Fairy Hills

Fairy Hills is a anime/manga location
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A Dormitory for the female members of the Fairy Tail guild.

Fairy Hill, a female dormitory that is close to the Fairy Tail guild. Rent fee for one room is 10,000 Jewel, cheaper to what Lucy has to pay for hers which is 70.000 Jewel. Some of the Fairy Tail's female members have shown to live in the dorm. but it not confirmed for remaining members.  

Confirmed/Shown Residents
  • Levy McGarden - Levy's room is full of books, however she managed to read only half of it.
  • Bisca Mulan - Just like her western self, her room looks like it came out of wild west. Along with her western-themed decoration she also has numerous animals or pets in her room. According to the rules however, pets are prohibited from the dorm.
  • Juvia Loxar - Her room looks just like any normal girls' room, with exception of a doll that resembles Gray.
  • Erza Scarlet - Her "Room" is actually five rooms linked together. Erza has connected rooms to store all of her collection of abundant weapons and armors. Incidentally since she is renting fives rooms, she has to pay five times the normal renting fee, 50,000 Jewel.

Unconfirmed/Not Shown

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, there are extra dorms reveal that were not in the manga.
  • Lucky Ollieta - Her room has many torture devices such as Iron Maiden, chastity belt, and more.
    Interesting note: Lucky's furniture scratch Lucy's knee. In the credits, Lucy has a band aid on her knee.
  • Evergreen - Her room has many statues which are mostly nude men.
See OVA.

Major Story Arc

Welcome To Fairy Hill

Lucy accepts suspicious job offering at the guild, The task is to search for an object, however there will be no prize. When Lucy went to check things out she was confronted by the dorm's matron Hilda, claiming that she is the client of the job. Hilda asks Lucy to change and wear a cat costume. When Erza sees and asks Lucy what was going on, Hilda disappears. Erza show Lucy around the dorm, introducing some of its residents and rooms, including lobby, resource room and the bath. Lucy later find the object of question, however Hilda is nowhere to be found. Erza sees Lucy and asks what is going on, only to find that Hilda has been passed away for six years. The item Lucy found was a box containing real jewels, when Erza saw them she started to cry. Turns out that when she was young, she lied so everybody else can have presents from Hilda, knowing this Hilda promised Erza that she will give her real jewels when she grows up by a cat princess. The job request form disappears as if the job was done properly, along with Lucy's cat costume given by Hilda.
General Information Edit
Location Name Fairy Hills
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Strike the Blood #1
1st anime movie: Welcome to Fairy Hills!! (OVA)
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