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I spent an irritating Tuesday and Wednesday anticipating a new fairy tail chapter because of last week’s late/early release. Sufficing to say it didn’t come, which was disappointing and when it finally came on Friday, it wasn’t as good as i expected, or at least as good as last week’s chapter, which might have had that level of impact because it literally came out of the blue, catching me off guard.


Last week we found out quite a number of things. First Rogue lied just a bit. Ten thousand dragons did not come through the gate and take over the world. It was one dragon that contended with and

eventually subjugated humanity, and that was Achnologia. With his power alone, he brought the world to its knees. Rogue at first comes off as logical and innocent, claiming that he wished to unleash ten thousand dragons to use as tools to combat the achnologia. Then he reveals that his intention isn’t as much to save humanity as it is to rule over them in Achnologia’s place. Natsu quickly puts a stop to his rumblings by nearly taking his dragon, mother glare, down.

Natsu then reveals what we all knew, that only dragon slayers could defeat the dragons and this is qualified when Makarov, even with his giant magic, is incapable of doing anything more than getting burnt when he tries to take on atlas flame. With Laxus, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Rogue and sting, that makes six dragon slayers against seven dragons. But we quickly learn of the favor that Jellal asked of the two council members, which is to free cobra, the poison dragon slayer from his incarceration, to join the battle.

We also learn that Rogue and sting did indeed lie about killing their dragons, though that was kind of obvious since they would have been way too young to execute such a significant task. it turns out that their dragons were reaching the end of their lives and asked the pair to kill them, apparently because bathing in the blood of a dragon grants one great power. So far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In this chapter, the fight has finally began. Laxus takes on Atlas flame in Makarov’s place, then sending Gajeel to find himself a dragon to slay. Pegasus blue try and fail at beating the their enemy and it falls to cobra to save them. Rogue and Natsu’s battle is about to commence, but before that, Rogue has the dragon unleash a myriad of eggs each of which hatch into little dragon like monsters.

At the gate, Zirconis makes his move, first ‘incapacitating’ the king’s army and then Lucy, before coming face to face with Wendy. All in all a set up chapter.


I loved chapter 329, mostly because of that huge bomb shell that not only would we be seeing Achnologia again (soon in fact) but that it alone had the power to subjugate the entire human race. That revelation made Rogue’s actions so much more sane and logical, in contrast to the slayers. Well, they do have to stop him, but i wonder if they have thought about what happens after. They will obviously need the seven dragons to achieve victory, especially if you consider that in the original timeline, seven dragon slayers couldn’t stop Achnologia. They should probably focus on trying to free and refocus the fury of the dragons towards their looming enemy.

Either way, things just got better for fairy tail’s future, because we now know why Zeref, in the last arc, spoke of the ending of an age with the coming of Achnologia who, besides annihilating the island, simply flew away. I guess he could foresee the consequences to come, that Achnologia would return to rule the world.

This recent chapter,330, wasn’t the most exciting.It was mostly set up with the dragon slayers pairing with their dragons. Next week will be Wendy Vs. Zirconis.

I don’t see her beating the dragon, she could barely stand against Chelia and her god slaying magic and back then she was coming at her with a whole new set of moves. Now, so soon after the tournament i don’t expect her to win this; but we all know that she will and it is up to Hiro to make this look good. I DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT WANT TO SEE NAKAMA POWER PREVAIL AGAIN. Hiro needs to make this look good and convincing because i don’t see Wendy winning this even if it is merely Zirconis and it will be his job to make me believe that it is possible.

I see what Hiro is trying to do with the little dragon monsters, which is simply trying to give the other mages something to do while the slayers do there thing. It isn’t a bad plot, but i had hoped that they would at least assist the dragon slayers in slaying the dragons. I am curious as to what role the god slayers are going to play in the battle. I have yet to see any gods so Hiro had better elaborate on the whole god slayer business. Besides that however, i am curious as to how their magic affects dragons. I suspect that Jellal is sitting in a prison somewhere having exchanged his freedom for cobra’s.

I am starting to think that the dragons were right about the power gained from bathing in dragon blood, after all sting and rogue can achieve dragon force mode easily while Natsu can’t

Highlights: Rogue revealing that achnologia took over the world. I was afraid that Natsu’s initial attack had put that dragon down. That would have been disappointing. Pegasus blue’s attempts to take down the rock dragon where hilarious. I have always considered Ichiya to be a creepy comic, he managed to force a few chuckles out of me with his so called armpit perfume attack. I am loving Zirconis and his wacky attitude.

Lots of fan service in chapter 330, of course centered around Lucy.

MY RATING:> chapter 329- 3.5/5; chapter 330- 2/5, i get that it as was a set up chapter but that doesn’t change the fact that i was disappointed.

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Sometimes, Fairy Tail is crazy, but I like it. When the action heating up, something funny breaks the tension.

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