Shaman King #30 - Extraordinary Days

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 07/02/2004

Plot Summary

In the hot springs, Hao joins Yoh and his friends. He explains about armor Over Souls to them, and he informs them that they have to get rid of the humans who are invading the island (led by Mansumi). When Manta tries to call his father, Anna reveals that Manta's father had been spying on them via a bug in his cellphone. During the battle with Mansumi, Hao crushes many ships, defeats Lihite and Tekuro, and captures Mansumi.

Under the seas, Yoh's group and Hao join the Patch as the submarine arrives to the lost continent of Mu. Yoh tells Silva that they are dropping out of the tournament in order to fight Hao without having to fight each other in the second round. Hao and the ten Patch Officiants heads inside while Marco battles Luchist, and Yoh and his team chase after Hao. They encounter Silva who tells them to be cautious as they witness how strong and cruel Silva has become. After Silva is gone, Yoh's group ventures to the plants in order to advance through.


Japanese Release Date: July 2, 2004.

American Release Date: September 7, 2010.

*Note: These titles come from the official dub manga volume, so they might not translate correctly to the official Japanese titles.

Reincarnation 258: Extraordinary Days - "Hi nichijō-san" (非日常さん) Pg. 9

Reincarnation 259: That Place - "Sono basho" (その場所) Pg. 29

Reincarnation 260: One Bad Woman - "Warui onna" (悪い女) Pg. 49

Reincarnation 261: The First and the Last - "Saisho de saigo no" (最初で最後の) Pg. 69

Reincarnation 262: Lihite Scene - "Raihaito shīn" (ライハイト·シーン) Pg. 87

Reincarnation 263: Teruko, the Voodoo Witch - "Ushi no koku san rā teruko" (丑の刻参ラー輝子) Pg. 105

Reincarnation 264: The Crowning of the King - "Kingu tanjō" (キング誕生) Pg. 123

Reincarnation 265: Silva 2.0 - "Shiruba sutairu 2" (シルバスタイル2) Pg. 141

Reincarnation 266: Plants - "Puranto" (プラント) Pg. 161

Special Bonus: Funbari Poem: The Bloom of Youth - Mickey's World Pg. 181


Mansumi, Lihite, Tekuro, Anahol needs to be added

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