Soul Eater #11 - Face Up! Eyes High! Blaze Your Souls!

is a manga book published by Square Enix that was released on 05/22/2008

Plot Summary

Arachnophobia has taken the offensive, using the BREW to threaten anyone who stands in their way. In the wake of the attacks that follow, DWMA sends its top students to quell the madness and gather information wherever they can. But the madness is spreading much quicker and is stronger than they had anticipated. When confronted by an incarnation of the kishin's madness itself, will Maka and Soul fall victim to the sinister Clown's manipulations?

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 40: Resolve
  • Chapter 41: The Clown (Part One)
  • Chapter 42: The Clown (Part Two)
  • Chapter 43: The Clown (Part Three)
  • Chapter 44: The Choice

Attacks Use

Maka Albarn/Soul EaterKamaitachi
Letter "I" Hunt Slash
BlairPumpkin Cannon
The ClownMagnified Infection
Clown Machine Gun
Clown Lariat
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