Fairy Tail #9 - Fading Wizard

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 03/17/2008

Plot Summary

Viz Edition Release Date: March 29, 2009

Volume 9 of the Fairy Tail Manga picks up right after the end of the climactic battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lorde. In this volume we see Lucy going home to confront her father and we learn the origin story of Loke as well as see where the Celestial Spirits come from, making this a very Lucy-centric volume.


Chapter 66: Like-Minded "Dōshi" (同志)

Chapter 67: My Decision "Atashi no Ketsui" (あたしの決意)

Chapter 68: Goodbye "Sayonara" (さよなら)

Chapter 69: Next Generation

Chapter 70: Frederick & Yanderica "Furederikku to Yanderika" (フレデリックとヤンデリカ)

Chapter 71: A Night in Impatiens "Hōsenka no Yoru" (鳳仙花の夜)

Chapter 72: The Star That Will Never Return to the Sky "Sora ni Modorenai Hoshi" (空に戻れない星)

Chapter 73: Year 781: Blue Pegaus "Nana-hyaku Hachi-jū Ichi-nen: Burū Pegasusu" (781年・青い天馬(ブルーペガスス)

Chapter 74: Celestial Spirit King "Seirei-ō" (星霊王)


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Hiro Mashima artist, writer,



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