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The peaceful lives of the people of Tatsumiya Island are shattered when they hear a voice echoing from the sky and a mysterious ray of light opens the sky, allowing an invading Festum alien to arrive. A subterranean command center springs into action and the citizens take shelter as fighter planes and missile defense systems deploy on the apparently sleepy island. A giant robot weapon, Fafner, has been concealed on the island and could be deployed to fight the Festum forces, but its schoolgirl pilot, Karin Kurumae, is missing. Doctor Makabe wants his son, standoff-ish high school boy Kazuki, to take her place. Kazuki's childhood friend Soshi Minashiro, son of the island's chief citizen, is also drawn into the war, which has been raging for some time in the outside world and has decimated the population. Japan is already gone, and Tatsumiya Island is a rogue nation, continually under threat from attack, since the "new" UN wants the Fafner for itself at any cost. The result is a show that takes the transforming city of Gerry Anderson's Stingray (1964) and asks what life would be like for the inhabitants, particularly if they discovered that the outside world was a lie in the style of The Animatrix or Megazone 23 and that they had been bred specifically for saving the world from alien attack. There are also shades here of John Wyndham's Midwich Cuckoos, later filmed as Village of the Damned. Meanwhile, a ragtag band of impromptu defenders of the Earth is forced to jury-rig a battle plan à la Macross, while the combatants wonder if there are other defensive islands out there shrouded in equal secrecy, and if there are, whether they plan on helping out any time soon. The Fafner, named after a giant who transformed into a dragon in Richard Wagner's Das Rheingold (1862), is dark and neutral-colored, while the aliens are golden and gorgeous, hammering home the message that "not everything beautiful is a friend to man." You've seen Evangelion, right?

A prequel, Fafner: Single Program-Right of Left, was announced in 2005. V

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hisashi Hirai
Tow Ubukata

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General Information Edit
Name Fafner
Name: 蒼穹のファフナー
Romaji: Soukyuu no Fafner
Publisher ?
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Fafner of the Blue Sky
Fafner of the Azure Sky
Soukyuu no Fafner
Fafner: Dead Aggressor
Fafner in the Azure
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