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Topic started by No_name_here on March 13, 2013. Last post by Xiokenji 2 years ago.
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Alexei reviewed some collection of this a few months back, and I figured I ought to finally check it out for myself. He asserted that it was an EVANGELION rip-off, but I didn’t think too much about the implications of that. Influence, imitation, homage and outright theft are terms whose differences can get a little fuzzy; and out of the lot, “rip off” really does tend to get thrown around excessively.

That said, if there’s a clearer case of substantiating evidence for a "rip-off!" accusation out there in this larger court of anime fandom, then I honestly can’t think of one. From the Byzantine geometric aliens to the evocation of pseudo-Biblical prophecies to the standard evacuation calls on a coastal community and even then to parenthetical titling… this is all seeming an awful lot like another show I watched a long time ago. == TEASER ==

Yeah yeah… maybe both shows are just riffing on the same common sources of inspiration.

Supposing that is the case, FAFNER really shows that EVA’s strengths lie in its execution as much as its conception, because this still feels like the de-fanged and dried-out version of the two. I was really struggling to keep my attention on this show and wound up just clicking out about halfway through. I almost never get to re-watch material for this site - - and I’m even less interested in watching what feels like a blatant rehash.

Watch this episode, "Beginning (Paradise)" here and decide for yourself.

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All I know about the show is that the ending is depressing and I liked the OP. Can't really comment.

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com,on Tom, there,s a new Eva rip off every year, and look closely! some of it,s fresh they made "rip off" Rei a brunet!! Lol

I actually don,t mind when an anime takes some obvious flakes of influence from the Eva cereal, but yeah this looks pretty blatant too me,

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The characters look like they have been ripped straight out of Gundam Seed - Gundam Seed/Destiny as well, =/

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Fafner wasn't that bad , most episodes are madly boring , it would've just fit to be 12-15 than 24 with all the extra char-buildup , sure it's somewhat an EVA ripoff , but most mecha animus these days are either EVA or Gundam ripoffs.

Dialog was madly boring , fights were intense and interesting , any character in the animu could die at any episode (excluding the main character ofcourse), plot was a bit decent. takes balls and guts to watch thru' it all without gettin' bored tho.

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