sakura of sorts, that most of the time it is Natsu at the helm of the show rather than her.

Natsu is a dragon slayer. AS an infant he was adopted by the dragon Ingeel who, other than raising him, taught him fire dragon slayer magic, a magical power capable of channeling the power of the dragons and which can be used to fight dragons. Igneel disappeared seven years ago and it has been Natsu’s goal to find and locate him.

Natsu is a member of fairy tail, and one of its strongest. He came to live at the guild as a child after Igneel missing. There he came to know many of the friends and team mates that he fights along side with.

Natsu spent a large amount of his child hood obsessed with the idea of locating Igneel and returning him to their home. Little is known of what Natsu’s actual feelings are as to whether Igneel abandoned him or was forced to leave. Though most times it seems that he has chosen to believe that Igneel had a good reason to leave.

Natsu is for the most part, carefree and reckless in nature. He enjoys battles as much as any other fairy tail member; his good nature is such that he never holds grudges against those that he fights, not even when Laxus attacked and pulverized his own guild for the sake of forcing his father to resign.

Natsu did show resistance to forgiving Jellal over what he did to Erza and her friends during the tower of heaven arc. But when it came down to it, when the council of magic acted to imprison Jellal for life for his crimes, Natsu was first to move to defend him, and was quickly to consider him an ally.

Natsu rarely holds negative feelings towards any one, and has been known to show compassion to his enemies, such as cobra, after Zero, his own comrade betrayed him just minutes after cobra had attempting and nearly succeeded in killing Natsu.

Natsu is a very direct mage, in that while he has shown great wit and strategic abilities in battle, he will tackle all problems and fights in a straight forward manner.

Natsu believes that most problems can be solved with pure force, though he has shown an uncanny ability to judge, ascertain and take advantage of enemies weaknesses in mid battle. Natsu will also never admit defeat.

He has, on many occasions, challenged Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, and even Gildartz, all of fairy tail’s S-class mages to battle, and been defeated thoroughly with little to no effort in each and every case. None the less he has shown now signs of giving up on his quest to prove himself a superior mage.

Natsu has, along with gray, shown an unhealthy fear of Erza. The first time her name was mentioned, the two immediately cowered in fear. And in the Edolas arc, natsu was ready to march ahead to the throne room of the king and challenge him head on, until he ran into Erza and Edolas Erza fighting, at which point he immediately retreated and ran off, screaming that he had just encountered two monsters fighting. Even after challenging her so many times, Natsu has never been afraid to admit that Erza is stronger than him and truly worthy of his respect.

During the S-class test, Natsu learnt to fear Gildatz when he showed the dragon slayer his power, teaching natsu a lesson that there was something to be learnt from fear, and that Gildatz was truly the strongest in the guild

Natsu and another mage, Gray have a great rivalry, most likely because they control fire and ice, opposing elements.

Natsu has always been especially close to Lissana, mirajane’s sister, and the two spent most of their child hood days running around, having grand adventures. Lissana seemingly died at one point and Natsu was never the same.

Natsu seems to have taken a special liking to Lucy and on more than one occasion, shown himself to have a lot of faith in her none existent abilities as a mage. This has an effect of pushing Lucy to do more than she is usually capable of, and place her self in danger against foes and challenges she has no business taking on, just to meet natsu’s expectations as her nakama.

Which kind of reminds me of Hinata and what she does to prove Naruto’s faith in her a reality.

Natsu is a key element in all fairy tail arcs, as it is usually his adventures and the jobs he takes with Lucy that lead to the problems they face. On more than one occasion, natsu will undertake missions he is not allowed to take a a result of his rank (such as the time he and happy executed a plan to steal a job request from the S-class floor) which will usually prompt the likes of Erza to follow them in concern. Usually Natsu will prefer to take on the fatal challenges facing him and his team in these instances than face Erza’s wrath.

On the occasion that Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Gray have teamed up for a mission, Makarov has said them to be the strongest team of mages in Fiore, with news of the team up sending shockwaves of fear among the members of the council of magic at the level of destruction and damage this team will most definitely unleash when it makes a move.

The council has made attempts to impede the actions of this team, and their reputation has been justified in terms of the victories they have amassed through out the series.

Because of Natsu’s zeal for battle, he doesn’t know how to hold back, and will unleash untold damage to win a fight, something that cause Makarov endless nightmares because it is his and the guild’s money that pays for damages when it can be proven that a mage of fairy tail was responsible (usually natsu runs away before the soldiers show up).

