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Sena Kobayakawa, a quiet high school freshman with a knack for running, is forced into joining the Deimon Devils football team as the Superstar player from Notre Dame, Eyeshield 21. Along with Hiruma, Kurita, and all their fellow teammates, they must battle towards their ultimate goal, the Christmas Bowl!


Eyeshield 21 is the story of Sena Kobayakawa, a high school student who has no friends and no talent of any kind, until one day he is suckered into joining the American Football team, only to find out that he has a real knack for it. His lifetime of running away from bullies and being threatened into running errands for people has made him the greatest Running Back the Deimon Devil Bats have ever had. However he knows that his family and his neighbor would never let him endanger himself by playing this game, so he dons the mask of Eyeshield 21, claiming to be a legendary football student from Notre Dame, and he competes in games as he quickly makes friends in the hopes of making it to the Christmas Bowl.


Publication History

Publication of this manga in USA did not begin until 2005, nearly 3 years after the Japanese release. Viz Media releases the English translation version every two months.



Deimon Devil Bats

Doburoku Sakaki ( 酒奇 溝六, Sakaki Doburoku )

The Trainer/Coach for the Devil Bats. He does not make his appearance until the America arc, but he helped teach Kurita, Hiruma, and Gen about American Football during middle school. He previously played Tight End for the Sengoku University along with Shoji Gunpei, the Ojou Coach. Together, they were known as the "Twin Japanese Blades". When they did the Death March, Doburoku was badly injured and couldn't play football again.

Mamori Anezaki ( 姉崎 まもり, Anezaki Mamori )

Suzuna Taki ( 瀧 鈴音, Taki Suzuna )

Yoichi Hiruma ( 蛭魔 妖一, Hiruma Yōichi )

Sena Kobayakawa ( 小早川 瀬那, Kobayakawa Sena )

Ryokan Kurita ( 栗田 良寛, Kurita Ryōkan )

Raimon Tarou ( 雷門 太郎, Raimon Tarō )

Daikichi Komusubi ( 小結 大吉, Komusubi Daikichi )

Gen Takekura ( 武蔵 厳 / ムサシ, Takekura Gen )

Kazuki Jumonji (十文字 一輝, Jūmonji Kazuki )

Koji Kuroki ( 黒木 浩二, Kuroki Kōji )

Shozo Togano ( 戸叶 庄三, Toganō Shōzō )

Natsuhiko Taki (瀧 夏彦, Taki Natsuhiko )

Yukimitsu Manabu ( 雪光 学, Yukimitsu Manabu )

Tetsuo Ishimaru ( 石丸 哲生, Ishimaru Tetsuo )

Story Arcs

General Information Edit
English Name Eyeshield 21
Japanese Name: アイシールド21
Romaji: Aishīrudo Nijūichi
Publisher Viz Media
Start Year 2002
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