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Eyeshield 21 is an manga series in the Eyeshield 21 franchise
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American Football

Sometimes called Ameriball around the world, American Football is a sport played by teams on a 100 yard field with an oval ball. In Anime it was made famous in the series Eyeshield 21

Character Spotlight Pages

Many manga series will help their readers get to know their characters better by giving us the occasional spotlight page, which will include name, powers, age, and several other facts about them.


Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated on December the 25th where people often exchange presents.

Deimon Devil Bats

The American Football team in the anime and manga Eyeshield 21. It is comprised of a group of unlikely teammates who all come together for one reason or another with the goal of making it to the Christmas Bowl.

Eyeshield 21

A moniker given to the best Japanese player at Notre Dame. It was originally given to Sena to disguise him.

Hakushu Dinosaurs

A football team in Eyeshield 21, they are led by their team captain Marco and rely heavily on Gao, a beast of a man who can break anyone he touches.

Origin Story

The tale of how a hero or villain came to be who they are.

Shinryuji Nagas

A football team that is invincible and undefeated for years. They are made up of the best players in the eastern half of Japan.


A common theme in many mangas and animes.

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