Natsu’s scarf is made of dragon scales and has defensive abilities.

As a dragon slayer, Natsu can control fire. He can eat it to acquire strength and he has developed a myriad of fire techniques each of which is more destructive than the other. Natsu can enter dragon force mode, but only by feeding on etherion and the flames of rebuke. Dragon force is the pinnacle of dragon slayer magic and will boost the slayer’s magic by two or three times, whilst also manifesting and making visible their magical aura

Natsu also has access to Lightning flame mode, where he fuses both lightning manipulation and fire manipulation, an ability he gained when he ate Laxus’ lightening on two occasions.

Natsu has also displayed God flame abilities, but only when he ate the a god slayer’s flames. He could fused yellow dragon flames in one hand and black god flames in another into the Dragon God’s brilliant flame, a devastating attack.

Natsu can control fire with all parts of his body; he can also use streams of fire as extra arms, as displayed with Elligor, when he, thrown off the bridge, pulled himself back up with a flaming claw.

As with all dragon slayers, Natsu’s strongest attack is his dragon roar, though with the lightning flame mode, he might have upgraded. AS with all dragon slayers, Natsu has motion sickness, and is in possession of an exceed, an talking cat as his companion


I wouldn’t say that I hate Natsu. He is generally fan to watch for a quirky series like fairy tail. But I would be lying if I said I was a fan of his. The problem with natsu is that he is too much of a cliché to be interesting, even when you consider his life story.

Natsu is every bit as cliché a shonen hero as they come. He is basically Luffy, Goku, and Naruto with a hint of ichgo. He has a gluttonous appetite and will weaken if not fed. He will smile through everything, and he somehow manages to find the bright spots in every dark day.

He is fiercely loyal, and more than willing to give his life for his friends, the friends here being every stranger that he might have met no more than an hour ago but whom he is suddenly swearing loyalty to and ready to defend at all costs.

Then there are his battle skills. He is somehow able to learn very complex moves and techniques that he will have only seen once, used by his enemy, before using them only minutes later. There is no opponent whose weakness he can’t decipher, because basically he learns as he fights.

So no matter how strong the enemy is, with time, Natsu will rise to there level and even surpass them. And let’s not forget the arbitrary and rather random power ups, usually for one time use that happen to occur to Natsu at just the right time.

What pisses me off the most is how the system will cheat for Natsu at the right time. Like Luffy he will always, and I mean always, be the one to fight the main villain. At the end of the day, while everyone else deals with the minions, no matter which mage of whatever power is around, it is natsu that delivers the final blow.

Just look at hades, arguably the strongest villain to date, outside of Zeref and Archnologia. Granted, without the other team taking out his heart, fairy tail would have never ever defeated hades, but for Laxus to come into the scene, be the first mage in the battle to actually damage hades, and one strike later, he is on the floor offering Natsu his magic to continue the fight.

Wow, that really infuriated me. We could all see that Laxus was far from beaten; he was fresh and energized unlike the worn out fairies, and there is no way that one hit could have weakened him to the point that he couldn’t fight; and yet we see him, a panel later, offering Natsu his magic as if he couldn’t continue. Why? The system cheated in Natsu’s favor, that’s why.

I am still pissed off about the Natsu, gajeel, Laxus fight. Personally I would have been fine if Gajeel and Natsu took Laxus down. But no, it had to be Natsu single handedly beating Laxus, with no tangible reason as to why Laxus was taking the hits as hard as he did.

One of the worst examples of this is the Zero Natsu fight during the Oracion Seis arc. personally I enjoyed that battle; it was the first time I had seen Natsu fight so hard against an opponent. Even with Jellal’s assistance, he still stood no chance.

But that doesn’t stop me from complaining that Jellal could have fought Zero and, with all the magic he knows, stood a great chance of winning. But no, he chose to give his magic to Natsu while he took a direct hit from Zero. it is so infuriating that I can’t even think about it anymore.

And of course Natsu will get up no matter how much of a beating he gets, or even if he falls unconscious, he will fight; not even a bullet to his mouth can stop him.

The fact is Natsu is a one dimensional character, and unlike typical shonen heroes like Luffy and Naruto, he hasn’t found a way to beat it (we all know ichigo is as flat a character as they come).

