Extreme Violence Concepts

Extreme Violence is a anime/manga concept
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A character that has had one or more of his/her limbs completely severed.

Blood Bath

A massacre

Cat Fight

A term given to an altercation between two women.

Dark Past

One or more past events that negatively affected one or more people. It's very common in an anime for at least one person to have such a past.


AKA beheading

Demon Hunter

A hunter who spends his/her life hunting supernatural beings (ghosts, vampires, demons, etc).


Are powerful creatures that live in the pits of Hell. That are many classes and levels for these monsters but no matter the rank they are deadly beasts.


The loss of limbs and body parts is a common concept in many of the more violent Japanese manga and anime.

Fan Service

Fan Service is often a sexually provocative moment or pose that takes place in manga and anime. It usually has no real purpose to a story, and serves as a lurid visual.

Fan Service Fight

A battle that features excessive fanservice.


The character knows well how to defend him or herself.

Fighting Dirty

Sometimes its the only way to win a fight, and sometimes characters just have no honor. Either way these characters don't like to play fair.


The act of killing all or most of a race or religion, genocide is murder at a far more vast and heinous level.


Guts, blood. All that stuff. Mostly seen in violent anime.


A Form Of anime that depicts extreme injury, mutilation Or death. Normally In a Sexual Manner.

Hokuto Shinken

Lethal martial art that utilizes pressure points to destroy an opponent from within. Traditionally passed from one master to a single successor.


Magic is an often used term in fiction. It is the concept of affecting the universe through supernatural methods and breaking the physical laws.


The act of taking another person's life.

Nanto Seiken

A rival discipline to Hokuto Shinken, this superhuman martial art enables practitioners to use their hands like a blade and stab or slice through their opponents' bodies.

No Mercy

When a character doesn't even hesitate to take care of an opponent and shows them no restraint or sympathy at all. Usually a trait in villains but even heroes can prove to be cold blooded when they need to be.


When someone returns an cruel favor to another after what has been done to them or an loved one.


Traditionally aimed at an older audience than shounen, seinen manga are typically much more realistic and mature than their shounen counterparts, but also tend to contain more explicit material.

Self Mutilation

Causing painful harm to oneself for whatever reason.


Literally means "boy" in Japanese, but is also used to refer to Japan's biggest manga demographic: pre-teen and teenage boys.


Suicide is the act of taking ones own life through various means.


An act or topic that is considered socially unacceptable and is often difficult to even discuss.


A person taking justice in his/her hands


The massive battle of death between 2 factions or nations. Can either be because of religion, need for power or wealth, hatred of the other faction/nation etc.


Known as Puroresu in Japan which is a mode of spectacle, combining athletics and theatrical performance.


Zombies are an undead rotting corpse that is alive yet dead and have voracious appetites for living flesh.

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