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Eyeshield 21 is an manga series in the Eyeshield 21 franchise
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Agon Kongo

Agon is the younger of twin brothers on the Shinryuji Naga American Football team. He has the fastest reflexes in his league and is feared by many for this and his incredible strength. Unlike many other characters in the series he is in the game only for himself.


Hiruma's vicious wild dog, he seems almost as demonic as his master, although even Hiruma will admit Cerberus has no master and answers to no one. He serves as a sort of mascot for the Deimon Devil Bats.

Daikichi Komusubi

The offensive guard for the Deimon Devil bats. He looks up to and admires Ryokan and others with great strength, he even speaks solely in a language called "Power-Go" which can only be understood by strong people. Despite his admiration for strong people he is actually very short.

Doburoku Sakaki

The coach of the Devil Bats who left for America when his gambling debts got too high that he couldn't repay them. Hiruma eventually came to America to drag him back.

Gen Takekura

The kicker for and one of the three founding members of the Deimon Devil Bats. He left football to help his father's construction business, and he is known for looking far older than he really is.

Haruto Sakuraba

A Pop-Star football player playing for the Oujou White Knights Football Team.

Hiromu Kisaragi

A skilled cornerback for the Dinosaurs, who uses his arms to rip the ball away from opposing recievers

Ichirou Takami

The quarterback to the Ojo White Knights, he is quite brilliant but he can't maneuver well on the field because of his injured leg.

Jo Tetsuma

The childhood friend of Kid who obeys everything he is told almost to a robotic extent. He is very quiet and only speaks if told to.

Kaoru Hatsujo

The star player for the perennially poor Koigahama Cupids.

Kazuki Jumonji

Part of the three "Ha-ha brothers," a group of delinquents who joined the Deimon Devil Bats as an offensive tackle. He is considered the leader of the group.

Kenta Yamaoka

A victim of Hiruma's blackmailing and a bench player for the Deimon Devil Bats. He is actually a basketball player who is forced onto the football team.

Koji Kuroki

One of the three "Ha" brothers from Eyeshield 21, among the three of them he is known for his love of video games. He starts off as a bully but eventually learns respect for Sena and finds a better outlet for his behavior through football.

Makoto Otawara

A particularly dull yet skilled Lineman for the Ojo White Knights

Mamori Anezaki

Manager for the Deimon Devil Bats. She always watched out for Sena as they were growing up, leading him to refer to her as his "big sis." She became very overprotective of him and joined the American Football team to watch over him, even before learning he was Eyeshield 21.

Mamoru Banba

A very serious linebacker for the Taiyo Sphinx. He will go to any limit to make himself strong enough to defend the quarterback.

Maruko Himuro

Manager of the Hakushu Dinosaurs, she was once a love interest of Marco, however after he decided to recruit Gao and do anything to win, she could no longer be his girlfriend and now warns people of his power.

Mitsui Saburou

Kicker for the Hakushu Dinosaurs. He aims to be number 3 at everything in life.

Natsuhiko Taki

A rather foolish and flexible man, he serves as both comedic relief and Tight End for the Deimon Devil Bats. The team first met him in America where he had traveled to in order to try out for a major league team. He is also Suzuna's brother.

Raimon Tarou

Wide Receiver for the Deimon Devil Bats, Raimon Tarou is known for his incredible catching skills. He was originally only interested in baseball and nothing else, however he could only catch, he couldn't hit or throw so he was recruited by the American Football team instead.

Reiji "Marco" Maruko

Clever Quarterback for the Hakushu Dinosaurs

Rikiya Gao

A tremendous monster of a linemen, and certainly one of the strongest characters around. A member of the Hakushu Dinosaurs

Riku Kaitani

Sena's childhood friend and the man who taught him how to be the great runner that he is. He has the ability to run incredibly fast thanks to his bucking bronco style run.

Ryokan Kurita

The Veteran Lineman of the Daemon Devil Bats.

Seijuro Shin

The paladin of the Oujou White Knights Football Team, Shin is one of the strongest Linebackers in Japan, and is feared for his deadly Spear Tackle.

Sena Kobayakawa

Sena is a protagonist in the manga Eyeshield 21. He is a running back for The Deimon high school football team the Devil Bats

Shozo Togano

One of the three "Ha" brothers, he started off as a regular bully but soon after joined the Deimon Devil Bats. He has dreams of becoming a manga artist and is constantly reading manga.

Suzuna Taki

The head cheerleader for the Deimon Devil Bats, even though she comes from Japan the team met her in America. She is also the potential love interest for Sena in the series.

Taiga Kamiya

The Running Back for the Misaki Wolves. He is known for his incredible speed however it wasn't enough to defeat Riku when they played against one another.

Tetsuo Ishimaru

A fullback for the Deimon Devil Bats who was recruited from the track and field team. His running joke is that he is incredibly average and forgettable in every way.

Unsui Kongo

Teammate and brother of Agon on the Shinryuji Naga

Yohei Satake

A bench player for the Deimon Devil Bats who was blackmailed by Hiruma into joining the team. He is actually just a basketball player who is on loan to the team to help fill out the roster.

Yoichi Hiruma

Yoichi Hiruma is a violent football player who plays for the Deimon high Devil Bats. A team that he created himself with hopes of going to the Christmas bowl.

Yukimitsu Manabu

One of the wide receivers for the Deimon Devil Bats. He has great intelligence and was raised to focus only on his studies, but in his last chance to join an extra curricular team he joins the American Football team in hopes of finally making some friends.

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