We had some fan with Natsu’s origin story, but that lost flavor quickly when Hiro chose to ignore it. The first time we saw Natsu, he was searching for Igneel. That was also the last time. Sure it comes up from time to time, but really, Hiro chose to ignore an other wise intriguing plot to explore.

If I look at Natsu, I can kind of see the appeal fairy tail has for so many fans; it is a familiar concept and so they can more easily endear themselves to it.

RATING:> ON a scale of A-E, Natsu gets a D. His antics and games can be fun, but at the end of the day, Lucy is actually the protagonist and deserves to be because she has more dimensions to her than Natsu. In fact she is a more atypical protagonist than natsu.

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I definitely agree with Natsu being a one dimensional character. Natsu didn't show much growth. His fear is only exposed during the fight with Gildartz. His way of fighting has changed little since besides overpowering his enemies. Hiro Mashima's previous work, Rave Master, had a more interesting character, Haru Glory. Unlike Natsu, Haru Glory had room to improve because he was generally weak at the beginning and learning to use his Ten Commandments.

There has been confusion whether Natsu or Lucy is the main character of the show due to how Lucy narrates the story majority of the time and how she appeared first in the manga before Natsu Dragneel. I can't tell who appeared the most because of Anime Vice's wiki system is a bit flawed since it's seiyuu being counted not the character and Fairy Tail Wikia has no means to account for the number of appearances in their code.

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I couldn't agree more. I was watching this video by KingofLighting and he was talking about the true flaws of Natsu. Here's the link of it if you or others haven't seen it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2opCawSa-Y

Natsu, in my opinion, is one of those that in the beginning they kick butt. You can't help but love their strength and their quirkiness. However, comes a time in the series where those characters get a bit overboard and Natsu is probably one of the worst ones I've seen. He somehow, in this point in the series, bends the rules of magic without something negating back to him. Remember how, after the Jellal arc, he was ok and then became violently sick because of the effects of Etherion and then suddenly, after a few hours, he is able to burst through the table with his 'Iron Fist'? At least at that moment, he experienced a downfall but after that? Any other moment that Natsu gains a powerup or learns a technique or eats something that shouldn't be eaten according to his magic, he turns out perfectly fine, maybe with a scratch or two but still fine. And, as you stated, Natsu was written to have a specific goal and to fulfill that goal. Heck, the main plot that Hiro Mashima had for Fairy Tail was to have Natsu find his father and now he's out there kicking butt to people that 6x his strength. I'm surprised that Mashima created Natsu after creating Haru Glory. Really I am. Though, protagonist wise, both Natsu and Lucy could be seen as the main ones since they are the ones who are mostly narrating and mostly involved in the plot. Though Lucy has been there more and has done more, Natsu, though he is sometimes a pest, is usually the one who finishes the battle and always given spotlight. That's at least why I think both are equally the main protagonists.

In regard to last week's chapter, I definitely would give it a positive as well. I can't say much about this week's chapter since it was ridiculously done but at least there was a good chapter preceding it. It was definitely a surprise to have a future Rogue come in and I was definitely was curious to see why he was there, though this week's chapter answered and executed it poorly, in my honest opinion. Though I do question Rogue's appearance. Was he overcome by Shadow or fused with someone else or something completely irrelevant? I hope Mashima answers that in the next upcoming chapters...

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@ExoticFairyTail: An adventure following natsu's search for igneel would have made a much more interesting fairy tail than it is now. i can only hope that hiro isn't coming up with things as he goes and that he actually has a plan. His biggest flaw is pacing. At one time i preferred fairy tail over bleach because while bleach dragged things out, fairy tail got to the point quickly; now Hiro is simply rushing; it isn't like he is in danger of being cancelled.

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Exactly!!!! Hiro Mashima could have totally expanded Natsu's character and make him more into a true solid character. Hiro had numerous opportunities to do that but instead he just left Natsu in the Gary Sue category and veered him off into a path of self annihilation. Also if Hiro kept the same plot from the beginning, he could have potentially pulled a mini One Piece and write a fantastic story with plots that make sense to the original goal and, whenever he wanted to, could easily end it with Natsu finding his father and thus finish the series in a satisfying light. I personally don't think he has a plan by the way he is going. I mean seriously, he has been uprooting tons of confusing elements since last year and only has been answering a few. He may have an idea where he wants the end of the arc to be but in terms of story, he has no clue what to do and making it up on the spot. At least, that's whats coming off on me. I just hope he answers the questions and ends the series soon before he really makes Fairy Tail into Fairy Fail.

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